• The Big Spiritual Transformation & Awakening

    The Big Spiritual Transformation & Awakening

    Being a Lightworker Voice & the Fear & Shame You Face... and How We Use Critical Mass to Change the World

  • The Creation & Unification Story for Lightworkers

    The Creation, Separation & Unification Story for Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Twin Flames, Star Seeds & other Light Beings.

  • The different kinds of energy healing & which one is right for you

    All around the world you find various kinds of energy healing practitioners practicing a smorgasbord of disciplines. So what are the different kinds of energy healing & which one is right for you?

    Unlike modern medicine, energy healing aims to release the symptoms by curing the cause of the ailment - whether that cause is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

    What’s more, energy healing work can be applied to any area of your life, from health to finances to relationships to emotions; you name it and the issue or challenge can be cleared permanently from your life.

  • The Different Kinds of Lessons you can expect in 5D & the Age of Aquarius

    The Different Kinds of Lessons you can expect in 5D & the Age of Aquarius

    This is basically is an overview of the different kinds of lessons I’ve identified during the journey.

  • The downside of non-attachment

    The big spiritual lessons like non-attachment and responsibility equals power are big lessons for a reason; when you get them, you really do change in a big and visible way.

    From the outside, non-attachment seems like it can only be a good thing, but how can you really expect people to react when you resonate with the energy of non-attachment?

  • The Emotional Chaos that is currently happening - 18 May 2017

    The Emotional Chaos that is currently happening - 18 May 2017

    The world is really turned on its head right now…. chaos is erupting everywhere and things that have been stuck for years are finally starting to move.

    At the core of our digging, basically we’ve found that some (maybe many?) of us were stuck in alternate realities.

    So we’ve been doing all the work and seeing growth and information results, but not seeing the results trickle through into our lives. Basically everything was blocked from entering reality. You probably felt it in your heart chakra - and that’s what’s been causing all the emotional outbursts and release the last few days.

  • The Lack of Someone to Love

    The Lack of Someone to Love

    Twin Flames Break Up Update 2 of 2

    When the first layer of this thought came through a few years back, it was just one of those nice insight thoughts. The concept was basically:

    We don’t want someone to love us - we want someone we can love and are in love with.

    How do we know this? Stalkers.

    That’s what we call someone who loves us when we don’t return that love - a stalker.

    You don’t want somebody who is in love with you, unless you are in love with them.

  • The Lessons in Faith

    When faith is central to your life and personal journey, what lessons and experiences can you expect along the way?

  • The Levels of Lessons in Personal Growth

    As a Practitioner in any of the alternative healing disciplines, from Reiki to BodyTalk and Life Coaching, you’re often faced with clusters of clients facing similar problems or problems in the same arena.

    The following model for the levels of personal growth is a life coaching model based on the PEMS Scale – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • The Morphic or Holographic Field Explained - the missing information link you've been looking for to tie the puzzle together

    The Morphic or Holographic Field Explained - the missing information link you've been looking for to tie the puzzle together

    Hi Beautiful Souls

    I mention the morphic or holographic field a lot, because, well, it’s crucial to understanding everything… but like everything, the understanding unfolds in layers.

    It’s crucial though - right up there with ego, and so it is something that you do have to pay attention to. It’s also a game changer that will fill in so many of the missing blanks - there’s not a day I don’t realize something more about the field and how it applies. The missing pieces it ties together are just amazing.

  • The Most Important Steps to Enlightenment & Ascension - The Cliff Notes

    So this is the bit you really want from me… the cliff notes edition on how to attain enlightenment and ascension yourself.

    Here's the caveat…

    This will NOT be easy. This will involve many ego deaths, and those ego deaths are one of the most important parts of the journey.

    You will lose attachments – to people, relationships, things. Attachments you have will be taken from you, like relationships ending and facing bankruptcy.

    Once you’ve crossed the threshold you will understand why – so accept it as part of the journey and do not become disheartened.

    Every thing you give up, every challenge you face is preparing you for the upper levels – and you will be grateful for all of them when you get there. I promise you that.

  • The Orders of Creation & 12 Dimensions of Reality

    An infographic showing the Orders of Creation and 12 Dimensions of Reality.

  • The Socially Unacceptable Heartbreak of finding out You're The Other Woman

    The Socially Unacceptable Heartbreak of finding out You're The Other Woman

    Alternate Reality Teaching Post 1 - The Basic Storyline & Emotional Layers

    Like so many women around the world that I am now hearing from and about, my life was brought to a rude and abrupt halt just over a month ago, when I found out that the love of my life, the man I had been involved with for the past four years, is married to someone else.

    And he has two young kids to boot, which alone would have been an exclusion factor for me, even if he’d been divorced and available to enter the relationship with me.

    The even worse part? We’d been friends for six months before getting involved - and he knew I would not tolerate or accept any of the abovementioned in my life.

    So he purposefully abused my friendship and trust to manipulate me into a relationship I would never have knowingly entered.

    The worst part? He had two FEMALE friends who assisted him in the lie and in manipulating me into entering a relationship with him.

  • The Timelines for the Coming Period - 23 May 2017

    The Timelines for the Coming Period - 23 May 2017

    Hi Beautiful Souls

    Okay just a recap of where we are and what to expect the next few days and months.

    We are currently still processing and restoring things and breaking connections. This is running on every meridian peak, so every even hour, until about 48 hours from now.

    So whatever you’re feeling now and getting - it will accelerate.

  • Transcend: 4 steps to shortcut any personal growth challenge

    What does it mean to transcend, how does it shortcut your personal growth and how exactly do you do it?

    Like any area of expertise, spirituality has its own set of unique jargon terms that people love to bandy around. Among the more vague terms are ideas like surrender, acceptance and transcendence.

  • Twin Flame Dualities, LGBTQ & Poly

    Once you start understanding the whole twin flame duality thing, and how it’s about reconciling opposite extremes to find new balance, you can see how it’s playing out a societal level in the LGBTQ and poly movements.

  • Twin Flame Relationship Challenges

    Around the world twin flame relationships are appearing and exploding – in a good way and bad.

    Often though, twin flame relationships are faced with major challenges right from the beginning – why?

  • Twin flames and soulmates – what’s the difference?

    Over the past few months the concept of twin flames has been widely spoken about, but just what is the difference between a soulmate and twin flame, and why does it matter?

  • Unconditional love: Perpetuating a lack of personal responsibility

    There's no such thing as unconditional love. So, why do we keep lying about unconditional love?

    Unconditional love is a concept people love to bandy around - especially in spiritual circles, where anything that does not meet another person’s Godview of all-loving gets you labelled and judged.

  • Understanding the Lightworker Mission & Roles

    What does it mean to be a lightworker, what is the lightworker mission and what are you expected to do in your role as a lightworker?


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