Real Client Session Transcript

  • What a session can look like
  • Covers jumping levels of lessons to go to a higher level of lesson, such as God level or Cosmic level lessons
  • Jumping lesson levels also means getting out of personalization
  • Themes of free will, life stages, parent child relationships, loneliness, the ego battle


Okay so this is something really cool… a transcript of an actual coaching session that took place with a client.
One of my awesome clients has agreed to let me use this transcript of this session to show you stuff in action, and how to jump to a higher level of lesson.

My deepest thanks for this!

For reasons of privacy, I’ve changed names. But the rest of it is verbatim ;)

Client message was first sent at 11.11, and we finished the session at 13.04. So it took a little under two hours after reaching out for the client to reach resolution on the issue.
To give you a bit of background, the client was married, and got divorced last year after discovering infidelity. Shortly afterwards, her 16-year-old son, John, died in a car accident. The client, Ann, is living alone with her 14-year-old daughter, Sue, and has recently ended a romantic relationship. That should fill in any blanks you have as you read.

Session Transcript

Session starts 11.11 AM

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Hi. Facing something I’m not sure how to deal with. Sue is going on a trip with her dad to meet the children of his girlfriend. She is the one he cheated on me with during our 20-year marriage. He likes to use material things to win the kids over and so does she. I’m scared. Sue and I are so close and I feel so uncomfortable with this. How do I compete with their happiness and material lavish. I’m her mama. They’ve become this happy family. I’m scared.

Give me the inner voice statements that are most present
Don't justify - just single serving statements
Also please just open your heart
Quite a big knot there
Just breathe it out with a Reiki breath release

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I’m scared.
She’s MY daughter
How do I compete with that?
They can be a happy family
I show love through talking and experiences
They show through money
I’m afraid of losing her to the other woman
He has always said I was the love of his life and this situation would never happen
If John was still here, this wouldn’t be happening. He never wanted to meet her. Now Sue is doing this on her own.
They have family. On this end it’s just me.

I'm lonely
And I'm scared I'll be left alone

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)

I'm scared I'll be abandoned because I'm not good enough
Say it out loud
Cycle it through
What's the next statements?
Unless you wanna cycle to God level?
How is this a God lesson?
How is God lonely?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
As creator? I’m feeling so confused right now.

I know
But you still have choice
So do you want to stay in personal lessons or do you want to shift and learn the God level lessons?
What you feel has nothing to do with what you learn
You're not obliged to feel this as personal pain
You can learn a higher lesson and bypass the identity level stuff
Lets the resonance flow down to the personal levels by clearing it higher up
You always have a choice about the kind of lessons you're learning

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I definitely want to shift and learn the God level lessons
I want to bypass personal pain. I’m so done with that

Okay so imagine this from God's point of view

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)

How do you think God is lonely
What does the experience teach you about God's point of view?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
We have free will on separation from god

Yes free will
And what do humans choose to do with that free will?
And when they choose to leave God, how do you think that makes him feel?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)


Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Scared like I am right now?

And powerless
And jealous
And angry
And possessive
It makes him desire and miss them
Want them to come home
And like you, he offers security
And the world tempts with the instant gratification of money
Hard to fight against, isn't it?
All those bells and whistles?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)

How does that help you to understand God more?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
As a parent, how does God let us all go like that?

It's like being detached as a healer
Or as someone that wants to change the world
You have to leave your kids to that free will
Another lesson…
Can you see how the experience and emotions only served as a catalyst and reference for you to extrapolate gods understanding?
And that the parent child relationship is God/creator and worshipper?
It's a recursion of the God relationship
So whenever you're thinking parent child it truly reflects God worshipper

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes! I don’t like feeling this fear. It’s foreign to me

It's a terrible fear
Can you see why God sent us?
Why he's fighting so hard for us to come home?
Why he sent us to save the others?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes, so much

This, by the way, is what I call "the chosen one" lesson
Sue's your only point of focus for the energy
So it played out where it could
And this is dark night - everything gets stripped from you
The job here is to find your centre of calm in the fear
If you bow to the fear you can't think clearly
You add more fear to the morphic field
Which links you to the inherent programmed fear in the field of losing a child
And that exacerbates what you're feeling
So centre
Take a deep breath
And cut off all cords and energies from the field
Say out loud - just me
Three times

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Better :)

How much?
Give a measure
Scale of one to ten
Where were you previously, where are you now?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Was a ten on the fear scale. Now a 3.

Ooooh nice
Well done!
How do you feel differently about the situation with Sue now?
And how much more do you understand the role that free will plays in everything?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I’m her mama and our love is strong. I understand that she has free will in her relationships outside of me. My love for her will never change

Very nice
And free will as a bigger picture?
In what God does and what we're here to do?
How does free will drive uncertainty? And how does it make it hard to see what is going to play out?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
It drives uncertainty in that I can’t control her feelings in relationships with anyone else outside of us. I can’t control how she (or anyone else) drives our relationship- being close, sharing experiences, luring with money etc. I guess free will strips her faith in me until she chooses it

That was my next lead
Can you see why serving God has to be a free will choice?
And why the ego traps practice is so important?
If you constantly have to choose, and you NEED ego to EXIST, then you'll always be fighting the ego battle

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes exactly

So how has this particular shift made you stronger at doing that?
What skills have you learned?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Well, hard to let go of a child and allow free will. But I know that’s necessary. It was easier with John because of his behavior. Circumstances have now made me face it with Sue.
My faith is stronger. I want to serve God without question and set ego aside
Oh and the personalization of it all. Letting it all just be

So think what God went through.... sending Jesus, having him die, and then sending us out to do this again
Personalisation is easier if you look for higher level lessons
Eventually looking for those lessons becomes a habit

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I look forward to that :)

Can you see how it filters down to the personal lessons when you focus higher?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)

How much more easily you dealt with the same content by putting it into another context
Wanna go to cosmic lessons for shits and giggles?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)

Okay so cosmic lessons are about recursions of the creation story
This is a recursion of Eros leaving erotica to manage her part of creation alone, and create this one with children he had stolen of hers
That is a recursion of the first shock of separation
So when I AM thought I am that I am, it wanted to know itself
It looked around and there was nothing to mirror against
And so it decided to split
That split gave it a mirror to reflect against, but left a shock imprint of separation
That's the core of all separation pain we feel
So the act of creation is, be necessity, an act of abandonment and destruction
Separation is required for creation
Can you see that?
What thoughts does that trigger?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes of course
As a mother, bringing a child into the world, I created separation from me.
She is a huge part of me, my heart. But I don’t rule her
Yes she has free will

And you have to honor that
Even if it causes you pain
I am could have looked at the mirror it created and that mirror may NOT have reflected love and rejoined I am in tantric Union
The mirror had a choice
And that's the core of disruption in all bonds
When the mirror reflects you, it has a choice
Free will means you have to honor that choice
You do that by stepping past personalisation and ego ;)
It's just a program
If she goes out and returns to you, it's by her free will choice
And that doesn't mean you'll have her all the time either
So, want to go a level deeper?
Can you cope with another layer?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)

Can you see how the lack of a romantic focus in your life has over-emphasized the relationship with Sue?
Are you putting too much pressure on her to be your companion?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes I can see that. I always put her first

Do you put her first or turn to her first?
Is it putting her first or is it making her your focus so that you don't look at other stuff as much?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Ha! Turn to her first. It’s like I don’t want to let her down or think that she’s not my number one focus. Things have changed so much after the divorce and losing John, I’m not quite sure how to center our relationship

And you're also focusing too much on pulling her in when she's in a life stage of spreading her wings
How can spreading her wings help her deal with John's death?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
And I know she’s unsure of how to deal with me. Should she be the child or take care of me

Secular calls this empty nest
Replace your ex with the excitement of college and it's the same thing
Or moving across country for a job or marriage

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
She needs to spread her wings. She’s ready but holding back

Well she's transitioning to an adult
She's becoming a carer herself
It's her life stage
Do you think she feels guilty for leaving you alone?
Do you think that holds her back?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes sometimes
She wants to take care of everyone

Would it help her if you gave your verbal approval for this visit?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)

How would it help her?
And what could you say?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I’ve been very positive about it. Excited that she gets to see San Francisco again. Asked her how she feels about meeting the girlfriend's kids. Comforting her that they are in the same position that she is.
She doesn’t know I’m feeling the way I am. Well, I’m sure she feels it, that’s who she is.

So if you were honest with her and shared your fears?
How that could conversation go and how would it benefit your relationship?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I’m afraid she’d put so much pressure on herself. But it would be good to have it in the open. It would let her know that I’m always here as her mom. I want her to be happy with her dad too.

Okay so how could you be honest and not put pressure on her?
Practice the words

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I love you, and I know you’ll enjoy the time with your Dad. We don’t always have the same experiences that you have with your Dad and Monica, but I will always share my love with you.

Okay so, I'd go deeper if it was me
I'd say something like:
It's scary for me that you're going to your dad.
I kinda feel like I can't compete and I'll lose you - which I know is silly to feel. But we've had a lot of loss we've faced and we're both still healing
I want us to clear the air and be more honest
So I'm telling you how I really feel
It's scary for me that you're going, but I love you and I want you to have fun
Enjoy the time with them
Get to know them
Because it's important you have connections and family beyond me
You deserve to have many people that love you
So have fun, and open your heart and mind, and enjoy them
I really can't wait to hear about all the fun you had - even if it does make me feel a little bit jealous
Love you kiddo
I know you'll be amazing
How would something like that make you feel?
And how could it change the entire tone of the communication with Sue?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
That’s exactly what I want to say. And I think it would completely open up our communication. I know she’s a little scared to meet everyone and how that will impact our relationship as well.

So do you want to give that a bash?
Maybe do a written version that you can read to her or even send to her so she has time to process?
Can you see what I did in the wording?
Owning each of the dark aspects?
How will that help her as a person over the long term?

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
She will feel fear and jealousy, but it’s ok, she can work beyond it

Yes :)
It gives her a model to make it okay to accept her feelings
Which is going to make processing John's death easier

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Ah yes

And open lines of communication between you
This is how I speak to jelly ;)
It's the transition from parent to friend now :)
13 is spiritual maturity
After that they're quasi adults :)

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
We’re really open, but trip up when it comes to stuff between her dad and I.
It really is. We are more friends than mother child. I want to hold onto that.

Jelly and I are friends as well
I do the same with Carl
They don't want parents
They want company and be to seen
To have their feelings and thoughts respected

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes exactly

An experience like this is such great practice for her
I was blessed to be there to take jelly through all the bumpy stuff and I got to make sure she learned from it
Did it the right way
And now she has amazing habits
And proper expectations
And standards lol ;)

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
I hope to give that to Sue. Her dad is a bit clueless with this stuff lol

And that's where you will be the support parent structure
They value that much more than money
I see it with my two
They're happy to sit at home with me and chat
Tend to avoid the dads lol
Or come here to vent about the dads

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yep same here

It's also a great opportunity to show her the relative lack of value of money chasing in life
I've wanted to write an article for years.... Money and gifts are not a love language
They're what you give so that you don't actually have to invest time and effort

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes!  Just this week, I spent hours driving her to pick up friends so they could be together over a scary school shooting threat. Have lunch, exchange hugs, etc. it was about giving her that experience and my time and attention. Not things.

And that becomes part of her model for how she approaches the world
Once she builds that habit with you, it becomes part of her person
Shapes how much she chases money in her life
My parents' wealth forced me to strive for money
It was only when my stepmom died and the pressure was off that I could start seeing life without money
That I could see the value in a life beyond success
They were the main parents until she died
It shapes you hugely
Jelly living with me through all the money stuff, and not having it hidden from her, has made her very anti chasing money
But I had to take her through the years of sacrifice
All we need to be happy together now is each other
That's what we built
And we've spoken a lot about money
How it shapes you
She needs to see and experience it in them to have the contrast and internal reference to understand it for herself
Each time she sees them, the reality of them, it becomes examples you can use to illustrate the differences
The broader experience will help her grow faster
And the contrast lets her see the value in what you offer
Otherwise it's all just theory :)
That's the point of everything we go through with the lessons - so it isn't just theory
You "experience" it for yourself
And experience is immersive

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
It is immersive. She comes home saying how much each of her new things costs. Drives me nuts, but she is definitely learning the contrast

Yes and she has to go through that experience
It's the ego battle
She's seeing value in terms of price
And if she uses her free will to maintain that value system, there's nothing you can do about it
It's something you're powerless to change
She makes her choices about her belief system
They all do
It's the risk we all take with parenting
That's what free will means

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Very true... she absolutely does. Funny how I easily understood free will with John, but just not with Sue.
Thank you for talking with me. It has helped so much!!

Hugest of pleasures
And to close we cycled back to God giving us free will and letting us loose ;)
See that?
Nice way to close it
You have to honor free will choice
It's the first law
We are all bound by it

Ann (Mom - Daughter Sue - Recently Deceased Son John)
Yes we did! We have our babies, but they have free will just like all of us with God.
Thank you again!!! ❤

Hugest of pleasures ❤

Session Ends 13.04 PM

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