Free Will & Why We Remember Nothing at Birth

Free Will & Why We Remember Nothing at Birth

This is a plane of free will. That means that free will is honored first. That's what they mean by we're born as Gods - our free will is honored first.

Also why they say the universe will respond to manifestation - it is obliged to honor your free will.

So every time you put something out there, anything you manifest, you are automatically making God your servant.

Therefore, the ONLY way to serve God fully is to hand over your free will in every second. To make no decisions for yourself.

You're feeling guilty and powerless.

But the guilty (confusion about God's will) is the tell.

The powerless (nothing ever happens or realizes) is the ego response.

Asking 'is this God's will?' is the start of understanding that the only way to serve God is NOT to exercise your free will.

What is funny is when you cross the ascension barrier - then you realize that you have never actually exercised your free will - you've waited for the desires to arise naturally in you.

When you 'feel' like doing something you think it's your free will, but actually that desire takes away your free will.

Its the same as 'falling in love' - that is against your free will. That desire happens inside you without you choosing for it.

Every time you wait for a desire to 'arise naturally' then you are giving away your free will.

Consciousness means choice. Free will choice.

When a 'desire' arises and you 'feel' like you 'want' to do something, then you do NOT have choice to do something else.

A great example of this? A break up. You ‘feel’ like being with the person, and you can’t make that desire go away when the option is not available to you anymore. You don’t have free will to stop wanting to be with the person.

Like emotional numbness, desire will drop away as you go further along.

When the desire for something doesn't exist, you aren't pulled to any particular option and you can really make a free will choice.

Free will is also the reason we have our memory blanked at birth.

If you knew your partner was guaranteed to divorce you and break your heart because you'd done it in previous lifetimes then you wouldn't enter the relationship.

If you knew that someone had murdered you in a previous lifetime, or beat you daily, you wouldn't give them a chance now.

Wiping your memory gives you a blank slate to work from - without remembering the water under the bridge.

If you remembered all that past life stuff then you would not be able to make a FREE WILL choice about what to do - you'd be driven by what the you in a previous life went through.

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