The Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group

The Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group

When I started the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group, I called it advanced for a reason - I want to attract the bravest, boldest, wisest spiritual minds together into a single community.

First it was born of need - other groups are littered with free readings, and selfies demanding free readings, and a zillion requests for help and healing on a personal level, and so teaching gets lost in the mire.

Secondly, it has been about gathering together people for whom the shift is a very real mission and job - and about way more than just their personal happiness.

For these people this shift is about changing the world, changing humanity, leaving a noticeable impact along the way.

For the people here this is more than personal happiness, comfort, enjoyment and experience - it’s about serving God, or Source, or universe.

We really don’t care what your creed or dogma is, because we see the point where all the religions are the same. So we include everything.

Here we are interested in ideas like sharing learning so that we practice our voices for debates and speaking out there; and shortcutting lessons and understanding so that we don’t have to waste time unpacking what someone else has already gotten.

We learn and shift together here.


This is NOT the group where you’re going to learn chakra basics and it shouldn’t be - there are plenty of groups like that.

Here you will learn mental focus applications, expand your consciousness, grow your healing knowledge and benefit from incredible teaching and shortcuts.

You’re going to grow and you’re going to mitigate ego - and that’s not for everybody. Growth is painful and requires you to face your dark.

This is a group of big egos with strong voices and powerful energy who will fight back when you come in with a strong opinion, cos it’s no holds barred.


And yes I rule with an iron fist…. but I run one of the only groups around that is not plagued by politics, bending to the will of an uneducated majority, or flooding your feed with unnecessary and fluffy posts that drain you and demand of you.

So I will continue to rule with an iron fist - and exclude anyone that doesn’t play by the rules - regardless of how unpopular that makes me.

This is NOT a group for you to market your products and blindly distribute content - every post has to have teaching value.

If you post a link or video and you do not include a text write up explaining what it is and the content contained, your post will be deleted. Every post is vetted by the admins.


Ego and the system are about likability - and people want things to be likable according to their standards.

That’s the politics issue happening in every other group… people want to dictate what something should be when they join it.

If you are strong enough, smart enough, wise enough and have come far enough on your own, or are hungry enough, you will become known to us.

There is no need for us to include you or make you comfortable at this level development.

None of us are interested in converting anyone or convincing them of our way, because external validation isn’t required.

So if you disagree ignore the post. Or leave the group. Or debate hard…. but know your stuff and be prepared that we will come back just as hard, if not harder.


I take this lightworker mission very seriously.

Only God’s plan for salvation will work, and God’s plan is not about our personal fulfillment and instant gratification.

God’s plan is Heaven on Earth - a world where the energy is clear enough for the Gods to walk among us.

There are not many people of this particular mindset in the world - there only need to be 144,000 of us in total for the shift to work.

So, chances are that if you’re feeling this group is wrong for you, it probably is. We’re definitely a very niche cup of tea.

If however you are looking for a group of serious seekers, who really want to achieve enlightenment and want to learn together, then you are welcome to join us.

If you’re looking for answers you haven’t been able to find anywhere else, chances are good we’ll have them, or help you find them.

You don’t need to relax and enjoy this, you don’t need to slow down, you don’t need to stay stuck.

If you want forward movement, real teaching and real growth, we’ve got it.

If you’re ballsy enough to do what it takes, that is.

Love & light always
Chemory xo

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