Lightworkers With Sexual Abuse & Sexual History

One trend that I have noticed among many of the light workers is how many of us have been through sexual abuse or have a dark sexual history or have worked in the sex industry.

My own story mirrors exactly that: abused by a family member, which I took a lot of the personal guilt for, landed up working as a prostitute for a short while and then a stripper for a much longer while, have been through abuse and rape, abusive and controlling relationships and I landed up in BDSM.

Curiously the universe has shown me how to bring in mainstream people using sex coaching as base to teach forgiveness and ego mitigation.

But shhhh..... don't tell them ;) And LOL yes - I had a deep rebel streak and programming ;)

The reason I share is because so far, without fail, almost every single light being I've encountered and gotten up close and personal with has one of those - or another - sexual skeleton in their closet. What I'd like to share is what God told me about this, why we had to go through it and what it means in terms of our journeys.

On the first level is energetic healing of cosmic holographic recursions.

One of purposes in living a life is to play out the original stories that created our universe and reality. So every time a repeat of that story plays in your life in your personal experience, and you resolve it, it releases energy higher up in the dimensions.

All that energy collects over time to heal the original story that created that pattern that plays out in our lives - called a recursion.

There is a recursion of relationships of inequality, control and force on Earth - we reconcile and release that energy through our lives because we are better equipped at handling pain that the humans are.

Inequality happens as inequality of love (even unconditional love is inequality of love), inequality of commitment, inequality of trust, fidelity, and so much more. Force manifests a lot through sexual force and abuse. Control we all know about.

The second level is that we're Messiahs and Saviours on Earth.

But importantly, our collective is made up of people that they can relate to.

One of the problems with modern religion is the idea that Jesus is so much better than people, for example that his achievements are out of reach.

On a planet where this recursion of force and control and inequality and abuse plays out in sex - for many people from a very early age - the only way people can believe that they too can reach that level of ascension is to have role models that have come from that kind of dark themselves.

Seeing a being of light that comes from a s tory of dark gives them hope that they too can ascend.

Again, we also had it worse because we're Saviours like Christ was and we draw other people's pain into our lives to release it through us - releasing it through humans would cause them to go insane and possibly become serial killers. It's how we transmute it. It's part of our roles on Earth.

The reason we get to do it is we always bounce back afterwards. Even though we go through some of the worst pain life has to throw at a person, we stay pure, we stay whole, we continue to extend love and heal others and give others hope. It's almost like the good in us can't be broken.

So even though we face that, we go out into the world putting out good where others would only spread that evil. By going through us the cycle ends forever.

I know for many of us there is deep shame in talking about this, but I share my story so that you can know that if you've gone through it, it is actually a mark of the strength of your soul.

You are special and everything that has happened to you has had a purpose somehow - healing things and helping people that you could never even imagine.

Things you've taken into your system have been miracles in others' lives - things that haven't happened to them.

Sex and sexual union are the most beautiful expressions of love in the physical world and sadly they have been bastardised on earth. But it's part of what we are here to fix.

What you've been through has been tough and you deserve recognition for what you've faced and taken on. Even if you aren't brave enough to post your story or share your pain, please know that you are loved, I care and I am pulling for you.

You have value, you have worth and you deserve to know that what happened to you is not your fault and doesn't make you a bad person. It's just part of a really tough set of challenges we signed up to take on :)

I hope this helps and heals you.

Know you matter. Know you are loved. Know you are not alone.

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