Basic Kinesiology Self Testing

Use basic kinesiology self testing techniques to test the accuracy of statements you've determined using your Mirrors of Relationship questions.

When you're working through Mirrors of Relationship statements and reach a statement you'd like to verify the accuracy of, you can test it using kinesiology self testing. 

Kinesiology Self Testing Instructions

  1. Circle the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Interlink the two loops. 
  2. Establish a baseline.
    • Say my name is Monkey and try to pull your fingers apart. They should separate easily.
    • Now repeat the exercise saying your correct first name. You should not be able to separate your fingers.
  3. For accurate or yes statements, you won't be able to separate the fingers; for false statements your fingers will separate easily.

Fixing False Positives with the Thymus Thump

Sometimes when you run the kinesiology self testing you get inaccurate results because the person's meridian system is out of whack.

If you are getting false readings, then use the following procedure to reset your meridian system:

  1. Take your fist and place it over the points of your collarbones, where they meet in the middle.
  2. Now put a big smile on your face.
  3. Now think of someone you love.
  4. Now thump with medium pressure several times while saying: "ha-ha-ha."

This should be enough to rectify your readings for a few hours.

The thymus thump can also be used for an energy and immune boost.

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Kinesiology Self Testing

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