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  • What to do and expect in the coming period between 29 May 2017 - 19 September 2017

    Okay so the same question from a lot of folks… what to do and expect the coming period. Especially for Twin Flames.

    Here’s the overview - save this post!!!

  • Whether or not you like it, your children will most likely be exposed to drugs at some point in their lives.

    What do you do when your child does try drugs and has a bad trip, and what can you expect to face?

  • Retrenchment, even if you have voluntarily agreed to go through with it, is a horrible experience. And the only thing worse than being retrenched is having to stand in front of people and retrench them.

    Whether or not you’re expecting to hear it, the news that you’ve been retrenched hits you like a sucker punch, usually in the stomach and around the chest region. If you’re one of the unluckier ones, it can feel like your whole body has been slammed into a brick wall.

  • What you’re not expecting about marketing a spiritual, personal development or healing business

    In my former life, before I was a loud, ballsy, offensive teacher and healer LOL, I was a marketing aficionado.

    Naturally, I thought that when I delved out into the teaching and healing world, that I would be able to translate my knowledge and success into a parallel success in this market.

    LOL… I thoroughly saw my ass with that ;)

    Luckily I have a GREAT of a sense of humor when it comes to failure, trials and shifting... so here we are to unpack the unique aspects of spiritual marketing you’re NOT expecting.

  • So this theme has really been prevalent the past few days… giving up and what’s the point?

    Why does your life matter and why does all of this difficult stuff that you’re going through matter?

    How does it make a difference?

  • When you’re feeling like crap, don’t personalise it!

    When you personalise you grab onto the pain and linger on it; you keep mulling the thought over and over in your head.

  • Where my teachings come from & walking your talk

    Yes it’s time for you step forward and show yourself too! Stop being such a sissy LOL!

  • When you spend some time applying your mind to it, you’ll eventually come to realize that the whole of society is built around the basic idea of “don’t offend or get offended.”

    I’ve written a good few posts on this that you can go back to if you want more detail, but it’s not a stretch to see that "not offending someone" is the basic premise of the way our society is structured.

  • Why are empaths such easy targets for narcissists and psychopaths?

    It’s no secret that those with narcissistic and psychopathic personalities and tendencies choose their victims carefully, but what are the characteristics they look for - and how does that make empaths such an easy target?

  • In a nutshell, it's the morphic field.

    You had a great weekend or holiday, and you were pretty sure you were well rested... but this morning you feel tired and uninspired, and totally unmotivated, or as we'd say in SA, not lus at all :)

  • In this article we unpack the reasons behind why souls on a spiritual journey often have to face the dragon of depression and suicide.

    If you’ve moved in spiritual circles you’ll have noticed that spiritual journeyers often battle depression and suicide, or are diagnosed with other so-called mental or psychiatric illnesses. In fact, you often see this in people who start any kind of personal development journey… so why does it happen?

  • Why are you unhappy and depressed?

    I remember, as a young adult, hearing this term of “stress” for the first time… and not really knowing what it was.

    Like our current trends of instant gratification and FOMO, stress was the hot trending topic.

  • People are making a massive fuss about Caitlyn Jenner and the award for Woman of the Year in social media and online.

    Here are the reasons I think she deserves the title – and a hearty round of applause.

  • Why do we chase people in relationships?

    Chasing someone in romantic relationships is a recursion of the urge to oneness and seeking.

    When you chase you pursue or seek. All men will admit to the thrill of the chase thing.

  • Why do we need religion?

    And why does this keep coming back to religion somehow?

    I've spent years unpacking this and this is the answer I found.... we need the rules.

  • Around the world spiritual peeps are worried that their future feels uncertain. Why does your future feel uncertain – and why isn’t this a bad thing?

    If you’ve been on a spiritual journey, there’s usually a sense of direction and movement – a sense that you’re going somewhere. When do you get the odd moment that you feel directionless and unsure, it’s quite unsettling, usually part of a shift cycle, and it usually passes very quickly.

  • Why don't people think?

    The construct of society and media has reduced the amount of time they can focus - most can't even stay focused longer than a couple of hours.

  • Marijuana has countless medicinal applications and its legalization would take pressure off our justice system and push a new stream of income into the economy. Not to mention the benefits of being able to grow hemp.

    So why haven’t we legalized marijuana?

  • Why seekers hibernate and alienate people

    Theme: Complete alone, continuation of acceptance

  • Money and spirituality are uneasy bedfellows, and the truth is that many, if not most spiritual types have financial anxiety, worries and concern, and just can’t seem to get their lives together in that arena.

    So why do spiritual people battle with money? The answers might surprise you.

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