Is your life falling apart? Why? Are you in a Dark Night of the Soul? with Chemory Gunko

Is your life in chaos? Does everything seem to be falling down around you? Do all the doors seem to be closed?

Right now, it probably feels a little like the bottom has dropped out of your world. A quick look around will tell you that there are many others in your situation too.

From financial worries, to losing income, losing jobs, facing deaths and illness, to losing relationships, going through a divorce, fights, conflict, insecurity and more - people around the world are facing the same existential crisis that you are.

Chances are good that you are experiencing the same spiritual awakening so many people around the world are, and we know shortcuts.

This can be a time of great trial for you, with many challenges on every front, but with the right support and knowledge behind you, you can make it the greatest adventure of your life.

A major evolutionary stage like a Dark Night of the Soul is not something the universe gives you a heads up about; you kind of discover along the way (or afterwards) that this is already where you are.

So what are some of the clues that will tell you that you’re in a Dark Night of the Soul?


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