by Chemory Gunko

Single & Dating: A guide to finding the relationship you really want to keep is packed full of coaching exercises and questions to help you find your dream man or woman.

With tools and resources to help you unpack exactly what you want and why you want it, Single & Dating looks at your mindset, dating confidence and online dating, and includes a section on recognizing love when you do find it.

The book also contains a unique mirrors process you can use to identify the aspects or mirrors of yourself that relationships are here to show you.

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Your Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below your rib cage, in the middle, around the area you usually get heartburn. This chakra responds to yellow.

You can stimulate this chakra manually by just below your rib cage or on the corresponding back area.

Your Solar Plexus life cycle years start on your 14th birthday and continue until your 21st birthday.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about your personal power.

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Use this visual and sound chakra healing tool to stimulate your solar plexus chakra.

Overlaid with natural sounds and Solfeggio Frequencies for deeper layers of healing reach.

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Strip Like a Goddess is a comprehensive collection of over 20 classy striptease training videos that you can use in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Made by a woman, at home, for other women at home, Strip Like a Goddess is a beautifully presented series of videos, with an official guidebook, that will give you all the information you need to strip for your lover at home.


PLUS! In order to show you can do this at home, and what it looks like put together, we've included the uncut, unedited footage we pulled the moves from.

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The Mirrors of Suicide & Depression unpacks the themes and challenges around suicide and depression and why you have these lessons to face.

Use this tool to understand the reasons that you are experiencing challenges with feeling suicidal or depressed, and what the hidden thought is that can snap you out of it.

  • Why do I want to die?
  • Where do I believe I am poisonous or cancerous?
  • Why do I believe I deserve to be destroyed?
  • Where do these thoughts stem from?
  • What happened in my past that influenced my thinking and behavior?

The themes you'll be working with for the Mirrors of Suicide & Depression are cancerous or malignant, angry or destructive, secretive, aggrieved or resentful, grieving, guilty, forgiving or forgiven, obligated or indebted, owed or due, entitled or entitlement, victimized, despondent or hopeless, powerless or impotent, sacrificing or losing, quitting or giving up, accepting or accepted, unhappy with life, deficient or lacking, incurable, mortal, carrying a death wish or suicidal and benefiting from being ill or depressed.

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There are very hard and brutal questions in here, like where do I carry a death wish, or how do I benefit from being ill?

If you want to heal, we have to go dig out that tough stuff that you don’t want to face – you’ll understand why in the moment you’ve released it.

Please take time to read the duality statements before you begin – understanding them is core to the course really working for you.

But… they are also vague and colloquial on purpose. So please use your understanding of the terms as well when you are answering questions.

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Be honest about what you really want

A comprehensive online tool to unpack blowjobs and what works for you
Mitigate discomfort and shame when raising this with your partner


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Your Throat Chakra is located in your throat or neck, and is most often associated with the color indigo. 

Stimulate your Throat Chakra manually by rubbing your neck or throat.

Throat Chakra life cycle years begin at the age of 28, and continue until your 35th birthday.

Throat Chakra is everything to do with expression - writing, communication, sharing feelings, being who you are and more.

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Use this visual and sound chakra healing tool to stimulate your throat chakra.

Overlaid with natural sounds and Solfeggio Frequencies for deeper layers of healing reach.

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The Mirrors for Twin Flames unpacks the themes and challenges you are currently experiencing as a Twin Flame.

Use this tool to understand what's happening in your life and how your current life challenges are being influenced by the global shift. Understand which challenges are directly related to the current global shift. Also unpack in detail, what is going on and wrong in your relationship.

Use this tool if you are in a Twin Flame, looking for your Twin Flame or healing from a break up. Twin Flames in the runner-chaser phase will find this particularly useful for identifying dualities and energies at play, and the moment of awareness will cause push-pull releases and changes in your Twin Flame.

  • Why are my relationships changing?
  • Which relationships throw me out of sync?
  • Where am I taking too much or too little responsibility?
  • How have I changed?
  • Why do I feel lonely and isolated?
  • What are the new ideas I'm thinking about but cannot verbalize? (The tool will help clarify all those ideas!)

The themes you'll be working with for the Mirrors for Twin Flames are choice, free will, separation, isolation, loneliness, abandonment, equality, balance, synchronicity, control, chasing, love, being in or out of love, surrender, loss, giving up, acceptance, avoiding or taking responsibility, compatibility, humility, jealousy, possessiveness, betrayal, powerlessness, attachment, creation, manifestation, pride, cheating, physical changes and sexual changes.

Please note the themes for the Lightworker and Twin Flame tools are the same, as they are impacted by the same set of dualities.

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