Global Check In - 6 February 2018

Global Check In - 6 February 2018

So something is definitely afoot… what a few days this has been.

As Tuesdays often do, this one feels like a switchover, so let’s hope the next week will be lighter.

So we’ve just passed the once-in-a-lifetime Super Blue Blood Full Moon a few days ago, and symptoms have been all over the place.

Physical Symptoms

  • Excessive hunger and cravings - feels like a bottomless pit of hunger and thirst, an insatiable hunger. Also smoking more.
  • Cravings for meat and heavier foods - feels like there is a lot to process
  • Ascension Flu - general flu like symptoms; pain and snottiness
  • Exhaustion and fatigue - no energy to work or get anything done and just wanting to sleep all the time…. can barely bring your self to do anything
  • Restless sleep with physical pain and busy dreams, also night sweats
  • Boils, cold sores and blisters - this is “the same old” stuff coming up over again, that’s what it means; also things are getting heated in life
  • Lower back pain - this has been intense! Like waking up in the middle of the night intense
  • Gastro shifts - nausea, throwing up, runny tummy, tummy cramps, gas, constipation…. anything to do with release. Some people have had this very intensely
  • Bladder and kidney stuff - being pissed off…. what are you angry about? Anger is also usually a pressure release valve for tears

Spiritual, emotional and mental stuff

Loneliness has been coming up, paired with missing people, sensing loss - the combination will trigger old flames reconnecting, new relationships starting etc

Questioning of our roles and the expectations around them - am I good enough by 3D standards and am I fooling myself with all the spirituality stuff? Lots of thinking around how do I integrate 3D and 5D worlds and thinking.

Lessons of faith that have been presented as doubt are also present.

Also you’re being made aware of the false construct of time - the end of the month, weeks, that today is Tuesday.

You’re probably getting more and more irked at what you perceive as small mindedness and small minded thinking. Also rules and bureaucracy. You want to push back.

Rethinking of relationships and relationships roles and expectations…. do I really want this person, is there someone better from my past or in the future. Who am I in this relationship and does this fulfill me.

As always lessons of patience apply - patience is sitting out the time between experiences without anger or frustration.

We’re used to moving at the speed of thought and there is no time in-between that. Think about your whole relationship with your mom or dad. Over already?

That’s the speed of thought…. what took you 30 years to experience you could think about in a second, in a single feeling. No time elapsed between all the memories.

The limitation of human experience is that we must live out the time in order to have the time with which to have experience. So we experience frustration because we want everything to happen at the speed of thought.

Also finally, free will lessons…. what am I choosing? What do I really want? Who am I really? What do I want in the future?

There are ALWAYS free will, patience and faith lessons in every shift. They’re important subjects with lots of layers - they take time to get.


A whole indexed page of links to daily basics:

If you need resources to help you focus at work and get some flow, this page is full of those kinds of resources:

If you need deeper help and to shift through layers of statements, this page on mirrors resources will help:

We said something crazy is going on - and it sure feels like it :)

Hang in there…. this too shall pass. It always does

Light, peace and harmony xo

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