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5 ways the system traps you and keeps you trapped

The System is one of those concepts like they… everyone kind of has an idea of what it is, but it’s vague and no one can actually define it.

What is the system exactly? What are the ways that the system traps you and keeps you trapped?

1. An education

A good, or ‘decent’ education today is prized above all. If you have a good education then you should be – note, should be – assured of a stable working life in future, obviously.

One of the first ways the system traps you is by making this decent education almost, but not quite, unattainably unaffordable.

This way your parents will be working to save towards your education during your childhood and you’ll spend a maybe the first five or ten years of your career with debt to pay off.

As an example of how pervasive this element of control is globally, you can’t even move around the world freely to live in different regions if your academic qualifications are not up to scratch.

2. A Career

The way a career traps you is that you can’t evolve and change.

If you evolve and change, then you won’t have job security. If you want to change your line of work you are limited because your lack of knowledge won’t allow you to earn as much as you do in the area you’re educated and experienced in.

This further accumulates to make you afraid of change, because if things around you change it threatens your security… I mean, what if you become obsolete?

Without you even realizing it, you unconsciously begin to fight to help the system stay in place.

3. Credit & Credit Ratings

You can achieve anything you want in life if you can buy it. Well if you have the credit to buy it.

Let’s face it: credit is a really clever trap, especially when it comes to owning a home – and who doesn’t want the security of owning a car and home?

Sadly, very few of us will ever be in the position to purchase a house using cash. And modern living means that the cost of renting a home will most likely inhibit the resources you’d need to accumulate to save the cash you need.

So what you need is credit – well a credit rating.

And you need debt in order to accumulate a credit rating.

So you open a few accounts and you spend on them and pay them monthly in order to show that you’re a good payer.

After a while though, you become accustomed to having that resource, and other credit, available to you, and you begin to think of it as available cash, spending unnecessarily.

4. Debt

By this stage of the fight you’ve probably accumulated a number of monthly debt payments.

This will keep you running on the endless treadmill, because you never seem to quite have enough cash to get ahead of the curve now – there’s always something you need.

If we’re honest, there’s also the retail therapy you require to cope with the stressors in your life.

Well mainly the money stress.

5. Money Worries

Every month, your debt payments seem to rise a little, and monthly expenses seem to rise a little.

This puts more and more pressure on you, making you more reliant on existing and newly available channels of credit. It also increases the level of stress you’re feeling each month.

So every month you worry more and more about your expenses and the load you have to carry.

Every thought of worry and complaint that you put out there lowers your energetic vibration, pulling you down to the lowest levels of the Human Consciousness Scale.

Read more about the scale and Power vs. Force at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-human-consciousness-scale

At these lowest levels you are vibrating with grief, depression, hopelessness, despair and fear.

Anger is an improvement here.

When you’re vibrating at these levels you keep attracting negative experiences and events into your life and are unable to reach the appreciation, acceptance and forgiveness you need to feel in order to begin attracting a new positive reality into your world.

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