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Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship & Tools to Manage the Experience
Strengthening your twin flame bond

Because twin flame relationships are about reconciling dualities, or extremes, they’re often not the easiest relationships to navigate.

What tools can you use to strengthen your bond with your twin flame and ensure that the relationship flows more smoothly over the long term?

The 48-hour rule

The really cool thing about twin flame relationships is that you most likely recognize them straight away and know you’ve found someone special. The downside is that the problems often start immediately too.

The 48-hour rule is designed to circumvent the inevitable break up cycle that might otherwise happen when you enter a relationship full of challenges. Simply put, the 48-hour rule states that if either of you ends the relationship, is not final until you come back and speak in person 48 hours later.

The reason the 48-hour rule works is that often we react impulsively in the moment, and regret our decisions a few hours or days later when we’ve calmed down. By giving yourselves a cooling off period you come back and reestablish the relationship without anyone losing face.

Over the long term, you’ll eventually reach a point where you don’t even bother to break up because you realise that you will always come back together.

The Forgiveness Mantra

The fact that you aren’t going to break up doesn’t mean you aren’t going to fight though, and this technique is designed to help you mitigate what happens inside the fights.

Often in our relationships it’s not the issue that’s actually an issue – it’s the way we behave towards each other in the communication around that issue. A common pitfall for many couples is that they reach out during an argument, not knowing what to say, but wanting to say something, and then they land up saying the wrong thing completely.

Instead, when you want to reach out to your partner – in any situation – and don’t know what to say, then just say: I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me.

It not only has the effect of defusing the situation, it also prevents you from blurting stuff out or saying the wrong thing. It’s a small technique that has a very powerful effect.

Infinity Bonding

The infinity bonding visualization utilizes one of the symbols of our current spiritual age – the infinity sign.

Imagine you and your partner facing towards each other kissing or in sexual union. You can also use this during coitus to strengthen your bond sexually.

Now see a point of light starting at the partner one’s heart, travelling up their head, and out their crown chakra. See the light arc up and over to enter partner two’s head, travel down to their heart and exit, entering partner one’s body again.

From here the light travels down the spine to the base chakra, where it exits, arcs up and around and enters partner two at the base chakra. The light then travels up to close the loop at the heart chakra and continues in an ongoing cycle.

I’ve found that this exercise increases awareness of your partner on all levels and helps you feel particularly close and bonded.

Gratitude Rampages

Because our twin flame is an additional part of us, any energy work that we do together is greatly enhanced. The fastest way to experience this is with a gratitude rampage.

The exercise is simple: every time you speak to each other, you aim to list as many things in your life or about each other that you are grateful for. You make a point of speaking as often as possible and you carry on for as many days as you can. In most cases you will both feel energetically lighter within 24 hours.

If you are manifesting something in particular, then you simply focus on jointly giving as much gratitude as possible for the thing you’re manifesting. The one huge benefit of working together is that you are accountable to each other and much less likely to let the practice fall to the wayside.

You also can’t brush over the exercise because you have to say the words out loud to each other, or type them in order to complete the technique.

Twin Flames, Soulmates & Romantic Relationships

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