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  • Chemory Gunko

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    Amara Christi Teaching, mentoring, coaching, healing, readings, distance healings, clearings and entity removal, either in person, at distance or remotely. Twin Flames & Twit Flames
    Lightworkers & Empaths
    Ego, Ego Deaths & Ego Traps
    Creator of Mirrors of Relationship, 7Ps of Ego
    & Ego Layers of Separation
    Trials by Fire & Dark Nights of the Soul
    Ascension & Enlightenment
    Forgiveness, Grief, Break ups & Death
    Suicide & Depression
    A Course in Miracles
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    Atana Teaching, mentoring, coaching, healing, readings, distance healings, clearings and entity removal, for teens and young adults. Shadow Work
    Ego, ego deaths and ego traps
    7Ps of Ego, Ego Layers of Separation and Mirrors of Relationship
    Forgiveness, Faith & Doubt
    Grief, depression, deaths, breakups
    Entities, implants & cords removal and healing
    Meridian & wing meridian activation
    I work with teenagers concerning rebellious/depressive behaviour, studying help, spiritual awakenings, self harm, any religious or spiritual guidance, and career and study selection guidance. Facebook Facebook Instagram YouTube Google Plus
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About Working with Chloe McLeod/Marata Christi

Waking up isn't easy. Because there comes a point on our journey where we realise in order to become One with Divine Consciousness and with others, we need to become One within ourselves.

We reach a level of awareness where we start to see that nothing outside of us is going to fill that void... where we begin to understand the true meaning of self-love is self acceptance of even the most unloveable parts of ourselves.

Healing is messy, and it hurts.

What’s harder is the world we grew up in has conditioned us to believe we are separate. It does not accommodate for love, forgiveness and compassion. It does not have room for spirituality, for free thinking, for self reflection, for expanding consciousness or authentic self healing.

Getting lost isn’t hard.

The world we grew up in was birthed under a system of control and inequality. It deceives us into thinking our happiness is outside of us, where instant gratification is what works, so we never take a chance at standing in our own power, breaking free from our own chains and reclaiming our sovereignty.

It does not have room for unity, peace or freedom; only separation, chaos and slavery. It does not have room for mistakes, and god forbid if you make one that you’re ever coming back from it without the yoke of guilt and shame hung over your head. It wraps up what we think is spirituality into a neat little faux bow and sells it to us as an escape strategy to avoid facing our pain and crossing the bridge to true inner peace, real relationships, enlightenment and the new earth.

I don’t live in that world anymore. And you don’t have to either... because we are creating a new one ;)



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My name is Chloe. I’m an integrative relationship counsellor, intuitive healer, spiritual guide and ascension coach.


Actually, just like you, I am a lot of things— I’m a devoted lover, pug mumma, loving daughter, blogger, nature enthusiast, and extreme pleasure seeker. I’m a messenger, an alchemist, twin flame, claircognizant empath and light warrior.

I stand up for love.

But I won’t sit here and tell you it’s all been sunshine and rainbows. It’s taken some work to get here. I’ve experienced a lot of things. I’m a child from a fractured family. I’ve been married and divorced. I’m an old friend of the bender and getting lit as a second language. I’m a cancer survivor. A rape survivor. An overcomer of eating disorders, depression, suicidality and anxiety.

I’ve had my world ripped from underneath me more than thrice, both from my own choices and life throwing me spanners.


And just like you, I was born into this world separated, lost and forgetting who I was.

Just like you, I was thrust into a life I didn’t think I chose, put up against tremendous challenges I didn’t think I wanted, and experienced a MONUMENTAL amount of pain I sure didn’t think I asked for.

But the truth is, I did choose. We all did.

"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness."



If you are authentically ready to become WHOLE in yourself, shed what no longer serves you and HEAL to emerge as the Divine being that you are, I would love to be your guide ;)

  • Ascension
  • Expanding Consciousness
  • Self Love
  • Conscious Relationships
  • Twin Flames
  • Dark Night of the Soul/Spiritual Crisis
  • Grief, Loss & Trauma
  • Lightworker/Empath Supoort
  • Recovery from Religious Conditioning
  • Mystery School


The processes I use are based around correcting the relationship a person has with themselves and healing within the Self while simultaneously creating the space between partners to heal and grow together.

I believe that the strength of the relationship between two people is a reflection of the inner state of each individual, one cannot work without the other and this is because all of the conflict between us— our pain, our triggers, our dissonance, is a direct result of unreconciled energy, belief systems and thought patterns that no longer serve us.

This involves providing you with the understanding and practical skills to Self reflect, Self heal, release low vibrational energy and faulty beliefs that cause us dis-ease, hold space for your Self and your partner, communicate effectively and use conflict as an opportunity to grow and continue to create the fulfilling and magical relationship you both desire.



Welcome to the jungle, lol ;)

Many of us who have chosen to incarnate at this time have come to assist our beloved Gaia and humanity in shifting to a higher level of awareness.

In the process of waking up to this truth, we come to the awareness that we too, are here to raise our level of consciousness to a higher frequency of love, compassion and unity.

Whether we have chosen to ascend in partnership with a Twin Flame or alone, the spiritual journey and the path of Self Mastery requires us to release all of that which no longer serves us and that which does not align with our higher spiritual state and expanded consciousness.

This involves acknowledging and facing our shadow, and bringing to light that which causes us pain.

You will gain the understanding and skills you need to Self-heal across an extensive range of modalities, shift energy across the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, release old programming, activate and manage Kundalini, upgrade the cellular structure of your DNA, balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, fine tune your extrasensory and psychic abilities, manipulate bodies of energy and collective thoughts in the morphic field, communicate with Spirit and channel other celestial bodies of consciousness, draw down the highest level of Divine Instruction and ultimately merge and embody your Higher Self— the True Divine Essence that you are.

As a general guide for spiritual coaching, I work with clients scoring 300 or above on the Human Consciousness Scale (actually a really useful tool to gauge where you are at on your journey to ascension and see where your blocks are), you can do the scale by following this link:

My coaching style is very tough love— I'm here to help fine tune you ;) Where blocks and psychic pain is identified, we dive right into these sore spots— we want to get used to being uncomfortable so we can see what is there to be healed and released— for good.

As a direct conduit for the Holy Spirit of Divine Truth and Oneness, in full service to the mission of the ALL, I can not edit the instruction that comes through for you.

All sessions are divinely guided, what comes through for you is Divine Instruction directly from Source that is most appropriate for your growth at that moment on your journey.


At the start of each session we will engage in a brief mindfulness exercise, a bit like a therapeutic warm up.

This allows us to become present in our bodies, in the space we are creating, and helps dissolve any anxieties you may have about the journey we are about to embark on together. Then we will move into learning more about where you are at, what your goals are, and collaborate together to identify and work through the blocks that are coming up for you.

This will involve learning and implementing practical skills and tools to manage and process emotions, rewire the brain, and communicate effectively within the Self and external relationships in order to facilitate healing and alignment.

The idea is for you to become your own healer, your own relationship therapist, your own answer, your own deity— and start to create the life and relationships you were designed to be having.



  • Bachelor of Counselling (B.Coun) — BOND UNIVERSITY- 2010
  • Recovery-Orientated Practice
  • Corporate and Community Conflict Resolution
  • Assessments and Diagnosis
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy I & II
  • Counselling Interventions for Specific Groups and Populations/People Experiencing Difficulties
  • Abnormality & Illness
  • Behaviour Analysis and Interventions
  • Functional Analysis in Counselling
  • Love, Sex and Relationships
  • Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour


  • Suicide Prevention and Risk Assessment workshop — Wesley Life Mission and Beyond Blue
  • Working Through Paranoia
  • Making Sense of Unusual Beliefs
  • Harm Minimization and Supported Housing
  • Contingency Management Planning
  • Strategies for Working with Continued Substance Use
  • Conflict Management
  • Recovery Approach Training
  • Unshrinking Psychosis- John Watkins
  • Trauma Informed Approaches to Healing- Rufus May
  • Recovery Champions, Recovery Training- Ron Coleman
  • Working with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse- Ron Coleman
  • Act, Belong, Commit
  • Suicide ASIST T4T
  • The Art of Curious Questioning
  • Fostering Opportunities for Recovery, Resilience and Self-Righting
  • Grief, Complicated Grief, Divorce, Breakup and Other Losses: Best practice-based techniques to assist your clients in recovering from loss - David Kessler (TATRA training)
  • Positive Psychology, ACT and Mindfulness Techniques: for working with your most challenging clients- Mitch Abblett (TATRA training)


Chloe, I am so, so grateful to you for our session yesterday.

I could already feel the changes today. I was releasing it like you taught me, and I could feel it leaving me with each statement, layer by layer.

I slept like a freaking space rock! Lol!

The tools you gave me are absolutely amazing.

The words you gave me are the most beautiful, out of love, instant healing, communication of pain I have ever heard.

Thank you dear so, so much.”



I will begin by saying it is absolutely true that a teacher appears when the student is ready.

After having hit a spiritual brick wall and having the rug ripped from under me with my twin flame relationship, it was imperative for me to find a spiritual coach who understands.

I found Chloe while browsing the “twin flame” hashtag on Instagram and I was instantly drawn to her content. All of her writing on her posts resonated with me on a Soul level.

What really caused my Higher Self to urge me to reach out to her for coaching was that she herself is a twin flame in a relationship with her partner.

There aren’t too many people who understand the twin flame connection and it’s challenges. I trusted Chloe could help me fill in the gaps with understanding my relationship.

After our first session, I knew that Chloe would be assisting me with not only my relationship, but also in helping me understand my divine mission here as a lightworker.

I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge she shares with me, her attentiveness, and true passion for her mission here on earth. She has helped me more than I could have ever imagined.

This woman is truly divine and if you feel called to work with her - listen.

There are no coincidences, you’re here for a reason.”




1:1 face to face via Skype

  • 30 minute session for USD $33


1:1 face to face via Skype

  • Initial/Single (once-off)—120 minute session for USD $111
  • Ongoing —1 x weekly 60 minute session + ongoing access via Skype Chat for USD $77 per week


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