Ego and conversion - conversion is lazy faith

Ego and conversion - conversion is lazy faith

The more I think about conversion vs seeking, the more I realise that conversion is lazy faith.

The thing about the journey is that it is hard - and whether you're consciously journeying or even just manifesting, it's all about building faith, and stamina of faith.

Everything boils down to faith in the end.

When you convert to something like Judaism, it's like a three year process.

All the other religions have something similar, along with the guidelines that you have to earn forgiveness and work towards Ascension actively.

Christianity is different - and I think it was God's way of catering to the ego demands of humanity, particularly the laziness, comfort and instant gratification.

With Christianity you get an instant free pass by accepting Jesus into your heart, and your sins are immediately forgiven.

Your place in heaven becomes guaranteed.

Also it's a form of possession, and how Christianity opened up the idea of possession in the world: you invite the Holy Spirit & Jesus into your heart and soul. That's pure possession.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Christianity and most religious doctrine and dogma and teaching.

It however adds an interesting layer of thought to the whole "how do we cater to ego?" question...

We run into roadblocks because ego makes stuff about likability; Jesus Christ's message offered a free pass and easy way out, so it was likable by comparison to other doctrines and practices.

Even then though, Jesus was so unlikable and disruptive that they brutally tortured and murdered him, and it still took 300 years and a very powerful king to create a religious practice.

Maybe the answer isn't to be catering and pandering more to ego... maybe the answer to this one is that we do have to take the uncomfortable route, forgo the spiritual bypassing, and show people that they have to EARN their way into heaven - it's not guaranteed.

When people meet spiritual folk they assume that they will like you, you will be all-loving and accept everything and anything, and you will make them feel welcome.

The generalization is also that we want to convert people to our way of thinking, which really stems from day-to-day ego practices: people explain themselves with the intent of convincing you to agree with them so that they're right.

The truth is that there is no need for us to include you or make you feel comfortable at this level of development.

We are also not interested in converting anyone or convincing them of our way of thinking, because external validation isn’t required.

Convincing someone always fails because faith is something you earn through your own experience; it cannot be bestowed on you.

When you earn faith on your own, you have the internal reference points to sustain that faith in periods of doubt.

When you piggyback on someone else's faith through conversion, you have no memories or experience to sustain you when the going gets tough.


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