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Have you had a surprise visit from Lucifer?

Have you had a surprise visit from Lucifer or Satan asking for healing, or have you been thinking that you are Satanic and evil lately? You’re not alone.

So the craziest stuff has been happening for spiritual peeps lately as the shift speeds up, and I think it’s pretty fair to say that a lot of this stuff we’re dealing with is nothing like we imagined the shift would be.

There have certainly been some surprises along the way in this, with many parts of the shift requiring us to suspend all doubt and disbelief.

I’d have to say though, that this recent turn of events – the whole Lucifer thing – this has certainly been the most surprising and the most unsettling. I say that as someone who regularly channels information straight from Source: I’m pretty used to unusual and weird ;)

What’s up with Lucifer?

Recently, a number of the more advanced spiritual people I’ve been dealing with have mentioned Lucifer: thoughts of Satanism, of being inherently evil, of believing we are dark or are somehow committed or dedicated to the dark.

People have also had Lucifer appear to them and ask for healing work to be done. Other thoughts that may be coming up around this include seeing the self as hermaphroditic or containing the opposite sexual energy, with a need to express that. This is a representation of the Baphomet energy: the satanic goat figure represented with breasts and an erect phallus.

You will also, if you’re experiencing this, likely be undergoing a major ego battle or vacillating wildly in terms of your ability to manage your ego. There will likely be a lot of thoughts around “my needs and wants” and “am I worthy of God?”

You may also experience being cut off from your guides and spiritual communication, and a strange urge to pray to Lucifer. You may also be experiencing extreme survival-related challenges such as finances or relationship changes, and find yourself wanting to give up on God or doubting your faith as a result.

Lucifer, Satan, your ego and the light and dark

Everything at its core is energy – including our concepts of God and the Devil.

Different people and elements will each express the same energy in different ways. It’s like listening to music in a club: you can hear the words and lyrics and tone, but a deaf person in the same environment would only experience the expression of the physical vibration of the music. Even though the expression itself hasn’t changed, the different perceptions of the expression change it completely.

Likewise, people will carry different degrees of certain energies within them, and for some people and beings this means that they are literally a peak expression of a certain kind of energy: while some may display a little ego, others will be very arrogant, and yet others will be totally dark. The peak of the ego expression is therefore what we call Lucifer or Satan.

In the case of these dark beings they are the peak energies of control, force and non-consent; the ego-related energies that this plane was created under. The dark beings are also a peak of the energy of separation; in fact they are the highest point of separation within the creation cycle. Remember that separation is the purpose of ego.

Separation & Unification

When you get down to the bare nuts and bolts of it, this time in creation is about the hairpin bend of creation: turning from separation to unification.

The Divine Plan was not necessarily as organized and structured as you think it was; it was more of a Divine Suggestion: “Hey guys we found this really cool new toy called ego that enables separation and creation; let’s all go play with it and see what we come back with. Just go out and have fun and don’t worry - at a point we’ll call you all back home.”

Up until now we’ve basically been out playing, separating and creating, and during that time a few really excessive peaks of the separation energy formed – the guys we’ve come to know as Lucifer and the dark forces.

So we as lightworkers have come along to say “it’s time to come home now”, but these peak expressions of separation and control want to remain separated and in control of their own destinies – basically stay as Gods or become God.

It’s a little sad, because even this need to stay separated is a recursion of the need to be ONE, and just a misguided perception.

When the Creator first left the other side of creation to build this separated aspect of creation, it was because he was tired of the responsibility of creation and wanted to return to ONE. Like the dark forces we’re dealing with, He’d just been away from being ONE for so long that He’d forgotten what it means and confused it with the idea of being ONE on his own – a God completely, or alone.

We see this with young children that are born with spiritual knowledge, or people who have major spiritual experiences… they remember them and feel the effects for a while, sometimes years, but once they have enough distance, the doubts start to creep in and they forget the details.

Seeing yourself as God or wanting to be completely alone and separated are the most common misperceptions of the urge to ONEness on Earth plane, and it’s also why we see the runner/chaser cycle playing out in so many twin flames: the flames are reconciling the same energies we are, trying to pull back someone who wants to be completely separated as One Self into a loving relationship to join WITH others to become ONE, or ALL-that-is.

Sadly, there are a number of us who have had this experience in our twin flames in order to ready us for this mental bridging exercise we’re undertaking for Source. So you may be cycling through a lot of your past or current twin flame stuff as you process all of this particular energy. Talk about a double whammy LOL <3


The problem with these energies wanting to stay behind is that we can’t leave them behind: in order to return to Source, ALL the parts of the Sonship have to be returned to ALL-that-is… even the parts that don’t think they want to return!

If Source is love and the only healing is love, then in order to return those lost parts of creation energy to Source, we have to LOVE and ACCEPT them.

This does NOT mean we are okay with their actions when their actions are harmful, or that we approve of what they do in general – we love them spiritually to FORGIVE and RELEASE them, but we do stand AGAINST dark actions and behaviors. It’s like children: you love them but they don’t get to do everything they want to do; sometimes you have to say no.

So we love the dark forces to welcome them back into the fold – not to encourage or adopt their practices or behaviors.

Why is this happening to us?

The most important reason that this is happening to us is we’ve been preparing our whole lives for it and we’re the most prepared mentally – because wow, this takes mental strength.

This is opening up to your dark or shadow side on a whole new level. Luckily, we’ve opened our minds to God contiguously and practiced walking between two worlds our whole lives. We also have a stronger mental connection to Source and are often able to release more than most people in one go. Basically we’re good at shifting for ourselves and others.

At the same time, because their minds are still in the mind of God as well, we can choose for the dark forces to be healed where they can’t choose for themselves. We can facilitate miracles of healing for them.

I also get a sense that it’s like when Neo took the red pill in The Matrix and it scrambled his input/output carrier signal so they could find him in the fields… we scramble their signal to make them visible to, and reachable by, the Holy Spirit for healing.

Most importantly though we hold a physical presence in this world, and a mental and spiritual connection in God, so we are acting as conduits of information so that the two sides can speak through us.

We’re reconciling the differences in our minds and seeing all the points of view, so that God can see it and help release them. In a way we’re standing testimony for them in front of God, because stuff in creation REALLY, REALLY doesn’t make sense to God LOL. So we’re translating it for Her.

This whole Lucifer Thing isn’t easy

What we’re doing here is difficult to navigate and uncomfortable on so many levels - not least because a lot of this will cycle through your personal shifting experience, making you feel the load of negativity as very personal to you.

If this is happening to you, know that it’s not only you. Please reach out to the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group if you need help with this or any of the shifting experiences right now: http://bit.ly/lightworkersunite

You don’t have to go through this alone, and knowing that others are there with you is going to make the load easier to bear.

You are loved light being, and what you do matters so very much. Thank you <3

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