Gearing up for Easter - the busy shifting time is starting to kick off & why you do deserve a leading spiritual role

Okay so this one is more of a heads up than anything else.

The year seems to be split into two by the equinoxes… so 21 March to 21 September is busy shifting time, and 21 September to 21 March is the quieter period.

However this year is a Mastery year, so our quiet period was a bit busier than usual.

Usually the speed picks up around Easter, after March equinox, and then accelerates until 21 June, when it goes insane until 21 September.

Add in the baseline three week integration period and that takes us to mid-October.

So it’s going to START getting busy now!

I hope you managed to get some rest over the past few months in preparation lol ;)

By June last year, we were doing a full up and down cycle each week, usually swinging one way around Tuesday and back to the other polarity on the Friday. It’s usually about a 50/50 split of people with half of us going down while the other half go up.

So prepare for LOTS of emotional ups and downs in the coming months.

Now is a good time to pull out your journal and start journalling again.

The statements and downloads will be flying thick and fast, and when you log them down in your journal then you don’t get stuck trying to remember the important ones. This is a common trap ego likes to use against you.

The theme for this year is Mastery, so expect lessons around Mastery, including seeing yourself as a Master and accepting yourself as a Master.

This is playing out in the most interesting way at the moment, and so many are getting it wrong.

There are lots of us complaint about the fact that we’re surrounded by so many willfully ignorant people - people who won’t and don’t take the steps we do, and as a result they really are responsible for the drama in their own lives. They tend to create it in fact.

Then they back it up by saying stuff like: “I can’t do what you can do”… but they CAN! And that’s what frustrates you so much - if they just tried, they’d know that they can do it.

We’re all seeing this and spotting this right now, and it is serving to make many feel frustrated and angry at humanity and how apathetic people are.

The lesson that you’re missing though, is that this is showing you how YOU are different - how you stand apart.

Self doubt is common among seekers - for two reasons. First because we have natural humility, and second because we KNOW we don’t have the answers.

The natural humility that manifests as self doubt is something we’re all familiar with. Am I good enough? Am I getting the right info? Am I looking past my ego to get a clear read?

This doubt makes us second guess and question ourselves - it makes us spiritual perfectionists. It basically drives us forward in sharpening our abilities.

The second reason is one I stumbled onto when I began the big part of my journey and began downloading Mirrors: we know what the right answers feel like, and we know when we don’t have the right answers yet.

However, you don’t think of it in terms of having the contrast to know when you have the right answers, it just manifests as a statement of “I don’t have the answers. I have the wrong answers. I don’t have the right answers.”

So we land up constantly thinking we are in the wrong. And we’re programmed to doubt ourselves too.

So when we see ourselves in contrast to the other secular people around us, we forget to look at what this showing us about our level of spiritual knowledge.

In this period, it’s here to show us how far we have come compared to the secular world, and why we have been chosen as representatives.

Why do we feel inadequate to teach or heal people, and yet we still get results?

Shouldn't we be completely realised and have solved an issue before we help someone else with it?

This belief is a normal teaching block.

Because you aren't seeing the kind of results you want or don't yet have a handle on that issue yourself you feel inadequate to help.

You think you to have overcome it.

Truth is you're wrong - people like me that have overcome it are unreachable, not easily understandable.

It's the very fact that you are mirroring the issue in yourself and finding a solution that enables you help the person.

You basically apply to them the solution you create for yourself.

You see this proven when you apply a previously utilized existing strategy to another similar energy.

You don't spend as much time unpacking, because once you have the pattern you just apply the solution to absolute truth.

You need to be close to a person's level to help them.

You can help lower vibration people who are blocked from understanding someone like me.

You still engage in the behaviors that make it easy for them to relate.

My approach of bring to consciousness, identify the mirrors and apply mental focus is too hard for most of them.

They need stuff served one lesson at a time, on issues that are relevant to them.

What you see as your lack is actually what enables you to reach them and gives you a significantly wider market than someone like me.

Instead of letting these contrasts you see frustrate, annoy and depress you, let them be a reminder of how far you have come on your journey.

You can’t be too far away from the people you have to help, and for that reason our journeys are made harder and we are delayed.

But every now and again we get one of these periods, where we get to see how awesome we actually are, and how much we’ve achieved.

Don’t throw that away by wasting the time only focusing on how useless and incompetent people are.

They’re only showing you a mirror that reflects what you have achieved.

Hope you have a decent week.

Energy is still a bit crazy, but if you push through you can find a workflow. It just takes a bit to get going each time. So if you do find a flow, don’t accept the excuse to take a break.

Don’t forget your Butterfly Release!

The Butterfly Release covers one of the big system plumbing issues you need to take care of when shifting a lot - it’s really a lifesaver.

Learn it and use it - you won’t regret it ;)

To infinity and beyond! LOL… I just had to :)

Light, peace & harmony,

Amara xo

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