Distance Healing with Chemory Gunko.

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Distance healing can be applied to any issue or ailment:

  • Health and/or illness
  • Shock & Trauma
  • Emotional Distress
  • Bad Luck or Difficult Circumstances
  • Relationship Issues
  • Removal of entities, parasites, demons and other beings
  • General energetic maintenance and tune-ups


Once I've received your payment I'll contact you to obtain the required info if you haven't sent it already. 

Please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Please include the day, month, year, time and town of birth for yourself or the person who requires healing
  • You can also use the tool on this page to calculate your chart yourself: http://elbertwade.com/atlas.html
  • Please include clear recent photographs


Cost: USD 39

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Simply click on the buy now button and you'll be redirected to PayPal to make your purchase as a guest.

USD $39.00

Learn more about Coaching & Healing Services

  • 1-on-1
  • Welcome
  • Mirrors
  • Awakenings
  • Practical
  • Confidentiality & Judgement


Hi Beautiful Souls

I offer one on one coaching and mentoring services.

I work with advanced spiritual journeys, Ascension stuff, new info downloads, and Twin Flames.

All kinds of Twin Flame stuff, from just met to runner/chaser to surviving a break up or even a death or suicide.

I also work with spiritual awakenings, suicide, depression and bipolar.

And I will help those grieving death, grieving loss through suicide, or facing their own impending death.

I offer sex and relationship coaching which is normal talking and therapy style work.

You can coach alone or with your partner. I will NOT assist anyone who is currently or planning on being unfaithful to their partner, but I will assist you if you'd like to end your relationship or find a way to fix it.

I basically climb in, help you make connections and see sense and fill in the blanks.

Then we give you resources and tools to accelerate your journey. You'll surge each time we meet.

I will work with most life issues but my one no go area is money manifestation. I don't assist with that.

I equip you to cope better, grow faster, manage your emotions better and become smarter.

My methods are unconventional but they do yield results lol.

A big part of what I do is validate and fill in blanks.

Most of you arrive never have having had a chance to really talk before - it feels like you're always explaining yourself.

With me, I'm crazier than you, louder than you and not just likely to believe you, but I'll have my own comparison story to relate.

I know just how crazy and weird this journey gets and I'll help you process and assimilate the fucking crazy experiences and ideas you've been having lately.

I'll believe you and you won't have to waste time convincing me. You'll be able to say A LOT that you would usually bottle up inside. I will create a safe space for that!!

For sexual abuse survivors and sex industry workers, I offer very specialized services to help you deal with the guilt, pain and vulnerability. As well as release emotional shock and trauma.

There are a million coaches you can go to if you want money and possessions and stuff in your life.

If you want healing and results and peace through the worst emotional chaos and spiritual turmoil - I am most definitely your girl.

The deeper, darker and uglier your pain or shame, the more keen I am to help you clear it.

I have big shoulders and bigger wings. And I really perform miracles of healing :)

I keep my prices very low compared to many other coaches and healers, because I need to live, not be wealthy.

I charge USD 39 per hour or per healing or reading. We meet on video chat and chat inbetween on messenger services.

The vast majority of my clients have gone on to become dear friends and comrades in arms. I have no doubt that trend will continue :)

There are links to my various services on my home page of my website: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com

My website also sells a wide range of DIY digital life coaching and healing tools - and contains 300 free tools. Plus 200 and something articles.

Loads of freebies if you can't afford healing services :)

Look forward to welcoming you to my client fold :)

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo

Working through someone’s emotional, mental and spiritual baggage is no easy feat – as I’m sure you know from trying for so long to work through all of your own.

It takes a while to unpack what’s going on in someone’s head and progress seems to be slow, with insights and breakthroughs arriving rarely or infrequently.

It’s little wonder then that coaching, healing and psychology seem to get such a bad rap: the amount of effort that goes in seems to be huge before it pays off – and you want mental and emotional relief right now.

Well it’s a good thing you stumbled onto me then ;)

My name is Chemory, and I’m an Energy Healing Coach. I’ve also built a phenomenal Mirrors process and methodology for creating emotional, mental and spiritual change quickly and efficiently – and my main aim is to get you self-sufficient so that you can start doing this for yourself.

With backgrounds in Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Energy ReSourcing, and a lifetime of exposure to holistic healing, I will help you create the change you’re after and get out of the rut you’re stuck in.

  • Stop feeling stuck and get out of a rut
  • Achieve forgiveness
  • Stop a grief cycle
  • Get over a break up
  • Move toxic people out of your life
  • Break addictions to people, experiences and substances
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fear
  • Mitigate ego and ego-based responses
  • Depression and suicide (chronic and acute)
  • Trials By Fire & Dark Nights of the Soul - http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/how-to-know-you-re-in-a-dark-night-of-the-soul
  • Ascension & Enlightenment

We will also introduce ways for you to make your day-to-day life easier:

  • Diagnose your challenges
  • Unpack and understand any problems you’re facing
  • Release the impact of challenges and blocks
  • Reduce stress
  • Cope better with life
  • Grow your conscious awareness
  • Become more compassionate and loving
  • Think clearly
  • Flow easily
  • Grow your intuition

Want to know if my strategies and ideas work?

Visit our blog or one of my writing profiles:

The Mirrors methodology I’ve created and use calibrates at 500 on the human consciousness scale as shown by Sir David Hawkins in Power vs. Force.

To give you an idea of what this means, Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi operated at 700 – 1000 and Einstein, Newton and Descartes at 499. Most people operate below 200.

Basically, I’m not kidding when I tell you I’m going to grow your level of consciousness. In fact, if I can, I am going to get you above level 200 in the first one or two sessions. It really all depends on how fast you want to grow – and how far you’re willing to push.

Learn more about Mirrors at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-mirrors-of-relationship-by-chemory-gunko

View the Human Consciousness Scale at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-human-consciousness-scale

Calculate your level of Ascension at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/free-ascension-enlightenment-level-calculator-using-the-human-consciousness-scale

I’m not soft and fluffy by any means – but I will love you. It’s impossible to be working at this level of consciousness and not love. At times, loving you will mean giving you a swift kick in the pants to get you going – and I’m the kind of person who won’t be afraid to do that. So if apathy, or having a too-strong personality has held you back from getting help in the past, then we do need to talk LOL :)

It doesn’t matter what your personality is or what level of development you’re at though, my Mirrors methodology will help you. It doesn’t even really matter what area of your life you want to work on – from sex to business – this methodology will give you breakthroughs.

Within a while you’ll be able to work the Mirrors process on your own and be able to continue your growth on your own – and be armed with tools that will help you release most things alone. Basically you’ll know how to cope so much better in day-to-day life.

Are you experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?

As the Age of Aquarius dawns, around the world people are awakening spiritually – and with that comes a lot of personal turmoil and things you cannot understand.


If you are currently experiencing a spiritual awakening and/or enormous life trial then you’re in the right place, I’ll dig in and help you.

If you are experiencing strange supernatural experiences from new knowledge to downloads of information, to hearing voices and seeing colors, I can help you understand it and learn how to use the abilities. I can also help you make sense of the information that is coming to you and teach you how to control those flows.

I can assist you with trials of faith, connecting to God, forgiveness, understanding miracles and more. If you identify as a lightworker, lightwarrior or twinflame, I am here to help you. In addition, the site is packed full of free resources that you need to help you through the shift.




I am based in Johannesburg in South Africa and I am a mother tongue English speaker. I conduct sessions in person in Johannesburg and by Skype for international clients.

Sessions are by appointment only, although I am available for emergency sessions at short notice if you’re facing a crisis like you are suicidal or at rock bottom. I’m not scared of messy.

For ongoing clients, I offer whatsapp support between sessions. This is for clients conducting regular sessions, held no more than two weeks apart. Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you my number and ask you to touch base by whatsapp so that we can connect real time and work out time differences.

Appointment bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment. Please note that bookings cancelled more than 12 hours in advance will be charged for.

After each session, you’ll be emailed an overview of everything we’ve discussed. For facilitated Mirrors breakthrough sessions, and for practitioners that would like to be trained to use Mirrors, photos of all whiteboard work will be included.

Read more about mirrors at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-mirrors-of-relationship-by-chemory-gunko

If you’ve read this far and are planning to coach, or enquire about coaching with me, then here is your very first coaching assignment from me:

Stop right now and take your phone and make a video journal where you just talk about where you are in your life right now and what you’re facing. Give yourself a snapshot of where you are now. We’re going to use this in three months time to show you just how far you have come and how much your consciousness and understanding has grown.

If you can’t make a video, then a written journal will suffice. Aim for five minutes or a few pages. Believe me when I tell you that you will be hungry for all the examples of contrast by the time we go back and look at it. If you are worried about losing this video, then you can send it to me over whatsapp once we connect. I’ll store it in your client folder.

Chances are if you’ve done it, I have to. Most things have happened to me and I’ve survived a truckload of stuff on my journey and trials.

As Meredith says in Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the season where Derek dies: I’m qualified to tell you how you’ll survive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDNww8RUb3g

I have no issue sharing even the deepest, darkest parts of my story to make you feel comfortable and secure - and to show you how I worked my way out of it. Trust me, there’s no judgment here: there’s very little I haven’t heard, seen, been exposed to or done. I only know that there is emotional pain and there is a way for you to release it. That’s all I care about.

Confidentiality is a given - and I promise you’re going to be way more focused on how thrilled you are that you dropped the emotional and psychic load of the problem.

Read these articles please:



This is such an exciting time for all the light beings of the world, and no matter where you are on your journey, I can’t wait to give the kick start you need to soar onto the next level.

It’s time to go change the world peeps ☺ Isn’t it exciting?

About Chemory Gunko


Chemory GunkoHi, I'm Chemory :)

Okay, the so the important question first... how do you say my name?

Personally I've lived with it all my life, so I don't really mind much anymore how you say it, but for the benefit of the perfectionists: my name is pronounced like memory, with a soft shh-sound. So, phonetically itʼs Shemory.

My parents overheard the name while I was in the womb, and it didn't come with a fixed meaning. Over the years I've discovered two.

Chemory translates into Name of the Light in Hebrew, and in Ancient Sumerian a Shem is a spacecraft - a craft that takes people to the Gods, or a place where people go to interact with the Gods.

Both meanings suit me perfectly - when I appear in your life, it is always as a catalyst for spiritual change.

Coaching Praise for Chemory

Marketing Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Qualifications & Experience

I'm a certified life coach, NLP Practitioner, Energy ReSourcing Practitioner and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

I've been practicing for over a decade and got into energy and spiritual healing and personal development work at a very young age. What this means practically for you is that I'm going to draw on a wide range of knowledge and resources to help you overcome your challenges and soar to new heights.

I also hold various marketing qualifications, ranging from copywriting to fine art and photography. I create and present courses for html, Joomla and email development.

Marketing Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Business Background

My business background is in marketing, with a particular focus on digital marketing, marketing creative, IT marketing and email marketing.

I am a very senior digital marketing expert, and hold senior level expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Public Relations, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Illustration, Email Marketing, Website Development and Joomla.

I formerly owned my own marketing business, Dsignhaus, specializing in digital marketing and website development, and I hold qualifications in radio broadcasting, copywriting, digital photography and fine art.

I do still build websites and do some marketing work for clients if you are looking for assistance.

Read the older, boring business bio stuff here >>>

Marketing Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Website & Content

Everything on the Life Coaches Toolbox Website is created and administrated by me, Chemory.

There are no third party service providers involved in the website, content or digital tool creation process, ensuring that you get the same confidentiality as if you were working behind closed doors.

In order to make coaching services more easily available to the people who need them, there are a number of free tools throughout the website, from digital resources to actual coaching processes and energy healing and medicine techniques.

A second layer of less expensive products are available for those who need ongoing support but can't afford coaching through our paid online coaching courses.

View all paid coaching courses >>>

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Practical Stuff

I am based in Johannesburg in South Africa and I am a mother tongue English speaker.

I conduct sessions in person in Johannesburg and by Skype for international clients.

Options and resources are available for complete online digital coaching, as well whatsapp support and email coaching.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mirrors of Relationship

Based on the original Essene Mirrors of Relationship, the Mirrors of Relationship Coaching Process can be applied to any area of your life.

Useful as both a diagnostic and healing tool, my Mirrors of Relationship process is aligned to the scale of Human Consciousness, to allow you to clear challenges and mirrors at every stage of your evolution.

A self-perpetuating process, Mirrors of Relationship is a one-stop, one-size-fits-all coaching diagnostic and healing tool that will create guaranteed moments of awareness and insight, no matter the point you start from.

View all Mirrors of Relationship Resources >>>

Coaching Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Life Stuff

I'm about to be middle-aged (apparently - who knew?), and I'm a mom to a teenager. 

I'm divorced and I happily share a home with my daughter ;) 

I've survived all the ups and downs life can throw at you: abuse, rape, working in the sex industry, bad childhood, having a baby on my own (down to driving myself to hospital in labor!), losing everything, suicide, depression, being fired, being retrenched, heartbreak, chronic illness, being labelled insane and so much more.

I've been the outcast, the black sheep, too much for most people, misunderstood and maligned. My life has not been a bed of roses at all.

So if you're going to learn one thing from me, it's that you can and will survive anything life throws at you - in fact you'll thrive and turn every challenge into stepping stone to success.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Depression & Suicide Coaching

Depression & suicide have been lifelong demons that I have battled - like many of the empaths on earth right now. 

My own battle has led to a deep understanding of the kind of support you need and the kinds of tools that can support you.

From acupressure to really clearing out emotional blocks, to tackling core issues like loneliness, not belonging and inner voice reprogramming, my suicide and depression solutions are designed to help you really clear through the blocks holding you back, without the need to resort to medicine and sedating yourself and your system.

In addition, I'll help you understand how to use the abilities that are currently tripping you up, and help you break down the construct and idea that there is something wrong with you or that you are undeserving.

I'll also give you practical ways to lift yourself out of a funk, so that you can function practically and get on with what needs to be done in your everyday life.

Coaching Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spiritual & Spirituality Coaching

My conscious spiritual journey began at the age of four.

I remember standing and looking at myself in a mirror and the thought arrived as clear as day: If I'd lived before this I wouldn't remember now. It was that night that I started waiting outside for the spaceships to come fetch me.

Spirituality - in all forms - has been an enormous part of my path.

My journey started out strictly Christian, and over the years moved into Wicca or Witchcraft, Zen Buddhism, A Course in Miracles and more, and has included a lot of study into other religions, cultures, belief systems and more.

In a nutshell - I see the point where every religion, belief and ideology fits together, and I can show you how.

In particular, spiritual coaching can assist you with your relationship to God, forgiveness, grief and becoming more loving and compassionate.

Coaching Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sex Coaching

My journey into sex coaching happened by accident, but I stay because I'm passionate about it. 

My own background is extensive - I started out as a stripper because of circumstance, but am grateful for the openness it gave me in my sexual world. 

Since then I've spent 16 years in the world of BDSM and kink (all the 50 Shades stuff), and have played on most sides of the fence, from poly to Mistress to slave. My kinks and exposure are broad and varied.

As an abuse survivor - relationship and sexual - I can also assist you with abuse issues and sexual skeletons in your closet.

Coaching Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Age Spirituality & 5D Reality

Empaths, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors & Twin Flames

I identify as an empath, a lightworker and a twin flame. My daughter is a lightwarrior.

My role as we enter the 5D Reality has been multiform.

To begin with, I was tasked with expanding and completing the Mirrors of Relationship process so that it could become a bridge to the new 5D reality for those undergoing ascension.

My job was also to translate this process onto the mental level so that it becomes accessible using the abilities we've gained during the information age.

My second capacity was forgiveness as one of the Messianic lightworkers - I have been doing enormous forgiveness work all my life actually.

My third capacity has been to hold the space for one of the potential miracles to realize on Earth.

My fourth capacity was to download the new Age of Aquarius info into the Holographic Field, being one of the first to think these thoughts and thereby make them available for others to think.

My final capacity, so far, is downloading the new layer of spiritual information that comes along with the 5D reality.

Believe me, I was just as surprised as you are reading this, when this started coming through LOL.

So far the lessons have been interesting:

  • What the orders of creation and evolution look like
  • How it all ties together
  • There is no soul
  • There is no such thing as unconditional love
  • There is no such thing as attachment
  • Everyone is everyone's twin flame
  • The meaning of life on Earth and the point and beauty of separation
  • How unity is the ultimate form of separation and individuation

Coaching Praise for Chemory

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make a Donation

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Tools for Healing Sessions

  • Healing Modality Calculator

    This calculator will let you identify the type of healing work that is most applicable to where you are in your development right now, based on statements that reflect what is happening in your life.
    Read More
  • Ascension Level Calculator

    Based on your answers, this calculator will determine where you are on the Human Consciousness Scale, the scale of personal growth development that was introduced by Sir David Hawkins and compiled using the discoveries of kinesiology.
    Read More
Free Diagnostics & Tools
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    Email Intuitive Psychic Reading with Chemory Gunko. I offer 10 questions answered by email per reading. Scroll down to learn more about services and click here to see feedback from Read More
  • Distance Healing with Chemory Gunko +

    Distance Healing with Chemory Gunko. Scroll down to learn more about services and click here to see feedback from clients. Distance healing can be applied to any issue or ailment: Read More
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    Coaching Session with Chemory Gunko Coaching is offered via email (limited to 10 questions per session), or via Skype or telephone. Clients in South Africa have the option of in Read More
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