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How to protect yourself for lightworkers & light warriors

Tips and techniques that lightworkers and light warriors can use to protect themselves on the energetic level.


Diamonds can be used to reinforce and effectively protect just about anything on the energetic level – and it doesn’t take much skill to do.

In the mornings, take a moment to imagine a bubble of protection forming around you and everyone and everything you want to protect from bad luck to negative energies and more.

Once the bubbles are in place, see them coated in diamonds, like a mirror ball, or if you prefer a more organic feel, like crystals. It’s almost like seeing each element you want to protect in pockets of crystals.


Like many of the lightworkers and light warriors, I was battling badly with attacks from negative entities that were draining all my energy and motivation, and causing no end of drama in my life.

Then I met a shaman with a very different physical approach – energetic clearings using oil.

For most of us that have been exposed to energetic clearings, the limited spread of people around the world that can do that has meant that we’ve had a lot of distance and proxy work done. An energetic clearing in person changes the game completely, and if you’ve been battling to break out of a rut then an oil clearing could really be the kick-start you need to get going again.

On a more practical day-to-day level, you can use a base oil as a moisturizer and add specific aroma oils for protection. You can also chant a protection mantra or simply call on your guardians and angels to protect you, sealing your whole body in protection with the oil.


If oil and the thought of moisturizing yourself daily is too much for you, then smudging with sage is another option.

The smell of the sage will chase entities away and should seal your home and personal energy nicely, protecting it from negative forces.

Holy water

If you have a shaman nearby, or access to a church supply, then holy water is an awesome tool for protection.

Carry a small spray bottle with you in your purse and if you’re feeling uncomfortable or awkward, then spritz yourself a few times.

You can also spritz onto food and drinks to take the holiness into you, and if you’re one of the spiritual peeps that gets a sore throat when you get attacked, then spritzing your throat with holy water usually sorts it out double quick.

Holy water can also be used to spray your doors and windows to seal them, and any furniture used by people that made you feel uncomfortable.

Oh and if the vampires ever decide to actually show themselves, it can’t hurt to be carrying the stuff around LOL

Holy Water instructions by Shaman Jonathan of www.thesoulhealer.co.za

How to make holy water for lightworkers


Symbolic jewellery has always been an element that we’ve understood for protection.

Find symbols that have spiritual meaning for you and create a protection and manifesting ritual where you put the jewellery on each morning while carrying out your morning protection meditation or prayer.

If you feel you need extra protection when you’re out, hold onto the piece of jewellery and use it to connect to the being you’ve asked for protection from.


A fabulous way to get more permanent protection is to get tattoos on your body in strategic places.

The elements need to be important to you personally on the spiritual level, and they need to give you a sense of peace.

If you’re stuck for ideas, then you could try:

  • Positive words like love, peace, faith or hope
  • The name of God
  • An image of a deity or God
  • A symbol like the infinity symbol, trinity knot or yinyang
  • A phrase from a holy writing
  • Power animals
  • Angel wings

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