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Make your affirmations more effective

Affirmations are a very popular tool in personal development and positive thinking, but sometimes when we say them, we can feel that our bodies disagree with us.

So how do you change that energy in your body to make your affirmations more effective, more quickly?

What is resonance?

In healing work, the process where your body and energy are in agreement, or aligned, with what you’re saying and doing is known as resonance.

When your system is in alignment and you resonate with the statements you are putting out there, you believe what you are saying completely, and you believe it’s possible for you, and so you manifest it into reality more quickly.

In fact, the very point of repeating the affirmation statements day after day is to retrain your mind and system so that you start resonating with those statements and therefore attract that reality into your life.

When you experience your body resisting the affirmations as you say them, you experience not only lack of resonance, but you also get clues to where the blocks lie with your current set of goals.

Luckily there are a few free, simple processes you can use to help your body resonate with the statements more quickly, and remove the blocks that stand in your way.

EFT Tapping

EFT, Tapping, or the Emotional Freedom Technique can be reduced to simply tapping on the karate chop point on one of your hands.

Take your fingers and place them along the side of your other pinky. Now slide down until you feel the bottom of the bone just below your pinky finger – that’s the karate chop point.

Simply take two fingers and lightly tap on that point repeatedly while you are saying your affirmations.

Use the point to clear blocks

If you feel that you are resisting a statement, then say something like this while tapping:

Even though my body resists believing that I deserve to have R100,000 cash in the bank, I still deeply and completely accept myself.

For more information about EFT Tapping click here

BodyTalk Cortices Tapping

The second incredibly effective tapping technique you can use to improve your affirmations is BodyTalk Cortices Tapping.

Get the technique free here

This tapping technique is designed to get the two halves of your brain talking to each other, and to your body, to get your system working in flow.

  1. Use the one-minute technique as is to fix any blocks or resistance you find in yourself
  2. Use the tapping while you say your affirmations to help your body resonate with them and accept them better
  3. Use the tapping technique both before and after your affirmations to help you resonate better

This easy to remember technique can also be used in just about any difficult or stressful situation and is safe to use on children and animals.

The Quick Coherence Technique

This amazing resource can be run in under 30 seconds and kids as young as 4 can easily learn it.

Get the technique free here

Used by the US military to treat returning war veterans suffering from PTSD, this tool calms the magnetic energy emanating from your heart, which in turn soothes your brain activity and the chemicals and hormones being released from your brain.

Say your affirmations after running the technique or while you are holding the heart focus and your heart and energy are open and accepting.


Click here for a free set of affirmations you can download, print and use



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