So, you think you’re open minded?

So, you think you’re open minded?

You’ve got 3 chances to prove it! LOL ;)

Give these a whirl…


Off the top of your head, list any 33 words in random order, without stopping.

It can be any words, but not a memorized piece of prose or poetry. It must just be a list of random words, e.g. fish, crayon, tire, monkey.

The list cannot contain anything you can see in the room around you. You cannot repeat any word.

Try doing it with your eyes closed for a bigger challenge.

Try having someone counting out loud while you do it for an even bigger challenge.


For the next exercise, you are going to stand up and walk around the room for as long as you can.

As you look at each item, you are to say a word that is NOT the name of the object.

So you can see a table and say “banana” or “fish” or “crayon” or “Napoleon”, but if you say table you’re out.

Try to aim for 33 words or give yourself a fixed time limit - set your phone timer.

It’s worth it to try and keep going even if you stumble. It’s a lot harder than you think.

Video version of this tool:


Mental Exercises

Think of the person or thing you detest the most in the world.

  • Now list 3 positive things about that aspect.


Think of a minority rights issue that drives you insane.

  • List 3 reasons why these people have a valid claim.


Think of criminal act that really sickens you.

  • Now list 3 reasons why perpetrators of this crime could have no choice but to land up like this.


Think about your religion, dogma, doctrine and spirituality.

  • List 3 doubts that you have about what you believe.


Think about your biggest childhood issue with your parents.

  • List 3 reasons why that never happened and was all just about how you perceived it.


Think about all the things your parents did wrong.

  • List 3 ways in which you are or would be a similarly bad parent.


Did somebody say something that really offended you?

  • List 3 reasons why this person was absolutely right in what they said.


Think of something that drives you insane about someone close to you.

  • Now list 3 ways in which you are guilty of doing exactly the same thing.


Think of an argument you are having, or have had, with someone close to you.

  • List 3 reasons why you were totally right.
  • List 3 reasons why they were totally right.
  • List 3 reasons why you are both right.
  • List 3 reasons why you are both wrong.
  • List 3 reasons for what really happened that are not any of the above.


Think of the weirdest, craziest experience you have had lately.

  • List 3 logical and scientific reasons for this happening.
  • List 3 metaphysical reasons why this happened.
  • Tell 3 spiritual people close to you about your experience in detail.


Think about your parents and your relationship with them.

  • List 3 reasons why your parents are the major cause of every issue in your life.
  • List 3 reasons why your parents are not to blame for anything that is wrong.
  • List 3 reasons why your grandparents are entirely to blame for the way your parents are.
  • List 3 reasons why all the issues in your life are karmic.


Have fun <3

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