About the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group

Part 1 of 3 of the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group Introduction & Acceptance Criteria Posts

The ALDG undertook a massive clean up in December 2017, and expelled 98% of our members.

Our group is small, tight knit, and we grow together. These three posts will tell you what is expected on joining, and the questions you will be required to answer publicly, in order to remain in the group past your trial period.

There are no exceptions to these requirements.

ALDG can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LightworkersDiscussionGroup/

Read Part 1 ( http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/about-the-advanced-lightworkers-discussion-group ), Part 2 ( http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/aldg-acceptance-post-1-of-2-free-will ) and Part 3 ( http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/aldg-acceptance-post-2-of-2 ) of this series of posts. In total, they're about two chapters of a book. Maybe a little more.

About ALDG

If you have been deleted from the group, then this is most likely why.

Membership to the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group is strictly limited to persons resonating at 600 or higher on the Human Consciousness Scale. View the HCS at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-human-consciousness-scale

Accordingly, the following world- and godviews are NOT acceptable in the group:

  • God is all-loving - this resonates at 500 on the HCS
  • Taking offense at feedback - responsibility = power happens at 200 on the scale

If you have arguments about "how dare anyone decide what is advanced?”, then please take them up with the fields of Kinesiology, BodyTalk, Resonance Repatterning and Sir David Hawkins.

In fact, our views to which we are holding people are lower then where we’re aiming on the HCS. In other words, we’ve already given a wide range of people a chance with this.

Work out where you are on the HCS, for free, at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/free-ascension-enlightenment-level-calculator-using-the-human-consciousness-scale

We deal with difficult and controversial issues in this group - the kind of stuff the other teachers and groups won’t touch or accept.

Here you will face everything from suicide and depression, to ego mitigation, personalization, taking responsibility for your stuff, free will, shadow work and so much more. We also honor and respect EVERY single religion here, including ones like Wicca and Mormonism.

We also do NOT engage in stupid, meaningless conversations that hold no value for members.

A stupid argument is anything that has been (and is) discussed to death in other groups… does God exist, is shadow work allowed, it’s all about your special personal journey and God picked you and one day, in a flash, all your knowledge will just arrive…. in ALDG we have different conversations:

  • Does God exist becomes… the Nature of God/Higher Power
  • Should you do shadow work becomes…. HOW to do shadow work
  • Is Satan real becomes…. what to do when you run into a demon for the first time
  • My personal story where life’s all about me becomes… seeing global patterns and big picture lessons and themes
  • Achieving forgiveness becomes… reconciling within the self
  • Manifestation and Law of Attraction (God as your servant) becomes… I am a servant of God
  • Does heaven/hell exist becomes… what are they and how does it fit into the big picture
  • God is all-loving becomes…. God is ALL THAT IS including the dark
  • Are Jesus/Buddha/Krishna/Mohammed legit becomes… what can we learn from all of them and how are they connected
  • We should say God/Buddha/Krishna/Mohammed/Jesus so that no one gets offended becomes… God and He because you’re fucking ADVANCED and you can make the mental substitution for yourself

In light of all this, we expect you take full responsibility for your membership and participation in the group.

When you apply to the group, there will be a couple of questions that you are required to answer with your application. If these are not answered, or not answered acceptably, your application will be denied.

Once you have been accepted, you will have about a week to perform the next step, which is read two posts of approximately 10,000 words in length. About a chapter of a book. You will then need to publicly answer a set of questions for the entire group to see.

There are no exceptions to this and every current group member has completed these steps, so no exceptions will be tolerated.

On the main group page, you are required to read the main pinned post ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/LightworkersDiscussionGroup/permalink/1722922951089019/ ) and then answer the following set of questions on free will and free will participation:

  • Do you understand that you are playing with issues that will impact your mental health and worldview dramatically?
  • Do you understand you run the risk of suicide, depression and/or a mental breakdown?
  • Do you take full responsibility for your own personal spiritual journey and mental health, knowing the potential risks?
  • Do you agree that no one is the group is liable for your journey and choices except you?
  • Do you agree that you are participating in this group and all its content completely by your conscious free will choice?
  • Do you agree to adhere the grammar and writing requirements for the group? What are these as you understand them?
  • What’s the deal with Chemory?
  • Abbreviate what you understand from this post. Yes, the entire post. You've read it and you’re advanced - we want to know you understand this.

After this, the second post covers external validation and the aims of the group. This can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LightworkersDiscussionGroup/permalink/1730519150329399/ and the questions are:

  • In the comments below, explain what you understand from this piece and how it applies to what we do on group here.
  • Do you understand that any issue the moderators have with you will be taken up in group on a post?
  • Moderators, do you understand that private messaging is cause to have your moderation privileges revoked?
  • Do you understand that ANY complaint against a moderator or admin must be made in a post in group?
  • Do you agree that privacy has no place in the group?
  • Are you committed to conducting yourself at an advanced level of ego development in this group, including not to take offense?

ALDG is a private, closed community, started and facilitated by Chemory Gunko. Membership to the group is a privilege, not a right, and failure to comply with group standards will result in the immediate loss of your membership. No discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

The aim of the post and question process is to ensure that everyone is operating from the same understanding, so that the people who participate in group can feel safe to get on with their advanced discussions, without fear of censorship and ego interference.

This is a safe space for advanced people to be advanced in other words. If you’ve ascended, are getting the new information, are seriously facing your ego and shadow, and seeing all the religious links, you will find people who believe - and support - you here.

In addition, those answers become a mirror through which people can view you - if you get a comment from someone on the group, now you can go and see their answers and see who they are.

We also no longer have to waste time on NOT OFFENDING people, which means you can walk in here, be honest, give real feedback - and get real feedback - from people who are equally as dedicated to their spiritual journeys as what you are.

If you live, breathe and eat spirituality and spiritual development you are one of a rare handful. We are the rest of that handful and we look forward to welcoming you.

Our standards are high however - and we take the word advanced very seriously here. So bring your A-Game - because you will need it.

If your reason for wanting to belong to the group is to follow Chemory’s teachings as an observer, then you may follow Chemory on her public profile at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009562782876 or on the Life Coaches Toolbox page at https://www.facebook.com/lifecoachestoolbox/

The longer articles and teachings are also all published to a blog at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/life-coaches-toolbox-blog-resource-index and you can access the free resources at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/free-diagnostics-tools

ALL members of the ALDG are required to be active participants and the watching audience will be restricted to the public teachings.

All teachings will be posted on Chemory's public profile and this is NOT a valid reason for joining the group. Chemory is a facilitator and participant in the group and her teachings are shared here for discussion with other members.

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