Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 6 - Humans are slow & lazy

Lightworker Mission Challenges Part 6 - Humans are slow & lazy

This pattern is personal and macro… and possibly one of the most demoralising things we face, because it keeps hitting us over and over again, in our day to day lives and on the global stage.

The thing you really must understand about the Lightworker Mission is that when you look past the religions and the human impact of those religions, you realise that all the religions form one long continuous timeline that is unfolding in layers.

So each time a Master or group of Masters arrives, we add the next layers of information. So, as the Jews say, there is meant to be a Messiah/Prophet per generation, and they bring the rules for that generation.

Religion and spirituality are supposed to - and do - evolve over time.

But whether we’re talking Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Muhammed, Enoch, Jacob, or any of the other big names, the battle was always the same: we’re fighting the hive mind of ego that exists in the morphic field, collectively known as Satan.

So with each new layer, we’ve tried different tricks and ideas to reach people and get them to break out of this karmic trap.

But we’re dealing with ego, and ego has a couple of basic principles, including ideas like: “I must be happy immediately.” In fact, it’s fair to say that this is the biggest issue we’re fighting: if people aren’t happy immediately, then they’re pissed off.

It doesn’t matter how many years of damage they did to themselves and their systems and bodies, they want you to fix in an hour, and then they never want to have to do any work on it again.

It’s like drinking a glass of water once in your life because you’re thirsty, and then complaining that you’re thirsty three years later. Well yes, you have to drink water every single day if you don’t want to be thirsty.

They want the same for spiritual development - to have one miracle release that turns them into the Messiah so that they can get the glory.

So as a healer, they want to walk in your door knowing nothing, and an hour later, they want to walk out completely healed of EVERYTHING in their lives, AND knowing more than you.

You see this with the people who suddenly wake up and declare they’re a Messiah or something.

You don’t want to hear this, but unless your journey started somewhere in childhood, you’re probably not earmarked for a big role. And you don’t want to be earmarked for a big role… it takes serious preparation and practice to be ready for something like that, and there’s very little glory involved, as you think of glory right now.

Like everything, spirituality takes serious, dedicated work, on an ongoing basis, for years. You live, eat and breathe spirituality for decades if it’s a big part of your life - it’s a lifestyle. It’s your whole life in fact.

And having had said that, that resistance you’re feeling, where you want to tell me to piss off because I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about - THAT’S EXACTLY the issue that we face with humans.

And by “we” I don’t just mean the lightworkers that are on Earth plane right now, I mean all the groups of lightworkers and light beings that have been here for all the versions and stages of this evolution.

And like we’re trying to fix this layer of ego and instant gratification, God and the other groups have tried various solutions to fix this over time.

It’s the two most famous of those fixes that have actually created this society we live in, and we have Jesus to thank - and blame - for both of them. For those of you who have have JC as a guide, he chuckled when I wrote that.

So the core issues? Forgiveness and miracles.

A miracle is exactly what we described above… firstly, in terms of instantaneous healing that requires no effort or work on behalf of the recipient, and secondly, because the true meaning of a miracle is revelation.

When a miracle takes place, you are instantly elevated to a higher resonance of understanding, without having to pass through the time, layers and experience you would have needed to get to that realisation. The energetic layer is revealed (revelation) to you instantly.

And that’s the key there… instant relief and release, without any work or effort on the person’s part.

Forgiveness is a type of miracle in that regard, because it does the same thing… it removes the energetic load and psychic pain immediately, without the need for the recipient to reconcile and understand the situation. It removes it from them.

If you wanna go into the technical aspects of that, what the deity or being that offers the release does is move the energetic load and psychic pain from the person’s energy into their own field. Then, from a higher level of understanding, it’s easier for them to reconcile and understand the situation, and release it.

The energies of the remaining things cannot be understood and released (reconciled), are then sent to “hell”, where the souls in exile are kept. We need a place to keep both until they are reconciled, so that makes sense. It’s crucial to remember here that nothing can be destroyed nine the cosmos - it can only be moved and transformed.

So, when the Jesus phase of the ongoing Lightworker Humanity Mission happened, we came up with these two solutions - miracles and forgiveness - as ways for the ego desires of instant gratification quick fix to be met.

However, 2000 years later, we now face the problem that this has made people lazy, greedy and entitled - and they have come to believe that this is what spirituality and healing must be: miracles and quick fixes.

This makes no sense to us, because we’re coming from the angle of having had tried to perform miracles our whole life, of aiming and working non stop to be pure enough to be a vessel for miracles, forgiveness and unconditional love.

We’ve always believed that someday we would get to a point where we could do that - and along the way we’ve started unpacking what that means really, coming to realisation like "you have to believe in healing" and "you can only heal yourself".

But yet we hear from people… “I’m not like you.” “I’m not as smart as you.” “Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean I can.”

But we know that the difference between them and us is that we try. We thought to try.

We just watch them immediately say “I can’t.” Over and over and over and over again.

And it’s exhausting!

Of course they can! Of course it will take effort and practice and failure and they’ll have to keep at it - but eventually they will be able to. We know this because it happened to us over years of practice, in very small ways at first.

So we look further, and we realise it’s because they want us to do ALL the work FOR them.

It’s not enough to give the instructions; you have to climb down on your hands and knees and physically do the work for them, giving your time and energy.

And then you have to remember to do the maintenance for them too… because they don’t even want to put in the slightest bit of effort afterwards.

So you have to do the detox with them, and then you have to remind them to drink water six times a day, every day for the rest of their lives. And you have to be the BAD GUY who is FORCING them to do it.

And by do the detox, I mean choose the fruit and veg and meals, and mix the smoothies - and do that for every single meal.

People are lazy and entitled to a degree that is beyond even the worst that you can imagine.

We’re just not built like that.

We’re the people who get told: “You think too much.”

Well yes - I didn’t even know you COULD stop thinking. I don’t know WHY you WOULD want to stop thinking in fact?! LOL… and I’m going to choose not to think about that ;)

They’re not telling you that you think too much out of concern, they’re telling you that you think too much because it makes them see how little their mind works. They want you to stop the cognitive dissonance of contrast.

You see, when you are so smart, it makes them look stupid. Making you stupider (or wear a mask of stupider), means that they do not have to do any work to get smarter.

We’re all dumb together, boom boom.

People are lazy and greedy and entitled and there is no escaping that fact. There’s also no escaping people - we’re cramped onto a planet with 8 billion of them.

And the System has taught people that life is about their personal happiness - and this is by design. Watch a documentary series (4 hours) called "The Century of the Self" for more brilliant background on this.

The battle we’re fighting is the ego battle - and every single day, people are choosing more and more for their egos, and it’s coming into sharper and sharper contrast for those of us who are no longer choosing for our egos.

And to them, we look like the weird ones, with our messages of “turn away from money” “honour nature” “live in peace”

We’re coming from different places, different belief systems, and an important one that blocks them from understanding us is death: these people truly think that this one life is all there is.

And that isn’t true at all, but it also is also completely true. And at the same time this life never happened - at least if you finish it properly. And sometimes it’s just a path. LOL, I love duality lessons.

We are fighting a group of selfish and entitled people, who are determined to hang onto the very things that are harming them, thinking it’s what they want. And these people we’re fighting are who we’re here to save.

What are we doing feels almost fucking impossible at times.

And we’re spread far apart, because so few of us are needed to balance the morphic field, so we’re lonely.

It gets harder and harder to face and deal with the world - that isn’t in your head.

What you have to hang onto is that this one isn’t a problem in you - it’s a problem that exists at a societal level.

And most importantly, in order to fix it, we have to see it as a problem.

If we could just ignore this, then we would all keep hermitting and turtling in our hide holes, and we wouldn’t be forced to come together to find a way to make this better.

You have to acknowledge something is a problem so that you can fix it - you have to acknowledge that it exists.

Until the world is balanced, this issue with people will keep looking and feeling like a problem to us, because it is a problem, and we are the eyes and ears of God.

You will not unsee this, and it won’t get easier to live with.

It will get easier to handle on certain levels as you reduce the intensity of your personal mirrors on those particular aspects, but you will always see the global problem until it no longer exists.

It is jobs and roles like this that take strength - to keep going out into the world, to keep fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds, even when it looks like you aren’t making a difference at all.

It feels lonely, I know, but you aren’t alone.

We are thinking with a collective hive mind inside the morphic field, and that’s why we’re all thinking about these issues at once.

How to speed it up?

Participate in the conversation - make comments, share... post and write articles if you are brave enough.

The more you get your ideas out there into the field in a tangible way, the faster people can absorb them. Energetic transference can be shortcut through good communication.

Share as many of the thoughts and ideas as you have with the other big souls and minds around you - the answers lie in the questions we have.

And when you find an answer to a layer, share it as far and wide as you can. If you’re scared to, contact one of the writers like me, and ask if we’d be willing to write about it.

The writers among us are all scribes - find friends who are writers to share the ideas where you can’t write yourself.

And use the writers - the clearer and neater the pieces are written, the easier it is for readers to understand. The quicker people understand, the faster we all shift.

Bad grammar, lack of punctuation, lack of paragraphs and spacing, bad spelling and similar are all just symptoms of you hiding your knowledge.

Put effort into writing as clearly as possible - make it easy for the reader.

The faster we share our ideas and knowledge, the sooner we’re done with the bad parts of this.

Please put effort in - even if English is your second language. It is one tiny change we can all make, and have control over, that will boost the entire group quickly.

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo


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