Dark Night of the Soul or Trial by Fire

Down the Rabbit Hole Part 21 - Dark Night of the Soul or Trial by Fire

The thing about a Dark Night of the Soul, is that people always think that the latest protracted cycle of difficulty and ego death must be their Dark Night of the Soul.

However you will multiple extended periods of Trial by Fire before your actual Dark Night.

The Trials by Fire can last up year, two years maybe, and are to prepare you for the Dark Night. A Dark Night will last multiple years, because it includes lessons like patience and faith, and these take time to learn by their very nature.

All of them have the following in common: you will look, sound and feel like a completely new person afterwards.

The distinction is that you will ONLY have one Dark Night of the Soul, and at the end of this period, you will have achieved enlightenment or ascension, and will emerge as a mystic.

If you are not sure if you've ascended, then you have not ascended. When you ascend that doubt will drop entirely - and you won't be able to deny it. Don't be down-heartened if you're not there yet - use that energy to push forward.

Your Dark Night of the Soul may extend past the period you ascend, and you may have trials after a dark night as well - very hard trials, because now you're refining your skills.

If you're at the point of looking for answers on Trials and Dark Nights, then this is the caveat you need:

You need to drop the idea that the spiritual journey means that life will get easier.

The truth is that the challenges are going to grow from here on in, and you are going to get better at COPING WITHIN THE CHAOS.

The emotion never goes away - you just get better at managing it, and not personalizing it.

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Dark Night of the Soul or Trial by Fire

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