How to use the Human Consciousness Scale & Mirrors

How to use the Human Consciousness Scale & Mirrors

Quick Global Check In - 25 January 2018

So this has been a week - and then some.

Massive ego deaths for everyone basically, with very few reports of ascension surges. What's the difference? Nothing really lol.

An ego death is just an identity change you dislike in the now, while an ascension surge is something you agree with.

So on one hand we've had people experiencing "complete alone" as an ego death if they resisted it, and others being happy that they are finally "complete alone" and don't want a relationship.

Same lesson, but one group saw it as "Oh no, this means I have to be single and celibate," while another saw the same lesson as "thank God I can be single and celibate."

Another example of an ascension surge is going into a relationship - it's an ego death of the old identity of being "single and dating", but because you like the new label of "involved," you view it as an ascension surge - because you agreed with it right now.

But give it six months until the mirrors drop lol... then you will likely be happy to resume the mantle of "single" again, and be glad to lose the mantle of "involved."

Common themes this week include:

Money issues, money issues, oh and a few more money issues. Also money challenges, tests, trials and glitches.

So if you've got the money thing this month, you're in populous company lol.... most people have this.

It's been weird and sudden stuff - like for me, the Rand strengthened against the dollar, others had income streams cut off, plans they were making fall through, someone pull out last minute.

If there's ever a lesson you want to understand you don't have to suffer through, it's money challenges. So don't suffer.

Just because you might not make payments at the end of the month, and you'll pay late, it doesn't mean you have to be in a bad mood and sad and miserable until you make those payments.

Also it's a waste of time to sit and worry when you're not busy with work - so don't waste the time on worrying and being anxious. Choose to be relaxed and calm. It's really that simple, yes.

It just takes practice and getting used to in the beginning.

Second theme: death and loss.

I wasn't the only one losing an animal, and I've heard of animal deaths as well.

Third theme: twin flame and relationship stuff, with a strong leaning towards complete alone - so thoughts like I don't want or need a relationship anymore, why is sex important in relationships, relationship movement (breakups, make ups and new love), affairs and infidelity.

Fourth theme is around sleep and dreaming - dreams have been crazy busy. Looking forward to the next lull to just catch up on some sleep lol.

Physical symptoms have included a lot of gastro related stuff, stuff around heart and solar plexus and throat chakras.

Another theme has been expression - using voice.

Every lesson has underlying lessons of patience and faith - you can take that as a standard. Those two take so long to learn that they are woven into every single lesson you ever have.

Instead of linking daily basics today - I'm sure you know where to find those by now - I'm linking the Ascension Level Calculator.

There are two ways to use the calculator:

  • First, you use it as a tool to garner your OVERALL level of development. To do that you look at the highest knowledge (statement) you understand and choose that - regardless of how you feel right now.
  • The second use is more relevant to you right now thought, which is why I'm including it.

With the second approach, you choose statements according to WHAT YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW - even if that is not the highest knowledge you understand.

Once you have the results, go onto the Human Consciousness Scale and look at the information for the LOWEST SCORE you got in the six categories - that's where you can leverage for the biggest immediate surge in growth.

You can go to the relevant mirrors question category ( ) and start with questions from there, or you can zero in on the specific area, e.g. pride sits at 175.

So if your lowest score is 175, then ask yourself where you're being proud in that situation - displaying pride? Is someone else around you prideful?

  • In that same group.... where are you being indifferent? Or do you want to be more indifferent?
  • Are you being demanding? Is someone around you too demanding?
  • Are you being scornful? Is someone else?
  • Are you overinflating the situation? Creating drama unnecessarily?
  • Are you inflating the truth (lying) in order to save face (pride)?
  • View the Human Consciousness Scale at

At each level of the scale it also tells you which area of mirrors questions to focus in on....

The mirrors questions for digging out the roots of pride include:

  1. What do I believe about this?
  2. Where does this contradict my beliefs?
  3. How does this contradict my idea of the way things should be?
  4. How does this support my ideas of the way things should be?
  5. What strategies do I use when approaching this?
  6. How does my family act in this regard?
  7. Am I scared I will become like my family in this regard?
  8. Am I scared I won’t become like my family in this regard?
  9. Is there a specific person or incident in my past that reminds me of this strongly?
  10. Do I strongly recall a specific memory in relation to this?
  11. Do I always act the same way when it comes to this?
  12. Have I tried to change the way I act regarding this before?
  13. Do I strongly resist change in this area of my life?
  14. Do I have good or bad habits in this regard?
  15. Do I feel like someone or a group of people around me expect me to behave a certain way in this regard?
  16. Do I feel my friends have certain expectations of me in this regard?
  17. Do I feel society expects me to think or behave in a certain way in this regard?
  18. What happened during your:
    1. Birth?
    2. Conception?
    3. Pregnancy?
  19. What was the relationship like between your parents when you were conceived?
    1. Equal partnership
    2. One trying to trap the other – runner/chaser
  20. What were the circumstances under which you were brought into this world?
  21. Were you wanted at birth?
  22. Do you feel your life lacked:
    1. Love
    2. Care
    3. Touch
    4. Affection
    5. Compassion
    6. Understanding
    7. Being made to feel special

It's great to do the daily management of stuff, but you also have to climb in and dig out the underlying roots as well.

When we're in a hectic shifting period like this, you're only limited by how hard you push - so push. Answer every question you can to unpack every statement you can.

It doesn't feel like you're making progress because you have so many thoughts making up each emotion, but you will reach a crossover point where you have brought enough to conscious awareness to feel relief. Just keep going.

Once I had channeled mirrors and turned it into a process, I used it HOURS every day for well over 18 months. If I sit and do mirrors beginning to end, I can still find an answer to every question.

You will never run out of stuff to shift - here's how you know if your journey and time on Earth is done: if you're alive, it isn't.

Keep digging, keep pushing, keep going. This is a HUGE part of what we came here to do - we are healing the world by clearing the morphic field of excess karma - that's why empath load exists in the first place.

All it takes to stop feeling so much pain through these experiences is to STOP PERSONALISING and to realise that you can feel this WITHOUT SUFFERING.

You are realising that this identity, this life, who you think you are, does not exist and does not matter - and most of us only started this journey because we wanted to matter.

This transition stage is hard - realising what this is actually all about and that it's not about your personal happiness is hard - and you can NEVER see how that frees you once you accept it, while you are still in ego.

But I promise you, when you break that barrier, and you realise how much CHOICE you have, how much CONTROL you have over what you are experiencing, it will change the way you approach everything.

The Great Deception is Ego - this idea that your personal happiness matters.

You have to let go of that BEFORE you actually get to the peace and bliss - even though it seems the most counterintuitive thing in the world.

Once you are on the other side of that barrier you will understand - and I promise you, all the peace and freedom you are looking for lies in letting go of the idea that you deserve to be happy.

It will change your life in a way that you will never regret - and you will look back and wish somebody had just told you sooner.

In fact, if somebody had told me sooner, I would have been ready for what we're doing now in 2004 - we could've 13 years into the shift already.

I had the information, I was building the tools - but the healers working with me allowed me to stay in personalisation because it made me reliant on them.

It SERVES your paid healers to make you think you need complex ways to get rid of stuff and shift - they make money when you HAVE TO come back for every issue.

All you need to do is bring the statements to conscious awareness - so admit them out loud, or break privacy and tell somebody. That's it.

Then you have to get through enough statements - which means you have to keep going and be patient before you receive results.

This is no longer a game play, it's no longer getting ready, and it's no longer about creating the life of your dreams - we are lightworkers, here on a mission to do very specific jobs - and that stage has started.

A HUGE part of that is the shifting of load that we do to clear the morphic field.

Your empath load is going to grow dramatically - you need to start preparing tools and resources so that you don't get knocked sideways with ego deaths.

If we follow last year's pattern, by May we'll be doing an ego death every week.

Basically last year, we had the ego death early week, and then a rest period over weekends. Some had it reversed - so the ego death over weekends and quieter during week.

They do balancing things like that so that the whole world doesn't fall over on the same day lol :)

If it speeds up, we'll be doing more than an ego death cycle a week - so every four to five days. That is going to be hectic going - you're looking at six ego deaths a month in that case.

And as you know, the ego deaths are massive and getting bigger.

Use this time before the hectic kick off in May and prepare yourself - build useful habits like doing daily basics, using the calculator, using mirrors questions.

If you have a habit that takes you there, then you don't have to try and focus when you are in that state - it will just be an option available for you to use.

Build the habit now and the shifting part of the year is going to be much easier to deal with and face.

Light, peace and harmony xo

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