Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 4 - The conflicts you’re experiencing in thinking

Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 4 - The conflicts you’re experiencing in thinking

One of the biggest issues here is that we can’t figure out what is right and what is wrong. Everything seems to be a shade of grey and conflicting itself.

So, to use an easy example, we know that the LGBTQ movement has truth to it, and people deserve their right of free will choice… but when you go further down the line, it also becomes glaringly apparent that the roots of the LGBTQ movement are actually about LEGALISING PEDOPHILIA.

I highlighted that for a reason - they want to make it legal for underage kids to have the right to choose to have sex. In fact, there are certain places where that legalisation is happening already.

Yes there are places in the world where it is now technically legal to engage in pedophilia.

Conflicts, conflicts everywhere...

Pick a topic and you’re gonna find a conflict like that down the line… did the holocaust happen? Do Jews actually engage in ritual child sacrifice?

Is the whole transgender thing actually linked to cloning? Is plastic making us infertile and fat?

Yes, cannabis is a miracle herb that cures cancer and can be used to accelerate the spiritual journey… but used recreationally it just makes people stupid. And most people use it recreationally.

And people are stupid and getting stupider… which is the biggest conflict of all: we seem to avoid the very people we’re here to help, because they are the problem.

And all this time, you’re feeling loneliness and emotions on a deeper level than you ever have before - but you’re conversely better at managing your emotions.

You’re wanting to change your diet and eating habits, but turns out that’s actually not easy to do in the modern world.

You want to go out and live a different life, but there isn’t an option available.

You HAVE to manifest money to survive - even if you don’t buy into that system anymore.

And this is the biggest conflict of all - you don’t buy into the system anymore.

All of a sudden you’re looking at things and wondering “why do I need that?”

Who says my child MUST be vaccinated, that they MUST go to school, that they MUST complete a certain curriculum.

But it turns out you MUST do a lot of things… pay rent or your mortgage or you have nowhere to stay.

You MUST buy food or you’ll starve - and to grow your own you need land that you can pay for.

And that land needs to be allocated for food growth, so you MUST get the right kind of permission.

And you MUST get zoning rights if you run a business from home, and you must let the government know what you are doing - because all money actually belongs to the government. So you must pay tax.

And it turns out, you MUST have an identity document, a passport to travel, a drivers licence to drive. It doesn’t matter that you CAN do all these things… you need permission to tell you that you’re still allowed to do it.

And if you don’t get that permission, you’ll go to jail.

So you’re growing and growing, and you’re growing in a direction away from this world, and yet every day, and especially every month end, you HAVE to step back into the world and participate again - and you just don’t want to.

You’re seeing things you never saw before… a great example for me was the birds. I am grateful to have been able to buy them, but it brought into stark view how breeders treat these little precious souls… because like everyone, breeders have to have money on a monthly basis to pay bills.

This conflict is cognitive dissonance - the difference between the reality you know is real inside you, and the world “reality” you’re seeing around you.

Here’s the really bad news: this just gets worse and worse and worse.

There’s no point at which you are going to get okay with this - you’re just going to choose to ignore it, to shut up even when you know better.

There are two quotes that come to mind:

“Never argue with an idiot; he’ll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.” and “It is better to stay quiet and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

This ego battle is the very battle we’re here to fight - and there are no good answers yet.

Those in the 500s on the Human Consciousness Scale ( ) tend to err on the side of all-loving, saying that we must love and accept them.

But then there is the ever growing group of lightworkers in the 600+ range, those in and post their Dark Nights of the Soul. Many of these beings are exasperated with humans as they currently stand, and for many of us we’re seeing where they’re creating their own drama and holding themselves back enormously.

Your Dark night changes you enormously

They aren’t lying when they say “stripped bare to be born completely anew”.

And your Dark Night is a big part of the conflict you’re feeling - even if you are still approaching it. The main reason? As you approach your Dark Night, your lessons change into duality lessons of all that is - these lessons REQUIRE you to HOLD & BALANCE multiple conflicting ideas to see the whole picture.

LOL…. I’m sitting here trying to think of a smaller example and I’ve hit a blank… so I’ll go with a bigger example: realising that you only truly have freedom of choice once you have completely relinquished your free will to God. Or realising that you can only be happy because your dreams will never come true. LOL yes, that’s a common one actually.

More info on the types of lessons in 5D: and some stuff on Generational Patterns:

As you go further along the ego mitigation path (more on ego mitigation at ), you begin to see the contrast in the world around you, and this creates cognitive dissonance inside you.

There’s no answer to this - and you can’t go backwards and unlearn stuff. You just get better at coping with it. Turtling helps lol :) This is likely why so many spiritual greats were hermits.

People are the system

And people keep the system in place… and until they see it for themselves, you have little to no chance of getting them to see it.

You see it in the people you’re trying to help all the time… you make a little bit of progress and then suddenly you find they’ve slipped back into their old habits and patterns the next day or the next time the situation arises.

All this while you’re accelerating further and further away from them, while they’re becoming more entrenched in the morphic field belief system that they themselves are creating.

You can’t escape this - personally or out in the real world.

Here’s the thing though… you have to stay good. And I know that’s hard, but here’s why.

The impact of critical mass is the square root of 1% of the population. So 1 person impacts 100, but 2 impact 400 and 3 impact 900, and so on.

(Watch this to learn more about critical mass or the Maharishi Effect: and reference the Human Consciousness Scale for the numbers.)

The number of us needed for the shift? Only 144,000.

So yes we are vastly outnumbered, but each of us carries a higher level energy according to the HCS, so we naturally impact more people.

So combined we only need 144,000 of us past 700 on the scale in order to facilitate the shift.

Even though we make up for our lack of numbers by energetic strength, we still live far apart and are isolated, and the morphic field is a geographic phenomenon. So, on a day to day basis, this is hard for us to live with individually.

This is the journey and the battle - and the most important thing you can do is STAY a good person. Be the best good person you can be.

It’s easy to be good in a world of other good people - and because we see things in contrast, it’s easy to just be slightly better than the next guy in order to be good.

The answer to this one is we have to make our energy as strong and powerful as it can be, each of us, so that we win in the end.

So push yourself even through it’s hard and you know it will get harder. Not just to be better than the others out there, but to be the best you can be.

The only way we fix this part is by actively changing the world - and our best tool is our combined morphic field.

Stay online and stay in touch with other light beings - those contacts help strengthen your field. Communication also activates the morphic field - so you can bypass geographic distance with communication.

We’re in this together, and this societal problem is too big for any of us to solve alone. Our best bet here to create a united energetic front so that we strengthen each other.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I can offer a way for you to connect energetically to me and the community I’ve built:

The prayer to dedicate relationships to holiness will invite the Holy Spirit into the relationship between us and connect you to us. You can also use the prayer for any difficult or challenging relationships you’re facing - definitely use it if you’ve encountered a Twin Flame.

It’s not necessary for the other person to say the prayer, but if they’re open to it, then definitely get them to do it.

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo


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