Cult Leaders & the Big Ego Trap of Special Relationships

I – like so many of us – have been fascinated by human behavior my whole life, which of course has lead to a lot of reading books, biographies and watching documentaries, and I’ve loved the serial killers and cult leaders and their stories.

So this weekend I watched a completely new one, on a place in California called the Buddhafield, watching it with a new level of awareness obviously.

It dawned on me that there is a pattern in what all former cult members say about the evolution of cult leaders – they all start out as so holy and so pure, but then it becomes about sex eventually. And when the whole thing collapses, there’s always a sexual scandal attached – one of an extreme nature usually.

So stepping out of the ego responses of offense and anger – which even I’m inclined to have, because these stories give the work that I do a bad name – and looking at the pattern, really what this is is ego’s final big push of special relationships.

It’s also a big confusion of the urge to oneness… we already know that the urge to oneness recursively manifests as sexual desire, because it is often the highest approximation of closeness we can imagine on the physical plane.

So it kind of goes like this…

Cult leader starts out good and holy and pure and develops a following.

Followers mistake urge to oneness for sexual attraction and press themselves onto leader strongly – yip, all of you who have experienced people being more sexually attracted to you the more you advance, you know what I’m talking about.

Leader is fighting ego cycle battle with a huge final push from ego, whose sole (haha – sole and soul) purpose is to keep you focused on the Self, your desires, your wants, your pain, your needs, your sacrifices, your losses…. anything that keeps you trapped in karma and focused on the idea that you exist.

The biggest final push is always special relationships... no relationship with God can ever be as fulfilling as a physical relationship (again confusion of the urge to oneness).

So you have this massively growing soul, with a massive ego, who starts getting loads of sexual attention and also feels that need for closeness – a very strong urge to oneness in fact.

But there are so many souls wanting that closeness and so it becomes a major pull – which ego uses because that adulation and adoration keeps you focused on the Self.

Eventually, after people put you in the role of God, the more God like you become, but your ego gets in the way because that’s ego’s job. Add in charisma and a natural tendency towards grandiosity – which all big spiritual peeps have, how else can miracles happen? – and it escalates quickly.

Add in the fact that we’re all rebels with strong rebel programming, and we’re designed to break the rules, and it is going to go the extreme.

This is a natural trap for many spiritual leaders, and is the final ego battle. If you look at the great souls we remember – including JC and Buddha – they stayed the course and didn’t get ego focused again, that was the difference.

The more I learn about all this and unpack all of this, the more I see how having a prickly personality and not being so people focused has actually served me on my path. I understood it from the point of view of the rebel, but I see now how it prevents me falling into other traps that would be very easy to fall into in the 3D world.

Soul & Sole Purpose

From above lol. Ego has a SOLE purpose… and spirit has a SOUL purpose. Love, love love it!!!

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