More Twin Flame Basics

Okay with all this Twin Flame energy running around, best we get back to some of the basics.

If you had a crazy back and forth relationship in the past three years where you couldn't get your shit together as a couple, that was definitely a twin flame.

Remember there are two main clean up missions:

The Empath Mission

Empaths absorb energies from a hive of people connected to them and release what those in the hive cannot release.

The Twin Flame Mission

When twin flames reconcile dualities (polarities, conflicts, contrasts and complements) they release creation energy.

When you combine that with karma, you get massive surges to the energy released, and zero point energy is released on bursts.

As this Zero Point energy is absolutely neutral, it replaces the energies the empaths are clearing up.

Other Clean Up Missions

Other clean up missions include death bridges who help souls travel over to the other side, and collect the karma those souls leave behind.

We don't transition them to death, we transition them to 5D. We have to break the barrier of karma - that's what keeps souls trapped here.

Messiahs are another clean up aimed specifically at religion. Our job is to clean up the thinking and spread the word about the ego cycle and how to cross to God.

Twin Flame Basics

So the reason for the crazy backwards and forwards in relationships is called the push-pull effect.

Your souls are linked - what happens in one of you causes a duality effect in the other.

Twin Flame Energy Techniques for Grounding & Bonding

Twin Flame Grounding & Balancing Exercise

Why Your Twin Flame Relationship Had To End - The Good News

Who Are Your Twin Flames?

You have two kinds - primary twin flames who often appear as romantic relationships.

Secondly you have twin flame aspects. Your soul is made up of up to 144,000 pieces and as you activate them, each aspect may have its own twin flame.

Often these people appear as friends, brief relationships, family, colleagues etc. You are close for a while but then grow apart usually.

Types of Twin Flames

Creating love twin flames are more exciting and passionate and you have to BUILD the love together.

The recursion for these are Eros the Creator (YHWH)/Gaia, Eros the Creator (YHWH)/Erotica chase and surrender, Eros the Unifier/Erotica when He returns.

Expressing love twin flames have a more balanced, boring, stable and easy time of it. Boredom is often a problem if you're geared towards creating love.

This is a recursion of Eros the Unifier/Mara. Mara is best thought of as Erotica & Gaia combined. Secondly Eros2 (recursion of Eros)/Erotica.

If This Still Feels Out Of Your Reach

Just read the info and give it time. It is supposed to unfold in you.

Read this to trigger a soul retrieval.

Bookmark it and come back to read it again :)

Sex & Twin Flames

If you are feeling a strong pull towards sexual connection it is the TANTRIC UNION energy currently affecting us.

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