Soul fragmentation & retrieval with Shaman Jono

Under shamanic teaching, every time you undergo a shock or a trauma that impacts you deeply, a small piece of your soul hides itself away to protect you, and gets stuck at that moment in time.

Over time, especially if you've experienced ongoing shock and trauma, it becomes more and more difficult to function optimally without all the pieces of you intact, and so you start experiencing even more negative situations, shock and trauma that holds even more of your soul back from helping you live a full and happy life.

No matter how severe the trauma is by the world's standards, the effect is has on your energetic imprint is always unique to you, and you may find that something small compared to other incidents in your life has actually caused the most amount of damage.

Join Shaman Jono as he unpacks this process for you and teaches you how to reintegrate lost fragments of your soul.


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