Use this visual and sound chakra healing tool to stimulate your heart chakra.

Overlaid with natural sounds and Solfeggio Frequencies for deeper layers of healing reach.

USD $3.95

Intuitive Psychic Reading with Chemory Gunko.

I offer 10 questions answered by email per reading. Skype or whatsapp sessions can also be arranged, with in person sessions available for clients in Johannesburg.

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Once I've received your payment I'll contact you to get your questions if you haven't sent them already. 

Please email your questions to me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or email me for more info.

  • Please also include the day, month, year, time and town of birth for yourself and anyone else you'd like to know about
  • You can also use the tool on this page to calculate your chart yourself:
  • Please include clear recent photographs


Cost: USD 39

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The Mirrors for Lightworkers unpacks the themes and challenges you are currently experiencing as a lightworker.

Use this tool to understand what's happening in your life and how your current life challenges are being influenced by the global shift. Understand which challenges are directly related to the current global shift.

  • Why are my relationships changing?
  • Which relationships throw me out of sync?
  • Where am I taking too much or too little responsibility?
  • How have I changed?
  • Why do I feel lonely and isolated?
  • What are the new ideas I'm thinking about but cannot verbalize? (The tool will help clarify all those ideas!)

The themes you'll be working with for the Mirrors for Lightworkers are choice, free will, separation, isolation, loneliness, abandonment, equality, balance, synchronicity, control, chasing, love, being in or out of love, surrender, loss, giving up, acceptance, avoiding or taking responsibility, compatibility, humility, jealousy, possessiveness, betrayal, powerlessness, attachment, creation, manifestation, pride, cheating, physical changes and sexual changes.

Please note the themes for the Lightworker and Twin Flame tools are the same, as they are impacted by the same set of dualities.

Use the Mirrors for Lightworkers Tool free with adverts

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USD $19.99

Make Yourself Feel Repelled by Anything with Spiders

Overlaid with selected Solfeggio healing Frequencies, this Change your Mind Tool can be used to make you feel negatively inclined towards someone or something, like an ex-lover you can't get over, an addiction or bad habit.

Of course this particular tool is only going to work if you're creeped out by spiders.

Place a picture of the person or thing you want to feel repelled by next to the video while you play it repeatedly. Do this a few times over a period of a few days for maximum effect!

USD $3.95

The Mirrors of Money unpacks your entire belief system around money and wealth.

Use this tool to understand your mindset around money, remove manifesting blocks and improve your ongoing relationship with money. It's also a great way to easily identify where your money blocks and problems are.

  • Why do I battle to make money?
  • Why do I battle to save?
  • Why do I lack money in my life?
  • Why can't I achieve my money goals?
  • Where do my ideas around money stem from?
  • What am I afraid of about money?
  • Where do my money fears stem from?

The themes you'll be working with for the Mirrors of Money are wealth, abundance, prosperity, bounty, compensation, reward, comfort, success, independence, security, generosity, poverty, impoverished, lack, deprivation, depletion, destitution, neediness, want, failure, unsuccessful and stingy.

Use the Mirrors of Money & Wealth Tool free with adverts

When you purchase the tool it will be advertising free.

USD $19.99

Rampage of Gratitude for Laughter & Happiness

If you're a fan of Abraham-Hicks, you'll know all about rampages... they're like affirmations on steroids!

If you're not a fan of Abraham-Hicks yet, go check them out and become a fan :)

A rampage is simply a long affirmation that is said with meaning and intention to really build a flow of feeling around what you are manifesting.

Overlaid with all 9 Solfeggio healing Frequencies, this Rampage of Gratitude for Laughter & Happiness can be used as a creative thinking reset, to change your mood or to make you feel more positively oriented towards someone or something.

USD $3.95

Your Sacral Chakra is located just behind and below your belly button and responds to the color yellow.

You can stimulate this chakra manually by rubbing the area just below your belly button or your lower back.

Your Sacral Chakra life cycle years begin on your 7th birthday and continue until your 14th birthday.

The Sacral Chakra governs creativity on all levels.

USD $6.95

Use this visual and sound chakra healing tool to stimulate your sacral or second chakra.

Overlaid with natural sounds and Solfeggio Frequencies for deeper layers of healing reach.

USD $3.95

The Sexual Preferences Checklists allow you to unpack, in detail, what you enjoy and don't enjoy, and the circumstances under which you enjoy it.

The pack includes 6 comprehensive checklists, with descriptions of over 200 activities or fetishes, and will generate a list of ONLY what you enjoy or are open to, and what you absolutely will not do.

  • Sex Preferences
  • Kinks & Fetishes
  • Roleplay Checklist
  • Bondage Checklist
  • Sadism & Masochism Checklist
  • BDSM Power Play
USD $19.99

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