Social & Societal Issues

  • The Money Problem Part 4 - The global impact & why is this happening?

    The first thing you must understand about the money problem right now is that it’s everywhere.

    In every country, on every continent, at every level of normal, middle and lower class, people are finding life expensive. Nowhere seems to be immune really.

    Please scroll down for the video version.

  • The Secret, Getting What Your Ego Wants & Other Lies

    The lies of books like The Secret.

    So people are starting to get irritated by The Secret and Abraham Hicks and others who teach manifestation for the purposes of your ego desires.

  • The social and alternative media censorship and clampdown

    Lightworkers - Here’s an action you can take to make an immediate difference

  • The Socially Unacceptable Heartbreak of finding out You're The Other Woman

    Alternate Reality Teaching Post 1 - The Basic Storyline & Emotional Layers

    Like so many women around the world that I am now hearing from and about, my life was brought to a rude and abrupt halt just over a month ago, when I found out that the love of my life, the man I had been involved with for the past four years, is married to someone else.

    And he has two young kids to boot, which alone would have been an exclusion factor for me, even if he’d been divorced and available to enter the relationship with me.

    The even worse part? We’d been friends for six months before getting involved - and he knew I would not tolerate or accept any of the abovementioned in my life.

    So he purposefully abused my friendship and trust to manipulate me into a relationship I would never have knowingly entered.

    The worst part? He had two FEMALE friends who assisted him in the lie and in manipulating me into entering a relationship with him.

  • The Trump Thing

    In between painters, a flooded house and a crazy workload, I haven’t had much of a chance to get onto social media and media to see what people are saying, but the little bit I have seen worries me enormously.

    Everything I have seen so far is people spreading messaging of hatred and fear – we’re going to create our own reality with this.

  • What’s happened to all the money in the world and how do we fix the current global economic crisis we’re in quickly, so that we get the economy moving again?

    Between 2010 and 2015, the personal wealth of the world’s 62 richest people increased by USD 500 billion. During the same period the wealth of the poorest 50% dropped by 41%, despite a global population increase of 400 million people.

    Now go back and look at those figures again, and then realize that those 62 richest people have as much money as the poorest 50% of the world’s population combined.

  • Twin Flames... why do you long to be in a relationship?

    Where does the yearning come from that keeps pulling you to seek romantic love and a partner?

    Everytime ONE reconciles in unification again, all the missing parts of soul (identities) that were sent to hell and "deleted" at the end of unity, leave behind a darkness in ONE that manifests as loneliness.

  • There's no such thing as unconditional love. So, why do we keep lying about unconditional love?

    Unconditional love is a concept people love to bandy around - especially in spiritual circles, where anything that does not meet another person’s Godview of all-loving gets you labelled and judged.

  • Understanding Free Will

    Okay so reaching an interesting stage on unpacking free will, a stage that always happens for me.

    So this post is about the content, as well as the mechanism of the stage I’m at. it’s a double whammy learning LOL

    So the mechanism and stage is a scaled list, and even mirrors started like this.

    You’ve seen this in other scales and codifications, like PEMSC (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cosmic) and the levels of lessons in faith, for example.

    It’s really an ordered duality scale, and seeing the scale is always a marker that you’re going through to new levels of understanding in a short while.

    When it appears, it will appear as a bunch of dualities, which will have a common thread. One of my favorites is the surrender scale:

  • One of the interesting things that’s happened with my recent surges is that I am aware of the field and what’s happening in it ALL THE TIME. I’m really seeing in action how so much of what we feel and experience is fed to us by the field.

    A key insight for me over this last period is that the morphic field controls every aspect of our lives – including birth and death. If you carried death in you then you wouldn’t be able to live, and if you carried life, then you wouldn’t be able to die. So birth and the start of life is really about entering the morphic field.

  • Walking your Talk & the Courage of your Convictions

    So the theme for almost everyone I’m speaking to right now is, or is becoming, walking your talk. Pretty much what I’ve been talking about the last while LOL :)

    It’s huge isn’t it? That fear of what people will think of you.

    Will they think you’re nuts? Will they start avoiding you? Will they - horror of horrors - think you’re arrogant?

  • We paralyze ourselves ourselves into inadequacy with political correctness

    What’s the euphemism you use for male and female genitalia? What catchphrase do you use when going to the loo?

    The idea of couching things when we say them, in order not to offend the sensibilities of others, is VERY entrenched in us. The whole of human relationships is about making sure that people approve of you so that they stay in your life.

  • In this article, we look at the fact that we’re creating a world for children and why it can only make us egotistical and unhappy over the long term.

  • What are your plans for Lent 2018?

    So if you don't know what Lent is, it's 40 days of voluntary sacrifice of something to mark Jesus's 40 days in the desert.

    This year, Lent runs from Wednesday 14 February, to Thursday 29 March, the day before Good Friday.

    The rules of Lent are that you sacrifice or give up something that will be difficult for you to give up.

    There's no point if you don't feel the sacrifice.

  • When you first start working with statements, and releasing issues on the cognitive level, it feels like very slow going at first…. I mean you’re answering question after question, bringing statement after statement to awareness, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve made any progress.

  • What is God and understanding God as ALL-that-is

    An analogy to help you understand God as ALL-that-is

    People have difficulty with the technical concepts around what God is; this analogy will help you understand God as ALL-that-is.

    A human is a single being, but when you zoom in closer, you quickly realize that the human body is nothing more than a massive collection of billions of cells working in unified harmony.

    Each cell contains the whole of the larger being, in that it contains DNA and RNA, and therefore could be used to clone a complete new body.

    So each cell is a miniature but complete and separated version or image of the whole human being.

  • There was a really interesting experiment done a few years back that shows how DNA immediately affects the environment around us by pulling atomic elements like photons into a holding pattern.

    Effectively, what is happening is that Source is sending microwave particles of light and energy from the sun with all these storms, burst and flares.

  • Have you ever wondered how forgiveness works? And what "hell" is?

    Lol I wonder about these things all the time, clearly ;) The answer, as always, is fascinating...

    Again it's about different layers and roles in the cosmos, and one of the roles of the Gods is to hold unresolved emotion.

  • What is Love? We tend to think of love as being a thing in and of itself, when really love is a catch all and collective term for a whole bunch of expectations and behaviors.

    We do this in language - codify and simplify ideas down to single words, like saying daisy instead of small yellow or white flower with twenty or more oval petals that grows a few cm off the ground.

  • As we come off the end of the big part of the shift and we adapt back into secular life and reality, how are you having to adjust yourself for the people around you - in order to fit in?

    One of the things you experience firsthand in healing and development work - but don't often hear about - is the fact that you get greater clarity - thinking, understanding and knowing become easier, and you become noticeably smarter.

    Are you tempering the intelligence you've gained?

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