Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 3 - Media, Censorship & Reach

Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 3 - Media, Censorship & Reach

You’ve noticed it - posts being deleted, people (perhaps you) getting locked out of their accounts, not receiving notifications… it’s happening: they’re trying to silence us.

And it’s not just us - run on over to guys like Alex Jones and the usual YouTube suspects and you’ll hear the same thing.

The Media is Controlled

Even voices in mainstream media are starting to mention it - the press is rigged. You can’t even deny it anymore.

From an administrative point of view, reach and numbers have dropped - and warnings about site content have increased.

This of course, is happening on the same Internet where you can easily find kiddie porn. But hey, our spiritual stuff is clearly way more damaging.

The best example of this - the LGBTQ movement, particularly transgenders.

The transgender community makes up 0,3 to 0,6% of the population - but wow we hear a lot about them in media.

Also we hear a lot about celebrities and politicians and their lives… but stuff like Pizzagate gets brushed under the table.

When the Swine Flu epidemic hit a few years back (I think like 2010?), I remember watching it carefully on the news for weeks. And then one morning I turned the TV on and nothing - no coverage anymore. It had just gone silent.

I pondered it at the time but didn’t think too much of it until a few years later, but now I know we probably jumped a timeline or a media clampdown was instituted.

Even back in 2010 I was pretty naive, and I’d been working in media for a while. And by world standards I was a weird conspiracy theorist.

But looking back now… I can see how the spindoctoring happened.

This is the worst part… somehow the people doing this can’t see that they are doing it. They don’t even realise.

In media and marketing it’s couched as “putting your best foot forward” or crisis communications management, and so trained media professionals believe they are doing the right thing. Crisis Communications people see themselves as heroes… they saved someone’s public image after all.

The media people see themselves as diligent because they insist writers must cross reference every fact with some scientific study, but they don’t see how impossible that makes it to introduce new thinking.

As someone caught up in the thick of this, I know you’ll pass through a stage where you’ll say that maybe censorship is the answer, so let me shortcut that for you: censorship IS NOT the answer.

The moment we give up our rights to free speech and to air our voices, we are lost.

We have to fight the censorship thing.

But first - we have to make ourselves safe.

There has been a lot of discussion about how we do this, and thinking is landing on the idea that we need to create a privately owned platform that gives us commenting and messaging and communication ability - a lite version of current social media if you will.

So we may not have the functionality of current social media, and it will require an additional login to remember, but we will have absolute control over the platform.

Login means we can exclude trolls and spammers - this is why we have to have a login facility. Also privacy - as one of the people considering building this, I have ways and means of keeping you private and your info away from prying eyes. And I’m not scared to invoke data privacy laws - and SA has great data privacy laws, with a commission I could pull on. SA is probably the best Human Rights country for us to host something like this in.

And this way, it’s only those of us that are public faces that are in the line of fire for now.

The censorship issue is one we can’t ignore and have to act on quickly, and this solution seems to be the best for now to give us the privacy we need.

I’d be curious to know who would join us immediately - so if you can bump with a comment, I’d appreciate it.

The difficulty of something like this is getting people to move and with all the groups we have a surprisingly large community.

But…. if we don’t do something now, we may find ourselves completely cut off from each other down the line. And that’s a risk quite a few of us don’t want to take.

Curious to hear your feedback… you know the drill.

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo


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