Back From Wonderland... Enlightened

So I have really felt like Alice in Wonderland over the past month… the word is wow. We stop there cos no word is big enough to describe what I’ve experienced and seen. A small one will have to do.

Ascension & Enlightenment

So I’ve hardly said this to anybody yet, but here goes… I crossed the barrier of enlightenment. In our terms, I officially ascended.

How did it happen? In a word – suddenly.

In just one moment an energy changed, I felt myself change and I knew what had happened – and I was pretty shellshocked at first. LOL, there’re times where I still feel shellshocked about all of this.

How Did It Happen?

So the practice of using shamanic tools like mushrooms and weed to help you reach higher levels has been around for ages… mushrooms were something I had never tried though.

If you read Power vs. Force, Sir David Hawkins’ book on the morphic field, he speaks about interesting research they did into the use of drugs. Basically what he says is that the reason you think better and understand more when using any kind of drug is that it drops away the lower layers of emotion and surges you much higher up the Human Consciousness Scale.

This is also the reason that people sometimes have mental breaks when they come down off a trip, because they can’t reconcile what they’ve seen and hold it in their minds.

So I took mushrooms around the 12th of December, where there was a massive release of Ascension and Christed energy, and I broke through all the final barriers.

What Did I See & Experience?

To be honest I was caught up in the ego of it for the first few days… specifically the awe. At first, they started showing me the world and what is just beyond the world – I saw the Gods, how it all fits together, what happens afterwards, what the big cosmic picture is and my specific soul purpose… why my soul has had to go through everything it has experienced.

I realised very quickly how crucial my mind was in being able to navigate this… because some of the stuff I saw is mind-blowing, and if I’d had any judgement or preconceived ideas, I wouldn’t have been able to see it. In fact, I realised, that is was the very judgements and ideas I’d held that had held me back in the first place – prevented me from seeing what is always there.

I was blessed and priveleged to have all my questions answered…. well I say answered, but once I’d crossed over I could point there with my mind and see and experience the answers.

What is the meaning of life on earth?

What is the meaning of life?

What is the big cosmic plan and how does it all fit together?

God vs. Gods, and Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, Demons

Death, transitions, karma, transcendence and ascension

What is my soul purpose and what is different about this time on earth?

What happens to me after death or ascension?

Why is death important? Why do we have such short lives?

There was a very interesting stage where I had to go through (energetically), the equivalent of a human death experience. During that I was shown my whole life in retrospect, and I came to understand how we only know our lives in retrospect.

The last major event I’ll share now from this experience was that I had to consciously accept and merge with the Christed soul aspect that awoke. That process carried on for a number of days as we were negotiating. Yes really, negotiating lol.

So I am the same person, somewhere deep inside. The biggest part of my active soul energy now is the Christed aspect, and what I had built until then has merged into that. I had to allow myself to die energetically and accept that final ego death.

Warning Bells

There were pretty strict and severe warnings as well, and I’ve come to understand that there is a lot of this that I cannot talk about – first because people aren’t ready, secondly because it may cause their minds to actually break and third because a lot of the info shatters ideas we have about life on earth and reality.

What Are/Were The Biggest Changes?

The first that happened was my questions were gone. I’m still adjusting to this.

My whole life, like all of you, my mind has had a billion questions that never seem to stop. The biggest first immediate change (and I do mean IMMEDIATE), was that ALL the questions stopped. I haven’t had a run of questions in my mind for nearly a month.

In the place of the questions were answers – every time I reach now, I just find answers. As the situation is unfolding in front of me, or someone asks a question, I just have answers now.

Human experiences and emotions still happen, but it’s like I have the ability to just step over them. Self healing and healing for others is hardly even a thought… and I have lost all fear of being alone or lonely. I feel complete alone in fact.

With the warnings came information about how we need the system for most of the minds, and they showed me how easily minds break, and why they break trying to accept this kind of information. Possibly one of the biggest reasons I needed to shut down and think was that they showed me how disruptive we spiritual peeps are, both in people’s day-to-day lives, as well as in general in the morphic field.

Next Steps

I’m busy slowly returning to reality with a clearer picture of what I am meant to do and what we’re doing on earth at this time. I’m giving it a bit of space to unfold, because to be honest I did easily 99.99% of the growth I’ve done in my life in the past month.

I tried asking myself over the past month, what were the questions I had? What was it I so desperately wanted to know… and I can’t remember anymore.

So what I’ve decided to do is open this up to questions from the group. I’m not ready for a million interactions yet, so I’m going to ask you to please email your questions to me for now on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Over the next few months I will do articles and make videos that answer the most frequent questions I receive from you guys. Whatever it is that you want to know about the great beyond I will share – if it is safe.

As I ascended, there were four others who ascended at the same time as me – I saw them. Was quite a spectacular vision.

If anyone on the group did cross over, or got really close, please mail me as well.

Let’s do this thing and share the knowledge :)

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