Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 5 - The Twin Flame Deficit

Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 5 - The Twin Flame Deficit

Many of the lightworkers, if not most of them, are Twin Flames.

On one level, we’re ALL Twin Flames, because every lightworker currently on Earth shares a common soul aspect.

To understand this, you must understand that souls aren’t one big piece, but rather a unified collective of many soul aspects (or pieces), that combine to create a singular identity in this lifetime. But this is just FYI… not as relevant to this particular pattern.

The Lightworker Mission

So, to understand this, first let’s talk about the Lightworker Mission.

In a nutshell, the Lightworker Mission is broken into 4 groups, of which you can be one or multiple.

1. Empaths

Empaths absorb negative energy and load from the morphic field.

The thing about empaths is that we’re “good people”. It doesn’t matter how much negativity they put through us and our lives, we keep wanting to be “good people” and turn it into something good.

Most people, if they’d lived our lives, would have been serial killers. If you had an easier life as an empath, count yourself lucky. Most of us have actually survived hell - people can’t even listen to my life story to be honest. They ask me to stop.

2. Twin Flames

Twin Flames are the second layer of the mission, and they replace the negative energy that the empaths removed, with new balanced “zero point” energy.

Twin Flames are a recursion of the original I AM split - two halves of the same identical twin soul. In some cases there are multiple splits when the soul is created and you get huge groups of twin flames - in the hundreds or thousands.

These souls actually don’t often meet or pair up during lifetimes but this is a special time on earth, which is why there are so many of us on this mission.

When these souls do come together, and they manage to balance one of the dualities across their Twin Flame, they release zero point energy. We’ve made those energy releases even greater by sending Twin Flames who also have hectic karma.

So we’re clearing karmic load and releasing huge bursts of zero point energy.

3. Messiahs and Prophets

Messiahs and Prophets then step in to broadcast new layers of information into the plane.

So these are the big voices that get and share downloads. A Messiah is more human, has a deeper love for humanity, and focuses on bringing humans to God.

A Prophet is a Messiah who is further along the God scale - the Prophet focuses on bringing God to the people.

So the difference? A Messiah is more forgiving of humans and ego desires, because they’re closer to that.

How do you know when you’ve crossed over? As a Prophet you’re more interested in what humans can do for God, while a Messiah is more focused on what God does for humans.

4. Saviours and Redeemers

This last group are specialists that will work one-on-one with key souls that can be saved but need more intensive individual work to get them through.

This is to save identities that may choose to be deleted at the end. Each soul we save counts and makes a difference - these particular Saviours are good at that balance of working one on one with very stuck souls.

These are our specialists, and you actually find them working with lower level souls. Bigger and more advanced souls rarely need this kind of help - so if you find yourself drawn to hopeless cases, you may be a Saviour.

So in a nutshell, empaths suck bad energy out, Twin Flames put neutral energy back in, Prophets & Messiahs bring new teaching and Saviours work with hopeless cases.

Twin Flames activate your journey

So the first thing that meeting a Twin Flame does is it activates part of your soul that is crucial for your development and growth.

Whether romantic or not, each Twin Flame triggers major upheaval usually, and a deep bond. This pattern however, we’re focused on romantic twin flames, because these are slightly different in this case.

Many of us have had traumatic Twin Flame experiences and our Twin Flames ended in the past few years, or we’ve been unable to meet someone.

If you’ve been unable to meet a Twin, chances are that your growth is stunted because certain aspects have not yet been activated.

The Twin won’t appear until you’re ready for the load and chaos, so in many cases people have not met Twins because they are avoiding bad luck and drama and chaos completely.

Chaos and drama is terrible to go through, and many of us avoid the pain and fear, but that’s also what you need to grow and evolve - you learn to survive in it, and eventually thrive. And those skills are exactly the skills you need to navigate past the Ascension Barrier.

In a nutshell, the faster you can stay calm in chaos, the faster you will ascend.

If you have met your romantic Twin, and it fell apart, then you’re getting whacked by contrast.

Thing is, once you’ve experienced something, you can’t unseen and unlearn it. And once you’ve had a Twin Flame around, you know how that accelerates your growth and ability and power and reach… and to operate below that again, post the relationship, means that you’re operating on a percentage of your ability.

It’s simple morphic field basics - 1 person impacts 100, 2 impact 400, 3 impact 900, 4 impact 1600 and so on. The number for this critical mass is the square root of 1% of a population.

So when you are with your Twin Flame, you are automatically 4 times more powerful - at minimum.

For the much more advanced souls, the simple presence of their Twin Flame can increase their power and reach by 100 times.

In many cases, these Twins aren’t on a spiritual journey - and even that duality helps. Somehow, the more the non spiritual Twin leans away from spirituality, the more the spiritual Twin can surge up. The two souls are designed to work in tandem in other words, on every level.

This is the lack you’re feeling… you are more powerful with your Twin Flame around, and the past five years was about establishing those relationships and getting through the teething pains, to build a foundation you can work off now that the shift proper is happening.

For many of us, the loss of our relationship was something outside our control, and now that the shift has started, there is not the time or energy to find and build another love bond.

Building love bonds takes time - a huge amount of time.

That’s why we had the five years to prepare and get ourselves ready.

We’re all already only operating at somewhere between 1% and 25% of our capacity, and we don’t have the energy to build and establish another love bond that would be strong enough to see us through… but we feel loneliness much worse then we ever did before. We are more sensitive to separation.

It feels wrong to be doing this alone, and the biggest reason is that the end of your relationship created a lack of power in your life. it’s why your mind keeps going back there and wondering… you’re looking for your power.

If you haven’t already done them, then the Twin Flame break up exercise series may give you significant relief if you’ve lost your Twin Flame.

So where to next for Twin Flames…?

This part is a personal decision you have to make. Do you have the energy to build another bond, or can you stomach those lonely periods and Twin Flame energy surges every couple of weeks?

Whatever you choose with this is going to be daily work and it will exhaust you before it rewards you.

It’s not in your head though…. you are significantly weaker without a Twin Flame. And if you take the chance, you don’t have any guarantee it will work.

If it does work though, you will definitely reap the rewards of it.

Also, romance is distracting, time consuming and damn hard work on Earth, and you have to ask yourself carefully if you are up for the potential drama and drain that this could cause in your life.

There’s no easy answer on this one, and regardless of what you decide, it will be hard work.

Take heart that you’re in good company with this - many of us got nailed hard the last while.

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo


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