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  • Twin Flame Break Ups & The Physical Attraction Issue

    Twin Flame Break Ups & The Physical Attraction Issue

    Loads of the Twin Flames have remarked that there is an intense physical attraction to their Twin, and part of the problem is that the physical and sexual attraction is unforgettable.

  • Twin Flame Forgiveness Prayer

    A Twin Flame Prayer for achieving forgiveness release.

  • Twin Flames... why do you long to be in a relationship?

    Twin Flames... why do you long to be in a relationship?

    Where does the yearning come from that keeps pulling you to seek romantic love and a partner?

    Everytime ONE reconciles in unification again, all the missing parts of soul (identities) that were sent to hell and "deleted" at the end of unity, leave behind a darkness in ONE that manifests as loneliness.

  • Unconditional love: Perpetuating a lack of personal responsibility

    There's no such thing as unconditional love. So, why do we keep lying about unconditional love?

    Unconditional love is a concept people love to bandy around - especially in spiritual circles, where anything that does not meet another person’s Godview of all-loving gets you labelled and judged.

  • Understanding Free Will

    Understanding Free Will

    Okay so reaching an interesting stage on unpacking free will, a stage that always happens for me.

    So this post is about the content, as well as the mechanism of the stage I’m at. it’s a double whammy learning LOL

    So the mechanism and stage is a scaled list, and even mirrors started like this.

    You’ve seen this in other scales and codifications, like PEMSC (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cosmic) and the levels of lessons in faith, for example.

    It’s really an ordered duality scale, and seeing the scale is always a marker that you’re going through to new levels of understanding in a short while.

    When it appears, it will appear as a bunch of dualities, which will have a common thread. One of my favorites is the surrender scale:

  • What Happens When You're Stuck In a Shift?

    For those of you that are working on your stuff long term and ongoing, you'll have noticed that when you are working with something big or a lifelong pattern that you'll often get stuck in the same place.

    If you shift in statements, you'll notice that you're repeating the same statements over and over again. If you shift in your head you'll recognise it as being stuck on the same thoughts.

  • What is a relationship?

    What is a relationship? A true relationship is three things:

    1. An agreement that creates a connection of thought layers in the morphic field
    2. A permanent place or space created for the partner's identity
    3. A revelation of the self to the partner
  • What Is Happening To You & Your Body?

    There was a really interesting experiment done a few years back that shows how DNA immediately affects the environment around us by pulling atomic elements like photons into a holding pattern.

    Effectively, what is happening is that Source is sending microwave particles of light and energy from the sun with all these storms, burst and flares.

  • What is Love?

    What is Love? We tend to think of love as being a thing in and of itself, when really love is a catch all and collective term for a whole bunch of expectations and behaviors.

    We do this in language - codify and simplify ideas down to single words, like saying daisy instead of small yellow or white flower with twenty or more oval petals that grows a few cm off the ground.

  • What is resonance?

    What is resonance?

    Resonance means that your mind is tuned into the frequency of a thought, concept or emotion in the morphic field.

    So when you encounter a situation that relates to that aspect, your vibrational response is aligned to fetch a certain set of responses based on the presence of that energy.

    You've experienced this with an insight or aha moment, or a sudden mood change: your vibration was aligned with a frequency that then determined what you feel, and your responses and behaviors.

    On a more complex level, you may resonate with fear, excitement and hope if you meet a new love interest.

  • Where my teachings come from & walking your talk

    Where my teachings come from & walking your talk

    Yes it’s time for you step forward and show yourself too! Stop being such a sissy LOL!

  • Why do we chase people in relationships?

    Why do we chase people in relationships?

    Chasing someone in romantic relationships is a recursion of the urge to oneness and seeking.

    When you chase you pursue or seek. All men will admit to the thrill of the chase thing.

  • Why Do You Need Water When Shifting?

    On shift days like these your body is working overtime to get the old emotions, patterns and beliefs out of your system, it has to use the natural mechanisms already available to you - because that's how your body works.

    On a practical level, this means that if you have to release aggressive energies, you feel aggressive and angry.

  • Why seekers hibernate and alienate people

    Why seekers hibernate and alienate people

    Theme: Complete alone, continuation of acceptance

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