Ego Deaths vs. Trials by Fire vs. Dark Nights of the Soul

Ego Deaths vs. Trials by Fire vs. Dark Nights of the Soul

What's the difference?

Anything under six months is just an ego death. You will have millions of these.

A group of ongoing intense ego deaths that lasts 6 to 18 months is a Trial By Fire. You will have about 5 to 10 trials to prepare you for your Dark Night - to give you stamina. Also to give you patterns to follow and markers to look for so that you can see how your Dark Night is progressing. The reference points keep you sane in the Dark Night.

18 months to 20 YEARS-plus is a Dark Night.

These experiences are timebound.

It's one of the rules of a planet bound by time.

A Dark Night takes away everything - I lost my marriage, my security, my business, my career, my credibility, my entire belief system, my whole support structure, house, car, assets, twin flame and love of my life, my entire personality and ALL my dreams and desires - my entire old life and persona is gone completely.

At the end I even lost my entire marketing portfolio of work - I was ONLY left with spiritual stuff.

At the end of my Dark Night, I’m living with my parents, no assets, no car, no house, no savings, no support structure, no relationship, and my faith is entirely different. I am completely changed - I used to cry over lack of money, now it means nothing.

I used to constantly use medicine - now I’d literally rather die than go to a doctor. I would not even accept blood or blood products, I’m that serious.

One previous trial has seen me lose a house and nearly kill myself - 18 months. After going through a pregnancy on my own and driving myself to hospital in labor. And being left homeless at a point in my pregnancy. And I had to arrange my own baby shower because my family wasn’t around because they had left me homeless.

In another I was unemployed for months, in a twin flame runner chaser bond, and I was unemployed because I had been forced into voluntary retrenchment. I could accept retrenchment with a package or be fired. I was working with the twin flame mentioned, that’s why I got fired.

Nobody wants to hear how long these things are going to last - but you have to be prepared.

Just think about it.... before he got nailed to a cross and killed, Jesus spent forty days alone in the desert.

The timebinding is to teach you two lessons - faith and patience.

Please don't buy into the all-loving 3D spiritual BS about you can go through this in an hour or a month - if you do, when it hits you, you won't have the stamina to persevere.

And that stamina matters - we’re here to bring about the end times. Do you really think a war with demons will be easier that losing your car? Do you really think you’re ready for the rigors of what lies ahead for us if you’ve had no practice?

What is the longest trial period of difficulty you've ever had in your life?

If it's under 18 months, you have NOT YET faced your Dark Night of the Soul.

And once you're there, you WILL understand why you need so much time - and time won't matter to you so much anymore.

A Dark Night of the Soul strips you bare of everything - including your faith so far - so that you are reborn anew, as a mystic.

I know that YEARS seems intolerable when you view it from ego perspective, but by the time you get to your Dark Night, you will be seeing across lifetimes, and you will NOT be bound by this lifetime and identity. Five years in 70 is a lot - but 5 years in 10,000 is NOT.

If you buy into the 3D nonsense that you can race through your dark night, you will NOT be prepared when the shitstorm hits you - and it WILL BE a shitstorm.

A Trial by Fire or Dark Night of the Soul is a repeated onslaught on of ongoing ego deaths, with little to no relief inbetween, that continues for an extended period of time.

“Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult-once we truly understand and accept it-then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.” ― M. Scott Peck

Accept that your Trial or Dark Night will take years - it makes it easier to traverse.

And an inside insight.... if you RESIST the time, you simply EXTEND the time of the period.

One of the final tests of your Dark Night will be to face an ongoing onslaught of stuff, WITHOUT expressing or experiencing ANY ego reactions. My final test was to face it all for a year without panicking or upset or worry or any other ego.

You WILL ONLY serve to delay yourself if you resist the time this takes.

Please don't do that - we ALL want to finish this lifetime out and not have to come back again.

You've come so far - you can face the final test; even if it takes a few years. It's ONLY one lifetime of many more to come.

And no - you can't do you Dark Night in a previous lifetime.

The point of oblivion is that all the experience you draw from is condensed into one lifetime - that's why you HAVE to face the trials in one lifetime.

The ONLY prize for being good at ego deaths is that you get LOTS more of them to face.

The only bearing karma has is that we are here to clear it via empath load in this particular lifetime.

Please don't be fooled by the 3D deception that you can skip the time - it will only force you to miss your trials completely and have to come back to do this all over again in another lifetime.

That's so not worth it.

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