5D business ideas

5D business ideas

So as the world and economy are moving, shifting and changing, many of us are starting to question how we make money.

We realise we HAVE TO make money to survive in the 3D world, but for many of us, we can’t stomach doing exactly what we did before, and we’re looking for alternate options that allow us to transition to a more 5D way of being…. and allow us to survive the transition financially.

Cos really, we are not much use as soldiers if we’re starving, freezing, and/or dead ;) LOL :)

But what if you can’t transition to a more 5D way of business?

Yes, there are some businesses that won’t allow for more 5D approaches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your business practices :)

You could lower your prices.

You could offer clients a discount, or a chance to pay late, or forgo charging interest.

If you’re flush enough, you could even forgive the debt of some your debtors and take the pressure off them. Chances are that if they haven’t paid you, they haven’t paid others either.

You could offer to do some pro bono work for people or organizations that really need the help.

You could sell unused or redundant stock and donate the proceeds to a charity that will use the funds properly.

Or you could give that stock away to a group that could resell, reuse or repurpose it.

You could use your marketing and PR streams to raise awareness or funds for issues and charities near to your heart - or you could arrange a fundraiser.

One really cool project example I did back in my marketing days, was to get my boss to match the book donations of staff, and the collection was given to a underprivileged school library.

I was also involved in projects like collecting old computer devices to donate to kids in needy schools. People never know what to do with old devices…. so you pick them up, format them and you have a machine that a needy child can learn on. It doesn’t need to be perfect - it just needs to be functional. And it reduces the load of electronic waste going into dump sites.

Or you could do something cool like arrange for instructions on something - like building a home out of old soft drink bottles or tyres - to be printed and distributed to those in need.

Or you could stretch yourself and give up a bit of profit that you’re making, and CREATE a few extra jobs on your staff - even if they are temporary or casual jobs.

And importantly, you can keep money moving.

There’s a great parable of a traveller who stops in in a town one night - a town hit by economic hardship.

He arrives at the hotel in a blustering storm and asks the innkeeper for a room for the night. He pays and goes upstairs to warm himself.

The delighted innkeeper realizes he can pay his butcher’s bill and runs off to the butcher to pay his bill. The butcher gladly accepts and runs off to the local lady of the night to settle his tab.

The lady in question owes money to the innkeeper, and she dashes off to settle her bill with him. He gladly accepts - just before the guest comes down the stairs and requests a refund, because he won’t be staying for the night anymore.

Nobody made any money…but the movement of money settled the debts, took pressure off, and lightened the load of a whole bunch of people.

When people are scared about lack, they tend to hoard - money is no different. But if we have a chance of moving the economy upwards again, it will be because we keep the money moving.

It’s hard to trust in that process at first, but the practice is worth it. And when you are okay with money flowing, you will find that what you need flows to you as well.

Okay that’s more about bigger businesses that may have less flexibility, but anyone can apply any of these.

Now onto the 5D small business ideas...

The point of these is not to be business plan or lay it out in detail - it’s to give you direction. Ideas. Ways to think about it.


This is a fascinating one, cos your hair becomes very important on the journey at a stage. So, for example, I’m not allowed to cut my hair.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, and each strand becomes a tendril of connection into the morphic field - so longer hair gives you better information, cos there’s more surface. That’s why spiritual types always have long hair and lean towards it.

So on the first level, hairdressers start battling with how badly people treat their hair, and what that shows about the person’s development. On the second level, they battle working with the actual chemicals - and the use of those is dictated by what the client wants.

A 5D workaround would be to offer a completely organic hairdressing service - masks made from oils and egg and other foodstuff ingredients, for example. And limit coloring to only coloring with henna - as organic and pure as you can find the henna.

You can offer elements like braiding and styling and cutting as well, and you can eliminate hair products. You can also cater to the growing number of woman who are opting for no shampoo.

You could also offer treatments hairdressers usually won’t - like helping moms with lice. Man, even when I was flat broke, I would have gladly paid someone to help me with Jelly’s lice. And she got them more than a few times.

You could also offer head, scalp and shoulder massages, and you could combine the hairdresser and beauty salon with a healing element, like acupressure or crystals, or even just inviting the ladies to come in and offload. So talk therapy while you have your hair done or get a massage.

The same could apply to a beauty salon or nail bar - completely organic with a talk therapy element.

Scrubs made from rough salt and crushed eggshells - you have no idea how amazing this makes your skin feel afterwards.

Hair removal with honey based waxes. Threading to avoid the use of wax for eyebrows, so you limit HOW MUCH you throw away. Foodstuff based masks, organic oils for massages etc.

Completely avoid chemical based stuff altogether... the rule becomes, you only put on your body what you would put in it. With the exception of henna of course lol :)

Another completely organic service you could offer is organic cleaning services.

So instead of using harmful chemicals, you use old fashioned solutions like baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), lemon and vinegar. Coconut oil and other oils.

This would be great for targeting daycares and moms with young kids who want a cleaning service. You could also sell the cleaning products in DIY kits - pre packed little sachets of baking soda etc, already measured out for people.

If you’re into crystals and crafts, you could make spiritual functional art pieces.

So, for example, little packs of crystals, in specific numbers, with instructions on how to stick them up in designs like crosses, stars, or to use them create crystal grids of power.

There’s also an option for spiritual clothing and fabric items…. you could embroider or design important spiritual symbols onto them - hidden and visible.

Or you could work crystals into the designs, or into hidden pouches on the clothing. I mean, how awesome would it be if every item you put on had some spiritual element to it?

Other options for products are things like carved candles, blessed candles, holy water and holy oil. Many people want access to these items but don’t know how - and don’t trust themselves enough - to make them themselves.

There are a lot of people out there creating “we’ll do the work for you” style events and resources, but as people grow, what they will really want is resources that educate them how to work on themselves and others.

So if you’re thinking educational, aim to arm and empower people with tools they can apply in many situations - there are more than enough of the people catering to those who want to be spoonfed.

Speaking of spoonfed - premade meals, ready to heat meals and school lunches that are real, healthy and organic is an option too.

As is a coffee or tea shop with homemade stuff, maybe a cannabis smoking garden, and large table-style seating for people who want to find company, or need to have a real healing chat with the owner and staff. So all the staff double as healers and can sit down and chat with clients…. coffee with soul ;)

You could also look at ideas like delivering fruit and veg, or healthy lunches, to offices in your area. People often buy junk food for a lack of a better option. so give them an option - and make it easy for them to choose that option.

Speaking of education…. schools for kids who live alternate lifestyles or kids that aren’t vaccinated. Where parents have opted not to vaccinate, they don’t qualify for public schooling or government assistance…. this doesn’t mean they don’t have to go to school though. Affordable schooling for these parents will be a winner in years to come.

So for this, you could become a registered homeschool academy, for example, where you have a curriculum provided by a homeschool provider already, but the rest of the school is lived by 5D standards.

Organic, vegetarian and vegan meals, classes on spirituality and even religions, crystals and healing. These can be taught 5D style - so no exams or tests for these classes you create yourself.

You could cater to ADHD kids where the parents don’t want to medicate, for example, as well as offer real guidance and communication skills to kids - 5D style. Also give them spaces to explore all religions, modalities and practices.

Another great area is tiny homes and alternate lifestyle communities… people will want to start living together in communities again. Moving away from the big homes and sprawling space. Living more simply.

If you are a writer, please use your writing ability. Now - at the level you’re currently at.

You spend a shit ton of time on the journey thinking you aren’t worthy, aren’t good enough, doubting yourself as a healer, and doubting that you have anything of worth to contribute - but you forget about contrast.

We have high standards, and most of us are aiming for God level. That’s a VERY high benchmark.

But if you look at us compared to (contrast) other people, then we are more advanced than most.

This is where contrast steps in - you can really “talk to” the people just above and just below you on the development scale - so we need teachers at every level. Someone like me, I teach the teachers, but there’s only a limited amount of people like me needed.

The people below have a much wider market to work with, because there are way more people at that level. And we need teachers at every level - enough to cater to the amount of people at that level.

So when you write, write from your level of experience, and cherish that. You’re only writing about it to coalesce the info, and because you’re moving on from that stage. Leave the info behind for the people coming after you.

When you’re on the journey, ideas often seem to conflict and contradict each other for a while, with one idea replacing the next. But later on you’ll see why you needed all that understanding in single, bite sized pieces, and how it all ties together in one coherent thread.

Don’t be afraid to show that your thinking has changed - and don’t be surprised when people are shocked at the 180s you do. I’ve lost more than a few friends along the way - and business as well. But you will be well glad you took this risks later on, once you see how it all fits together.

We’re the transition team - and what we do is pave the way for the coming stage and age.

It’s our job to figure out how to put this new way of being into the existing world, to match the new desires arising in people, and to help the world evolve.

And we’re receivers for cosmic information…. so if you have an idea, share it.

There is place for more than one business in the world, of all the necessary types.

The information we’re getting now in shifts is info for everyone - we’re moving towards unification and a sharing economy. So share the ideas please - you’ll only be rewarded with more ideas.

Light, peace and harmony,
Amara xo

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