Surviving a Twin Flame Relationship & Runner/Chaser Cycle with Chemory Gunko

When you meet and connect with a soulmate, you are connecting with an entity completely external to you. So you can cut cords, move the person away from you, move them out of your space, and get past them.

With a twin flame, the other entity you’re engaging with is you. This is a part of your very own soul, and anything you hold against this soul you’re holding against yourself.

This makes twin flame relationships tempestuous and fiery, because when you get unsettled or angry or irritated with your twin flame, any negative energy you direct to them you’re also directing at yourself. So this means that you have to be super-vigilant about what you’re thinking and putting out there all the time.

Twin Flames also trigger duality lessons, the push-pull effect where they are constantly out of sync and the runner/chaser cycle. You will often have to perform healing and growth work across the twin flame paring to see results, because elements of what you need to release will lie in your twin flame, and they can only be released at the same time.

This workshop includes tools and resources that you can apply immediately to find peace in your twin flame.


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