Um ya, so when did it become the 12th already lol?

Wow what a wild ride the last week has been! Busy, eventful, exhausting… battling to focus and serious nesting!

It took me a while to work out and see the theme of this current energy, because it kinda nailed me too… theme is attachment.

For each of us, as always, it expressed differently.

For me, I tend to throw stuff out - and boy did I ever do a clean out this past week! This expression makes sense for me because I’m someone that eschews attachment.

On the flipside however, I also wanted a few things, and so landed up doing a bit of shopping for stuff we needed, but really was about us making stuff pretty.

For me therefore, this involved a lot of nesting… everything has been repacked and moved and cleaned. And I mean EVERYTHING lol!

So it feels like we’re gearing up for something… something new.

This was confirmed when we suddenly got a chicken yesterday… we’d been chatting about getting one for a while, and then an opportunity arose yesterday out of the blue.

So we started the new week with a new baby chicken… Cluck Norris :) Pics will follow :)

It also expressed in me wanting to change my dress style… I do this quite often actually. Suddenly I’ll completely change the way I dress and launch a new phase. This was definitely one of those switchovers.

Luckily this all kept me distracted from the fact that I was REALLY BATTLING to focus and write… and I have a few projects on the go that require me to write at the moment.

So the lack of posts wasn’t so much isolation as it was not being able to focus and get my head into writing.

I do however think I’ve solved this problem, partly, with a cool new (comfy) bright pink bean bag that I’m using at my desk. My desk is a coffee table and I usually sit on a cushion on the floor.

LOL… I don’t like chairs. Even when I sit on a chair, I take my shoes off and sit cross legged. Always got into trouble for it in the office environment.

I also saw a lot of hoarding and selfishness express in people this past while - and a good few ego deaths.

The spiritual themed ego deaths were interesting, because there were lots of reality checks about the spiritual journey and how it impacts real life, and a lot of “you serve God and you just have to suck it up” style lessons.

LOTS of resistance…. lots and lots and lots of resistance on all levels.

Resistance to lessons, resistance to seeing what is going on, resistance to everything basically.

So loads of escape needed… maybe you went out drinking, or partying, or organised a get together, or did some retail therapy, or wanted to go away, or even managed to get away. But escape was the name of the game.

Lots of feelings of overwhelm right now… that’s what’s making you want to hide away.

So where are you hiding and what are you hiding from? Usually it’s to do with people and how they will react. This applies to organisations too… how will they react if I pay late or don’t pay?

Also people seem suspicious and nosy right now… this is ego trying to control the situation; to control what it can in the environment around it so that it feels in control.

This triggers you because it feels like an invasion of your privacy… and there’s bound to be some organisation or government structure whose rules you can feel pressing in on you. This is the rebel archetype coming out.

So lots of wild rollercoaster emotions going on right now - but we said this would be a Mastery year. That comes with some tests and lessons :)

Your best response right now? Patience.

I know - not the answer you wanted, but it really works lol ;)

Back off from EVERYTHING for the next day or two - just step back.

Keep yourself busy with other stuff. This keeps your mind occupied in other areas. For me, it’s usually cleaning and packing. It keeps you busy, is physical movement, and keeps you busy for a while.

Try NOT to think about the issue AT ALL. At first, this is easier said than done, so don’t expect great results at first. Your aim in the beginning, is to just remind yourself EVERY TIME you catch yourself thinking about the issue, to stop.

For me, I use faith…. so when the thought about the challenge arises, I remind myself that I gave the day to God - it’s playing out the way he wants it to. Or I remind myself that timing is in God’s hands, and everything happens for a reason. So I have no reason to get upset - my job is to be ready to serve in every instant I am called.

How do I remember? Marker on the inside of my arm usually! I write a note where I’ll see it a lot :)

Why this works is that you have a replacement thought - most often we drift back into the inner voice dialogue when we have nowhere else for our minds to go.

So you could try…

I’ve already done everything I can about this right now. There’s no point in worrying.

It’s important that I stay focused on what i am doing now. You could mentally “talk” yourself through what you are doing, step by step, to keep your mind occupied.

Or you could even try something like scheduling time to worry later… I’ve set aside time to worry at 5PM, and it’s not time to worry yet. This is surprisingly more powerful than you anticipate.

You get the gist though - it can be anything that keeps that little voice inside your head busy.

How long do you this?

This depends on two things - how much time you have to play with, and how important what you are working on is.

“Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour." - Zen Saying

When you take a bit of distance from something, and employ patience, you give your mind time to do the subconscious processing it needs to do to get to an answer.

At the same time, you force yourself to slow down and approach stuff more methodically.

So, if you do have time to do it, take a week if you can. Always try to take at least 72 hours if possible.

72 hours is three days. Three full days.

It’s a long time to wait when you are chomping at the bit about something.

It’s not going to be easy to do this the first few times you do it - but when you see the results you’ll know why you did.

I usually find that 24 to 48 hours after I start, usually the morning when I wake up, I suddenly start seeing answers.

And the mental break from thinking about means i have enough distance to have energy to face it - and i’m able to remember all the little points that kept slipping away from me before.

If you’re doing nothing else, please remember to do a Butterfly Release - or five or seven. Try to aim for two a day if you can-

When you shift a lot and often like we tend to do, certain elements of your physical and energetic system can get stuck. The Butterfly Release is used to help you shift through these stuck emotions.

So named because of the butterfly-shaped skull bone it works on, the sphenoid bone, the Butterfly Release helps you shift more effectively, process emotions more quickly, recover faster physically and emotionally, stop feeling stuck, and can be used to tackle headaches!

Give yourself a bit of space and take a moment to pause…. lol take a knee.

Centre yourself, ground yourself and take a few days to do the same mentally and emotionally.

You’ll be in a much healthier place to make decisions and face the challenges you have on your plate.

Here are also some no cost spiritual quick fixes you can use during your patience experience:

Light, peace and harmony xo

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