Hermit Mode

At the point when I ascended and the penny finally dropped about why complete alone is so important, I was really amazed.

It’s so obvious – you can’t rely on external validation to tell you where you are on this journey, and you cannot rely on others’ opinions or their reactions to information, because you’ll fall into cognitive dissonance.

Basically when you make someone a false idol, ie put their feelings, opinions, ideals, ahead of what is happening inside you, you limit yourself to what they are able to believe and accept. But this journey is about accepting the impossible and dancing that fine line on the edge of insanity, holding onto information that the morphic field energy already rejects.

So everytime you put a person first, or rely on their validation, you limit yourself to their level, when the process you’re learning is to accept whatever you see – even the impossible (miracles) – without judgement or editing. Accepting immediate mental change and being able to say, okay yes, that is possible.

These hermitted periods are about teaching you to live without the validation and approval of others, teaching you to rely on yourself and deal with boredom and monotony. The more time you spend hermitted, the more you are comfortable with just yourself and the less you need others. This makes you hibernate even more intensely over time, because it gets easier to be in this space.

Society is all about ego and every rule of societal pressure is about not offending the person in front of you. Not hurting their ego. Not showing that you’re smarter or making them feel inferior to you, or showing them that you are in any way superior, because that obviously means you look down on them.

So when you do venture out into society, and your lessons are telling you put God first, but society is telling you to put everyone else’s feelings and self pity gland first, you land up running into a whole bunch of ego responses, in yourself and others.

Being us, and inclined to beat ourselves up, we tend to take this hard, but you really have to know it’s just a part of the process!

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