Manifesting Consciously Destroys Your Miracle Abilities

When you manifest consciously (Law of Attraction), it DESTROYS YOUR FUTURE ABILITY to manifest and perform miracles.


The Missing Piece of the Ego Puzzle

Ego, Manifestation, Law of Attraction, and getting what you desire in terms of results - also covering The Secret and Law of Attraction conflicts and lies

***Also this explains a big part of how THE SHIFT works and what it is***

Hahahaha…. these few lines above are the sales points for why you HAVE TO read this! Read this - it’s a big piece of the puzzle. I never say stuff like that ;) This one is really important.

So we’ve been on this discussion for a while, trying to find the answers.

And this is a big piece of the puzzle - so read to the end. I’ve kept it concise as possible - we’ll unpack detail in comments and future posts.

Most of us have identified the link between manifestation and serving God - that manifestation is a misuse of the power we’ve been given and it makes us uncomfortable to do.

This is why spiritual people battle with money - we don’t like manifesting money, it makes us uncomfortable and it feels like a waste of our time and energy.

It also feels wrong to use God as your servant, which comes down to the statement:

Free will means that God serves you by default, because he must honor your free will above all else, or you serve God in every second by handing over all your free will to him.

So, you serve God or God serves you.

But there’s a second part to this that I didn’t see as a pattern until now….

And then yesterday I saw this in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Urtext:

"Miracles are habits and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control. Consciously selected miracles are usually misguided and this will make the talent useless."

Before editing, in the original notes, the sentence ORIGINALLY read:

"Miracles are habits and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control, OTHERWISE THEY MAY BECOME UNDEMOCRATIC. Consciously selected miracles are usually DANGEROUS and this will DESTROY the talent.”

So in a nutshell, the answer to all this is…

God is using ego to let people hang themselves and destroy themselves.

When God made the covenant (rainbow - this is why we use this symbol) with Noah after the flood, he made the promise not to destroy mankind with WATER again.

Instead however, if he does destroy the Earth again - it will be with fire.

Ego is fire.

Prometheus was punished for giving fire to man - in other words Prometheus gave man free will and ego.

Prometheus was responsible for distributing the gifts to the animals, and gave man the ability to walk upright, but he liked man, so wanted to give him more. So he stole fire (free will and ego) from the Gods and gave to to mankind.

As part of his punishment, Prometheus was ordered to marry Pandora - in fact Zeus created Pandora and the box as punishment. So all the horrors we know were released into the world, and hope was left hidden in the box.

You could think of the Lightworker mission as the final HOPE being released from the box by the Gods - we are the hope.

(Side note: for those of you who are shocked I’m using Greek mythology; note I work across ALL THE RELIGIONS - I just enjoy the Judaic religions more. My purpose is to see where all of them are just repeats of the same story playing out - to see where they’re all connected and are just one long flow of information, interpreted and recorded by the people of the time. I honor the Greek Gods as much as I do any others. Oh I can see the shocked faces now lol. We call this…. SPANNER TIME! Hahaha!)

So anyway lol…. in practical terms, what happened was that about 15/20 years ago, God allowed the Law of Attraction and manifestation info (which is pure Kabbalah by the way), to be released into mainstream, with the spate of ego riddled, money-driven, greedy, 3D spiritual teaches we’ve been subjected to. (There - I said it out loud lol.)

We got books like The Secret and teachers like Esther and Jerry Hicks, with Abraham.

And while the info was good and honest, and really does work, it was also money and greed focused, 3D focused, and left the world with a few really shitty belief systems:

Your personal happiness matters more than anything.

God wants you to do nothing but be happy.

You can order God around like a servant, because God WANTS to serve you.

The only effort you have to put in is to focus your mind.

Anyone can do this.

If you can’t do this it’s because you’re useless - this is natural and easy to do.

And it is a natural and easy to do process - because miracles are our default habit and way of being. Miracles are a natural and involuntary habit, especially when you are utilizing them properly.

"Miracles are habits and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control, OTHERWISE THEY MAY BECOME UNDEMOCRATIC. Consciously selected miracles are usually DANGEROUS and this will DESTROY the talent."

When you’re manifesting and using Law of Attraction, you are CONSCIOUSLY CONTROLLING the miracle. You’re saying: the miracle must appear by this time, in this place, in this form.

And when you do this, it does become undemocratic - because it doesn’t aim to serve everyone in the situation, ONLY what your EGO desires - which usually doesn’t stop to consider the people around you.

So this is how we’re creating so much bad luck: these energies follow the easiest available path; so if your dad always gave you money, Dad will appear with money, for example.

But if the easiest route is to cause a car crash so that you get an insurance payout, then the energy will follow that path…. because you did not put in place the checks and balances that were needed in order to ensure that others around you would be protected and kept safe.

So you forgot to protect your partner, family, kids, parents, lover…. and then they had a car accident. And even though you got the money you demanded - you’re sitting there crying about how unfair God is.

No God is very fair, and usually when God directs miracles, he does so by making sure everybody is protected and their BEST interests are served - not their ego desires. In other words, DEMOCRATIC miracles.

How do I know this for sure? The years I spent studying Wicca (Witchcraft). The old religions, like Wicca, all have some sort of line you say to ensure it’s kept DEMOCRATIC. In Wicca, that is: FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, AND TO THE HARM OF NONE.


If it’s God’s will.

Today I make no decisions for myself, I ask only for the day God would have me have. If you would have me do it, I will do it. If you will not have me do it, I will not do it.

Help me to perform whatever miracles you would have of me today.

This is why it matters that God is in charge of directing what happens - why you have to surrender your free will in every single moment: we can’t see this big picture - we don’t have enough information to make sure that our choices when directing miracles (manifesting with the Law of Attraction) are kept DEMOCRATIC.

We can glimpse a pattern like this and understand why it’s important that we submit ourselves to that will and let God take the wheel, but we can’t see the picture that God is seeing, how this affects each and every individual soul. We WILL NEVER have the capacity for that.

So the single best thing we can do right now, to make the biggest energetic change to the shift is changing the views of manifestation out there in public.

First, stop manifesting ANYTHING. Instead, pray and trust. “Give us this day our daily bread…” Simply praying the Lord’s Prayer will cover your MANIFESTATION NEEDS (sic).

Secondly, speak out openly against manifestation. Start spreading the word.

Thirdly, hand over to God and let God take control.

Surrender Prayer

Holy Spirit/God/Source/Universe/Buddha/Insert preference here …

I don’t know how to do this, and for as long as I am in human form, I have limitations that will always prevent me from knowing fully how to do this. But I trust you, and I know that you will help me.

Holy Spirit/God/Source/Universe/Buddha/Insert preference here …

I give you this ego identification of the thought of ego, of needing to manifest. I don’t know how to choose correctly for this, and so I ask you to choose for me.

Morning Prayer

Holy Spirit/God/Source/Universe/Buddha/Insert preference here …

Today I make no decisions for myself. I ask only for the day that God would have me have. If you will have me do it, I will do it. If you will not have me do it, I will not do it. I give this day to God.

How it Works in a Nutshell

So basically, God released fire (ego knowledge through manifestation and Law of Attraction) into the world to see if the world would save itself or destroy itself.

He sent fire, but we’re choosing if we live or die in other words.

Books like The Secret, manifestation and Law of Attraction teachings (fire) have greatly accelerated spiritual growth (the ego journey is the spiritual journey), but they are creating the circumstances of our world - the ugliness in the world - because the application of this power is undemocratic (used for individual ego needs in other words).

This is leading to terrible tragedies and disasters and ugliness.

The way out of it is to stop creating miracles consciously and give all the miracle power back to God - and then get out there and tell people what is happening to them and why their lives are falling apart.

And there’s one more point here that we didn’t really cover above…. "Consciously selected miracles are usually DANGEROUS and this will DESTROY the talent.”

Or make the talent useless…. recognize that?

There’s a NATURAL LAW (i.e. it cannot be changed) in the MORPHIC FIELD of Earth that SWITCHES OFF (destroys/makes useless) the ability to perform miracles when they are consciously directed.

This is why you suddenly can’t manifest anymore - and it’s what’s happening to people around the world. This is why everything is suddenly falling apart.

And this is the mechanism on the ego journey that forces you to face God, and choose for God eventually. It’s the failsafe.

Stop manifesting, and tell everyone around you to do the same. Give the controls back to God.

And when God sends a message - act immediately.

Giving control to God does NOT mean make God do all the work - it means become a willing servant that acts when you’re told to.

He will tell you what he needs you to do and when. Just like he sent this and every other post to me.

God can do this - all you need to do is live your faith to make it happen.

This is the fastest way.

Oh and by the way, this is on the VERY FIRST page of ACIM Urtext, the text portion.

Talk about being in front of our faces the whole time!

Enormous thanks goes to my daughter for spotting this one.

Peace and light fellow light being xo

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