Strip Like a Goddess DVD & Video Collection

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Strip Like a Goddess DVD Collection for Sale

Strip Like a Goddess is a comprehensive collection of over 20 classy striptease training videos that you can use in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Made by a woman, at home, for other women at home, Strip Like a Goddess is a beautifully presented series of videos, with an official guidebook, that will give you all the information you need to strip for your lover at home.


PLUS! In order to show you can do this at home, and what it looks like put together, we've included the uncut, unedited footage we pulled the moves from.


"Wow wow wow!!! Release your hidden Goddess with this step by step guide. It's a guaranteed confidence booster and your lover will be gobsmacked by your newfound seductiveness."

- says Abbigail


View the Strip Like a Goddess Trailer


View the Strip Like a Goddess Welcome Video


Buy Your Strip Like a Goddess Video Collection on DVD Now!


USD $99.00


Features & Benefits of Strip Like a Goddess

    • A simple slide layout with instructions, pictures and video makes it great for first and second language English speakers - there is no language barrier
    • All the videos in the collection are presented in exactly the same format as the trailer and introduction video - view it here:  
    • Learn the beginner basics like walking, dancing and the various hip rolls
    • Step by step breakdowns of dance moves shown
    • Each move is grouped with instant slow motion replays
    • Quick tips for a professional finish
    • Full unedited footage so that you can see what it looks like when you make it at home
    • Easily do advanced looking moves
    • Edgier ideas for Private & XXX Rated Toy Shows
    • Official Series Guidebook includes ALL diagrams used in the videos for handy reference
    • A GooglePlus Community where you can meet other subscribers and ask Chemory questions
    • Find out how to turn your lover on in just five seconds
    • Use your phone to make super sexy videos that keep the fires burning
    • Use only what you already have at home, like a chair
    • Use clothes from your closet

"The strip course is great. It is easy to follow, has good instructions and tips, and you look sexy as hell doing it. Just watching it made me feel sexy. Those moves are what I do for my man, simple yet always effective lol. Your videos make the whole process and stigma of strip tease less intimidating and frightening. It should appeal to any kind of woman."

- says Brandi


Strip Like a Goddess Video Series List

The hyperlinked videos are available to view for free, and you can access the course pages. Videos and content on certain pages will NOT be visible unless you are a subscriber.

  1. Introduction & Overview to the Strip Like a Goddess Series and what we will be covering
  2. I'm NOT pretty or thin enough tackles and debunks ladies' most common objection to strip tease for their lovers at home
  3. Covering Your Fat & Rolls teaches you how to drape, cover, hide and mask so that you look as sexy as you feel
  4. Good & Bad Outfits looks at the kind of outfits you should use for a great show
  5. Choosing & Using Heels unpacks the various kinds of high heels and shows you the pros & cons of each
  6. Details & Accessories looks at the little details that make all the difference... and a few edgier suggestions too. I warned you :)
  7. Girl Next Door Show Ideas from Your Closet is exactly what it sounds like!
  8. Using Your Arms & Hands focuses specifically on arms and hands, but we remind you throughout the series as well!
  9. Basic Moves & Stretches gives you the basic moves as stretches that you can incorporate into your daily exercise routine to increase your flexibility over time!
  10. Hip Roll Basics & Variations gives you the breakdown of the different kinds of hip rolls.... this is really the most important move you need!
  11. Developing Your Walk looks at the basic dancing moves you'll need... what to do with your feet so it looks like you're dancing in other words :)
  12. Standing Moves Basics unpacks a few ideas for what else to do when you're dancing upright
  13. Lap Dancing Part 1 unpacks, step-by-step, key lap dancing basics that will drive your lover wild!
  14. Lap Dancing Part 2 unpacks a few more advanced step-by-step lap dancing moves that will have your lover begging for more!
  15. Lap Dancing & Chair Moves looks at additional step-by-step moves you can use with or without a partner on a chair
  16. Chair Moves is a step-by-step breakdown of moves you can do on a chair - including a how to for the legs open wide!
  17. Chair Moves Unedited Sequence is the full unedited clip that the chair moves were pulled from so that you can see how it all fits together - and takes up a whole song!
  18. Floor Work Part 1 is a step-by-step breakdown of moves you can use while safely on the floor!
  19. Floor Work Part 2 carries on the step-by-step instruction we started in Part 1
  20. Floor Moves Unedited Sequence gives you the unedited clip to see what it all looks like uninterrupted and in one go
  21. Transitions takes another look at how to move from floor to chair to standing and back again - but we remind you throughout the series too!
  22. Music for Your Strip Tease unpacks what is important in a song and offers a range sexy song choices, with links to the YouTube videos!
  23. How to Start a Show is the honest ideas and advice if you've never introduced something like this before and don't know where to start
  24. How to Get Naked covers the information you need to know about actually getting naked in your strip tease, including how to take your panties off! We also show you throughout the series that you don't actually need to get naked at all!
  25. Private Shows is for those of you that want extra ideas on how to take your show to a whole new level - it's dirty and naughty, but full of pearls of wisdom!
  26. XXX Rated Toy Shows unpacks what you need to know if you really want to get down and dirty and blow your lover's mind. NOT for the faint of heart!
  27. How to Make SUPER SEXY Videos & Teasers for Your Lover tells you how to take your show digitally, and combined with the knowledge from the series, you'll realize you can get a whole lot of reward for very little actual work :)
  28. Two sexy Feel Good Focuses to help you get into a sexy mood to do this!


What is covered in Strip Like a Goddess?

The Strip Like a Goddess series covers basic moves, dancing sexily, chair work, floor moves, lap dancing and even saucier areas like private and toy shows.

  • stretching and getting more flexible
  • walking and dancing in heels
  • which heels to choose and why
  • basics moves you can reuse in a variety of ways
  • choosing the right outfits
  • choosing appropriate music
  • advanced looking moves that are really easy to do
  • why you only need a few moves
  • why lap dancing is your best friend if you feel too fat (we'll show you that your lover sees NOTHING in a lap dance!)

We also give you in depth insight into how to:

  • move and use your whole body
  • follow through on movements
  • transition
  • use your arms
  • cover your tummy and rolls, and other wobbly bits
  • tease without actually getting naked
  • make amazing videos at home for your lover
  • use your smart or camera phone to ignite your love life

We help you overcome beliefs like:

  • I'm not pretty or thin enough
  • I can never look that good
  • I don't know how to dance
  • I can never be sexy
  • I can't hide my fat!
  • I can't get naked! (Don't worry - you won't have to!!)


No equipment purchases or hidden costs!

With a comprehensive selection of training videos covering all the basic striptease moves, Strip Like a Goddess will enable you to tease and tantalize your lover using only what you already have in your home and in your closet.


No acrobatics, no pole work, no construction or emergency room visits required.... learn simple but sexy moves that you can start using today.


To show you how easy all of this actually is, all the actual footage is recorded at home, using only a smartphone and laptop.

It's edited at home too on iMovie..... and grouped together in handy clusters, so that each training video contains a series of steps with slow motion replays and guidelines to help you easily achieve the same results.

In addition there are diagrams for steps and moves, as well as a handy official guidebook that includes all the information in a written format for you.

In addition, we look at music choices, outfit choices, the tiny details that make all the difference, setting the tone, how to chose (and use!) heels, extra accessories you can use and so much more!


Buy Your Strip Like a Goddess Video Collection on DVD Now!


USD $99.00

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Strip Like a Goddess Video Collection

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