Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 2 - Warning! Constant Low Grade Stressors

Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 2 - Warning! Constant Low Grade Stressors

The Current Lightworker Stuckness - Extra Important Layer

This doesn’t exactly tie in with the humans/humanity stuff we’ve been discussing, but it’s a big part of what’s happening to us right now.

There are a number of constant low grade stressors we’re all experiencing that are taking a toll on us and making us more frustrated than we need to be.


It’s not in your head - autocorrect and autocomplete are full of shit lately.

I am actively watching words “correct” as the message sends - from what was correct, to something totally inappropriate.

I’m watching every day words correct to totally stupid stuff, like 'more' changes to 'mire’.

You get a little annoyed each time it happens and you don’t notice the ongoing stress build up.

Notifications & Censorship

There’s all sorts of stuff happening with notifications, from not receiving them, to them being marked read.

This is the same annoyance level as the autocorrect, but it also nails you emotionally, because you feel a constant low-grade rejection, because it seems like your level of interaction and connection has dropped.

Authority & Bureaucracy

Because you’re breaking out of the system, the rules that made sense before are just no longer doing so.

And, yes you’re right, the rules and authority is getting more intense - everywhere around the world.

It’s this constant low grade feeling of being watched and monitored - and you’re not wrong with that because we know censorship of posts is happening, there is closer monitoring by big brother and we’re feeling scared to move.

Political Correctness & Trigger Words

These concepts are really nailing us hard - harder than you anticipate.

You’re constantly on guard nowadays, making sure you don’t accidentally say or do something that may accidentally offend someone, even on the periphery of the situation.

You’re learning to be more open and more honest every single time you isolate and turtle, and then you’re coming back into a world where you are REQUIRED to not say or do anything that could offend anyone.


I can’t give you any answers to make this go away permanently, but I can give you coping tools:

On this page are four basic DIY maintenance and healing tools:

The Go Ape process will TURN OFF the stress hormones in your body and significantly reduce your stress. You can do this daily. No side effects.

The Butterfly Release will “unstick” the SB junction in your skull. This bone gets stuck when you shift and process a lot.

There are hundreds of free tools and resources, including exercises and tools in my blog - all designed to help light workers who need healing help. There’s no login and you are free to use anything on the site without obligation.

My tools and resources are designed so that you can HELP YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY. Most of the blog articles contain strategies, tools and resources as well.

If you have the mental focus, then identifying the stressors as they happen and immediately calming yourself helps a lot. Otherwise, just focus on using tools to release daily.

The lower your ongoing stress levels, the easier it will be for you to cope day to day. Don’t discount little things like this - they add up to a lot.

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo
with typos by Custard xo


Lightworker Mission Challenges Article Series


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