Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship & Tools to Manage the Experience

Romantic Relationships

  • Twin Flame Dualities, LGBTQ & Poly

    Once you start understanding the whole twin flame duality thing, and how it’s about reconciling opposite extremes to find new balance, you can see how it’s playing out a societal level in the LGBTQ and poly movements.

  • Twin flame energy techniques for grounding and bonding

    The following energy exercises will help you ground more effectively, as well as bond you closer to your twin flame.

    As you and your twin flame bond more closely on the spiritual and energetic levels, it will be easier for you to reconcile the issues that hold you apart. In addition, your already powerful love will grow exponentially; until it reaches that intensity that you long for to fulfill you.

  • Twin Flame Relationship Challenges

    Around the world twin flame relationships are appearing and exploding – in a good way and bad.

    Often though, twin flame relationships are faced with major challenges right from the beginning – why?

  • Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Restoring the Push-Pull Duality

    Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Restoring the Push-Pull Duality

    So another Twin Flame exercise for you to leverage to feel more whole. This exercise will rectify the push-pull effect of your Twin Flame.

    There are two other posts before this with exercises - both have Twin Flame Break Up in the title. You’ll find them pretty easily :)

  • Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Restoring the Twin Flame Divine Love Template

    Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Restoring the Twin Flame Divine Love Template

    How to release that deep bonding love feeling that makes you feel like you’ve been cut off at the core and a part of you is missing.

    Okay wow…. Twin Flame info coming through thick and fast and apparently we’re releasing stuff.

    One of the big problems for Twin Flames is that one or both of you finds it impossible to walk away. You try for a while, but it hardly ever lasts.

    Eventually you hear and feel the psychic pull and one of you reaches out - and the moment you do peace settles in again.

    Likewise the Twin Flame love experience… it’s way beyond a normal romantic love experience.

    It’s obsessive, addictive, you crave it - and from the moment your Twin Flame enters your life, it’s pretty much all you can think about. The relationship because the reason for everything and the core point of focus in all areas of your life.

  • Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Spiritual Divorce

    Twin Flame Reset or Break Up Release Exercise - Spiritual Divorce

    Okay Twin Flames…

    If you are in a difficult Twin Flame that you want to bring resolution to, then use the following exercise.

    By resolution I mean you want to break up, or walk away, or give yourself a clean chance of walking away.

    You can also do this during this time where we’re clearing stuff to reset the Twin Flame bond and redo from scratch.

    Here’s the nutshell: if your eye was drawn to this and you feel a pull, then you are one of the Twins that needs to perform this exercise.

  • Twin flames and soulmates – what’s the difference?

    Over the past few months the concept of twin flames has been widely spoken about, but just what is the difference between a soulmate and twin flame, and why does it matter?

  • Unconditional love: Perpetuating a lack of personal responsibility

    There's no such thing as unconditional love. So, why do we keep lying about unconditional love?

    Unconditional love is a concept people love to bandy around - especially in spiritual circles, where anything that does not meet another person’s Godview of all-loving gets you labelled and judged.

  • Understanding Sexual Jargon

    With an ever-expanding awareness of sex and sexuality growing around us, what do sexual jargon terms like asexual, demisexual, sapiosexual and kink actually mean?

  • Walking away from your twin flame

    For many of the twin flames that are currently on earth, the shift over the last few years has taken its toll on our relationship and we have to walk away and end the entanglement. What can you expect and do if you find yourself in this situation?

  • What is a relationship?

    What is a relationship? A true relationship is three things:

    1. An agreement that creates a connection of thought layers in the morphic field
    2. A permanent place or space created for the partner's identity
    3. A revelation of the self to the partner
  • What is Love?

    What is Love? We tend to think of love as being a thing in and of itself, when really love is a catch all and collective term for a whole bunch of expectations and behaviors.

    We do this in language - codify and simplify ideas down to single words, like saying daisy instead of small yellow or white flower with twenty or more oval petals that grows a few cm off the ground.

  • Why are empaths such easy targets for narcissists and psychopaths?

    Why are empaths such easy targets for narcissists and psychopaths?

    It’s no secret that those with narcissistic and psychopathic personalities and tendencies choose their victims carefully, but what are the characteristics they look for - and how does that make empaths such an easy target?

  • Why are Twin Flames so important?

    Why are Twin Flames so important?

    When I got this info now I was quite shocked… as you always are with an obvious revelation LOL :)

  • Why cheating, infidelity, betrayal and jealousy hurt so very much

    What causes the pain of jealousy we feel in sexual and romantic infidelity and betrayal?

    So the journey for me is really about moments like this, when you receive a revelation of information so profound, that ties together so many loose ends, that brings so much internal peace, that you just cannot deny it.

    Bear with me, because this requires some background.

  • Why you feel like you can't forget your ex Twin Flame

    Why can't you forget your ex - or do you feel like you shouldn't forget him or her?

  • Why you should be having sex during these difficult times

    When the proverbial hits the fan, it’s easy to let go of the intimacy and connection in your romantic relationship, letting sex fall to the wayside.

    That’s silly really, because sex is the cheapest and best tool you have available to help you ride out the current storms you’re facing in life.

  • Why your twin flame relationship had to end – the good news

    Why do twin flame relationships have to end and what good or helpful lesson could possibly come out of an experience so painful?

  • Yes, #MenAreTrash - and Women are largely to blame

    Yes, #MenAreTrash - and Women are largely to blame

    Like so many in the world, I’d pretty much gone into hibernation as I dealt with stuff in my life over the past few months.

    So it was with interest - but not surprise - that I read about the #MenAreTrash campaign on social media.

    I wasn’t surprised, because truth be told, I have heard this sentiment repeated by basically every woman I’ve spoken to in the past few months. Men Are Trash.

    In one way or another, women everywhere are starting to wake up to this fact - and we’re tired of it.

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