Mental Illness, Depression & Suicide on the Spiritual Journey with Chemory Gunko

Souls on a spiritual journey often have to face the dragon of depression and suicide.

If you’ve moved in spiritual circles you’ll have noticed that spiritual journeyers often battle depression and suicide, or are diagnosed with other so-called mental or psychiatric illnesses.

In fact, you often see this in people who start any kind of personal development journey… so why does it happen?

If you think about it, it really doesn’t seem to make sense that the spiritual journey causes depression, especially because most people start it because they want to be happy, or at least happier than they were previously.

At the same time the spiritual journey is famed for being filled with happiness and love, with journeyers moving towards a place of greater love and acceptance.

Join Chemory Gunko as she unpacks how the spiritual journey often lands up translating into depression and so-called mental illness.


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