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Ego is the Sacrificial Lamb of Unity

So let’s start with the ego basics in a nutshell:

Ego is the mechanism of creation and it allows us to break one large soul into smaller individuated pieces that are complete within their own right.

So the whole of creation going in that direction is a process of separation – using ego to make smaller parts of soul.

The counterprocess to separation/creation is unification, leading to unity – merging all the parts back into one soul.

The mechanism of unification and unity is TANTRIC UNION. Tantric union is not about creation - it's a recursion (repeated pattern) of the urge to oneness.

People have paradigm blindness to the fact they are experiencing the urge to oneness when they are drawn to another, so it expresses as sexual attraction at first.

Creation and procreation are about making children (or the act of separation), and tantric union is about the merger of two souls in twin flame union and beyond.

The meaning of sex is different therefore, and it’s why so many twin flames want the partner but not the child.

Ego is a process of identity - and it creates your identity at the SOUL LEVEL. It is at the level of this soul identity that your karma attaches, and that belief in karma is what traps your soul on Earth plane.

Karma is basically the idea that your soul identity is owed or can owe another soul identity across the span of lifetimes.

Therefore the way out of Earth plane is to die with no karma, so that your mind is focused on God only, and you have no subconscious energies that pull you back to Earth plane.

Ego Reactions & Emotions & Mirrors

For most people, you say ego and they think of someone coming across as arrogant or unlikeable to them. In fact, for most people, ego is pretty impossible to define.

What we think of as ego is actually a series of emotions and reactions that take place inside us. So you're having an ego emotion or reaction when you feel inferior or superior to the person or situation in front of you.

The core ego emotions are:

  • Judgement
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Resistance
  • Embarrassment
  • Humiliation
  • Shame
  • Vulnerability
  • Guilt
  • Frustration
  • Impatience
  • Jealousy
  • Envy
  • Possessiveness
  • Competition
  • Awe
  • Admiration

When you are feeling one of these, it’s your ego reaction. When you see someone as arrogant, YOUR belief system is that they think they are better than you.

But that belief lies inside you, and is driven by your feelings of doubt, inadequacy, jealousy and more. You feel inferior to someone when you see them as arrogant basically.

The only reason you’ll ever think that someone thinks they’re better than you, is if you believe they have reason to think it.

So if you think someone is helpful and they offer advice you’ll take it. Or at least hear and consider it.

If you label someone as arrogant, you immediately label the words out of their mouth as being pushy and forceful.

In a way, your ego gives you paradigm blindness to the truth of who someone really is and what they present. Until you drop those mirrors of ego, all you are seeing are the parts of yourself you don’t like.

Ego is making a comeback!

Driven by ideas like ‘I must experience that for myself’, and ‘I must get into a special relationship’, ego is making another massive push towards keeping us separated and individuated as the unity energy settles onto earth.

It’s ego’s job to do this…. after all UNITY means the end of separation. If there’s no separation, there is no need for ego. Ego is the sacrificial lamb of unity.

So chances are good you are finding yourself judging, resisting, holding onto 3D ideas like ‘money’ and ‘success’ and ‘ambition’, slipping back into old ways of being.

It's Natural

As you get further and further away you are going to remember less and less of the magic that you have experienced over the past few years. That always happens with big experiences.

At the same time, you are immersed in the morphic field which is fighting back against what you put out. You get sad when you walk into work because the morphic field energy contains the sadness - get it?

The sad looking people on the train? Their collective energy can be bigger than yours alone. That's why your mood swings.

How spiritual and connected you stay depends entirely on how much you keep your focus there now.

The time of easy access is slowly fading away, and it’s the part you never actually want to have end. But I’ve been through a few of these and it is the pattern.

You have to hold on, you have to remember…. now begins the hard work of handing over your free will to God.

Because the only way to cross is to use your ego desire and free will in every second to hand over to God.

How to mitigate ego

Holy Spirit, I cannot do this on my own. I will never be able to do this alone. I trust you and ask you to help me.

Please take this EGO IDENTIFICATION of the THOUGHT of…[sadness, money worries, weight, being stuck, a person]. Thank you.

You cannot ask for something wrongly to be removed because the WHOLE OF LIFE is an EGO PROJECTION. The point is to realize that.

You cannot ask too often. The point is to realize that you are handing over every thought in every second. You always serve God, God never serves you – that’s what you’re aiming to get to.

I know it seems like you’re asking when you do it as above, but the truth is you are giving up your right to make the decision and letting God choose for you.

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