Suicide, Depression & Mental Illness

Down the Rabbit Hole Part 22 - Suicide, Depression & Mental Illness

Like so many empaths, I battled suicidal tendencies, depression and mental illness, in the form of bipolar and epilepsy, along the way. I was also told I have a "Histrionic Personality Disorder" because I'm too emotional.

And boy oh boy, was I ever plied with medicine to help me.... which it never did.

And then, I started looking for my own answers, and I realized that all so-called mental illness is just various stages along the spiritual journey - and how well you're coping with the cognitive dissonance.

The battle against cognitive dissonance is what sets seekers apart from those who can't - we have the ability to hold the conflict and live within that friction.

So that part where you keep collapsing and saying you can't on? That's exactly where you're telling the universe you're not equipped to do this.

The ability withstand that IS the distinguishing factor.

The second layer that contributes to the mental illness is the level of ego mitigation you've undergone, and whether you're prone to projection or personalization. 

People who are prone to projection lash out, and those prone to personalization tend to harm themselves. 

So someone who has a sudden experience of clairvoyance (hearing voices and seeing visions, or getting messages), will see their own ego first. This is mirrors.

If they are low on the Human Consciousness Scale, and tend to project, you're looking at psychopathy and schizophrenia. In order to appease the voices (which must be bad because that's all they know), an attack must be perpetrated on others.

Whereas someone who tends to personalize may block the messages by having a seizure, so epilepsy. It's still an attack that stops the voices, but it remains within the personal space of the self.  

If you really want help curing your suicide and depression, this can be done. It can be cured. But it is hard work.

Email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are ready to shift this once and for all.

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