Building & Rebuilding Trust in Your Relationship

Rebuilding trust after a betrayal is difficult - especially when you feel like your heart is all caged up and there’s nothing you seem to be able to do to get through to it.

As someone who has been there, I can honestly tell that this is not going to be easy... like forgiveness work, the exercises are simple but can be incredibly difficult to actually do.

Likewise, you’ll hear people say that forgiveness and trust exercises are useless, which is true if your intention is wrong.

Get your intention right and really mean for trust be granted again and it will happen - the exercises will work their magic.

With emotions like this you have to throw every tool in your arsenal at it sometimes, chipping away repeatedly until you reach a breakthrough - you will reach a breakthrough eventually, but only if you keep going.

The longer you’ve waited and diligently worked on the issue, the bigger that breakthrough will be usually.

12 Interactive & Downloadable Trust Building Resources

There are 12 trust resources linked off this page, downloadable and interactive tools and generators, and you will need to login to access them. You can create a free account on the same page.

No credit card is required and links to all the resources will immediately be visible on this page once you log in. The tools are also accessible via the free tools page, for logged in users.

Scroll down to view direct links to the tools below.

Interactive Online Tools

  1. Admitting Wrongdoing Statement Generator
    A communication tool to help you generate a complete statement for when you need to admit or confess to wrongdoing.
  2. Apologies, Forgiveness & Making Amends
    A tool to help you craft a complete and comprehensive apology when you want to ask for forgiveness or make amends.
  3. Trust Building Tool
    A communication generator to help you craft and identify what it is that is an issue for you, and what you will need to begin restoring your trust.
  4. Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Resource
    Upload a picture of the person you'd like to find forgiveness for. Hit submit and then focus on the photo while repeating the mantra provided.
  5. The Welcoming Statement
    A coaching tool designed to mitigate feelings of separation so that you feel welcomed on Earth plane and that you belong.

Downloadable PDF Resources

  1. Trust Apology Process
  2. Trust Building Behaviors
  3. Chakra Trust Rampage
  4. Couples Chakra Trust Building Exercise
  5. Trust Gazing & Synchronized Breathing
  6. Trust Falls & Cuddling
  7. Secrets & Questions

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Trust Building Tools

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