Meet your Guides, Angels & Power Animals with Shaman Jono

Allow Shaman Jonathan Hartman to take you on a journey to meet your spirit guide, power animal or guardian angel so that you can easily call on them afterwards for support, guidance and advice - when and where you need it.

There's comes a point in every spiritual journey when you begin to want obtain guidance directly or an ongoing basis, without the need to call in a middle man every time.

Alternately you may find that you want direct contact with your guides for emotional support, protection and company as you walk along life's path. Or you may simply find that your personal set of abilities don't extend to meeting your guides, power animals or guardian angels on your own, and you need a bit of help and an introduction.

Shaman Jonathan will work alongside you to introduce you to your Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Guardian Angels, helping you form a strong psychic, mental and emotional connection to them, so that you can call on them directly whenever you want.


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