The Big Spiritual Transformation & Awakening

The Big Spiritual Transformation & Awakening

Being a Lightworker Voice & the Fear & Shame You Face... and How We Use Critical Mass to Change the World

So yes, I can see people waking up to the fear of judgement from humans around them as they step forward and show themselves.

Here’s something you didn’t guess: I feel the same fear. Often with every post I do. Ego mitigation work allows me to step over the shame and fear and follow the promptings anyway.

And then sometimes, I spot a missing piece of info that I know will make your load easier, but makes me look like a fruit loop when I post it, but I post it anyway. That’s the job.

This is not easy to do

You know all those traumas and difficult situations you faced in your life? That was training and practice for this.

And don’t doubt it - stepping forward for the lightworkers and showing your true self will take enormous courage on your part.

What is Society?

Society is basically the result of ego.

Ego separates you from yourself and others through a series of internal emotional responses that make you feel inferior or superior to the person or situation in front of you.

When you judge or are angry at something you feel superior to it. Anger can also stem from feeling inferior and wanting to make yourself feel superior.

Shame, doubt, vulnerability, humiliation, embarrassment, possessiveness, jealousy, competition, frustration, impatience, envy, awe and admiration all occur because you feel inferior to the person or situation in front of you.

Society is a bunch of rules designed to support ego, and every societal construct we have is designed to ensure that you don’t SHOW superiority that makes others feel inferior.

Think about it - if you acknowledge your own talents, you’re arrogant. Truly talented people, according to society, are humble and don’t know their own skills.

But that’s a complete misnomer - you cannot effectively work with a skill you cannot acknowledge. I can’t heal you if I don’t know I have healing skills. I can’t read you if I don’t know my psychic abilities. Every time I trust these abilities more, the results I get improve. It’s basic manifestation.

So people meet someone else whose abilities and presence make them feel inferior and then label that person arrogant. Or my favorite - they label the other person judgmental. WTF? Mirrors much? LOL.

The whole of society is basically making sure that other people feel more important than you at all times. And then it tells you to stand out, be special, be unique and know your unique worth.

To know your self worth in society is actually to know that you matter less than anyone around you at all times. Come on. Is this really a model worth upholding?

You can’t say or do anything that offends their model of the world, and it’s possible to offend their internal model so much that you can be tied into another lifetime to make it up to them. We call that karma.

Just think about that for a minute… one little human life of a few short years, and that identity can be so offended by what someone did, that the other soul is required to live an entire extra life to redress the balance. That’s taking the self pity gland to the whole next level.

You even see it in the term humility - which people love to bandy around.

In society we believe that humility means that you will like the person in front of you and in no way will you be offended by their presence, actions, words or deeds.

In fact, humility means having a low opinion of your worth and talents. That’s the dictionary definition. And it’s not what God tells me at all. God tells me to be SURE I am connected to Source. To stand firm in my knowledge of Him.

So when somebody’s telling you to be humble, they’re telling you to stop believing in yourself and your abilities, make yourself smaller than them and not achieve anything greater. And if you do achieve anything greater, you must make THEM feel good about it when you are in their presence.

Your wins must boost their ego - or you’re arrogant.

In essence therefore, society is just a bunch of lies… and then we all say we want honesty in communication.

You can’t have that because the whole social structure is based on telling lies so as to not offend anyone.

Read more on arrogance and humility in spirituality at

Lies & Honesty

Our whole lives we’ve been told to sit down, keep quiet and be less.

We offend people, we piss them off. We challenge the status quo and push for things to be better - and that takes people outside their comfort zones.

People do not like being uncomfortable or challenged. I experience this first hand everyday.

Lightworkers from the New Age streams hate the word God. And don’t even think about mentioning the Holy Spirit or Jesus.

But don’t dare mention healing or alternate therapies to a Christian - that’s Satanic.

I can write about sex in mainstream media and have the articles do so well that the editor emails to congratulate me on the number of reads - and then be shot down by women because I dare to distribute healthy sexual information. It’s pornographic to even mention sex.

People can’t associate themselves with sex - it’s disgusting. Okay and I suppose you were a virgin birth and are still a virgin?

But let me put out an article about lightwork on the same forum and I have other columnists write pieces to lambaste and attack me for believing that we can change the world. Or that there may be a spiritual aspect to life. Or that mainstream people deserve access to spiritual information.

I can teach about Twin Flames…. but I dare not teach sex. Because why on earth would we need to worry about sex in romantic relationships? I mean that makes no sense at all.

And believe me the list of examples can go on forever...

It's plain old ego!

Ego dictates that 'the truth I know is the highest and most valid truth'. This is why people don’t want to hear your opinions - a higher truth will always trump.

If they hear a higher truth they will be forced to accept it - this is why realizations work. The moment you have that aha thought of realization, it becomes obvious and undeniable. Then you have changed them and people don’t like to be changed.

Ego’s job is to fight soul - it’s fighting for its very life. If soul wins ego dies. So ego is going to fight hard.

And ego is the enemy we’re facing - both in ourselves and others.

You’re going to step out there sure of the knowledge you have, and when you walk into a situation, the cognitive dissonance of their energy takes over, feeding your cognitive dissonance throughout the morphic field.

This will make you feel scared, doubtful, ashamed, fearful, worried, anxious, concerned and a whole range of ego reactions.

These emotions will make you edit the message, or forget the message, or make the message come out distorted. Why? Because you’re trying to change it so that you don’t offend the person in front of you.

This happens with speaking in tongues. You’re ashamed of conveying the message you receive in a way that may offend anyone, so you make it garbled.

Spirituality is NOT a Buffet Table

You don’t get to choose what you learn - or what you have to give up along the way.

Here’s an idea of just some of the stuff I gave up so far:

  • My home of 10 years recently, which makes me technically homeless right now.
  • All the wealth I had built - I’m down to zero but technically bankrupt right now.
  • A chance at a normal life - my journey started consciously at age 4 and the judgement you’re facing now, I’ve always faced.
  • My business - I employed 15 people at the start of this and I miss them and working with them. They were my family and friends. I had security.
  • My career - being a big, bold and brave voice means that I can’t go back into the secular world and find work, my Internet presence is just too big. And my whole marketing portfolio body of work was lost too.
  • My Twin Flame and the love of my life - like all of you I felt that Twin Flame bond and to have to walk away from that - that was almost soul destroying. It almost leaves me wondering if romantic love will ever be worth it - even for the mission. And I have a bit of reckoning to do for continuing to choose my Twin Flame when They gave me so many messages to leave him. I got into trouble for that.
  • My chance at love - I’m now realizing that the failure of my Twin Flame potentially means that I will have to stand alone for the rest of my time. My soul and journey are just too big to handle - and it’s not fair to ask someone to take it on. So that four years of history I built with my Twin so that he could know who I was before I fully realized? Gone. And I can never get that chance back or go back there.
  • All my furniture and possessions including my car.
  • Relationships with multiple people.

And that’s just the last while.

Over my life I’ve taken knocks from rape to working in the sex industry to driving myself to hospital in labour. Multiple suicide attempts. Raising my daughter alone because her father walked out. Nothing about my experience in life has been normal.

But EVERY SINGLE DETAIL from every single experience tied up so that I could see the story.

You will be asked to give stuff up. You will be asked to walk away.

You’re going to be called arrogant, rude, a fake, a liar, a fraud, a psychopath, a narcissist, insane, bipolar, mentally unstable.

People will avoid you, you’re right. People will cut ties with you. You will experience isolation on a massive scale potentially.

You’re constantly going to be fighting the ego and cognitive dissonance in yourself.

And then it will START GETTING HARD when you realize you can only have one real point of focus in life - money or God. There isn’t enough time to get information and put the effort into manifesting. And manifesting will make you feel yeuchy.

So then the financial problems will start. And they’ll be married to issues in your home life as people begin to react wildly to the mirrors you drop and how rapidly you change.

Then you will start hearing things like you’ve changed, you’re not the same person, do I even know you anymore, you’re unpredictable, you’re disruptive.

At first you will back down and let their egos win. After a while though, you’re going to start getting pissed off.

And then the rebel will explode out of you and you will push back. And they will just label you even more disruptive.

And you will feel and see all of this happening - and yet you won’t even want to stop your acceleration away from it.

The Balancing Point

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time - the fact that you have to be likable and get egos to agree to stuff in order to take it on. Free will is actually a colossal screw up.

I also just shake my head in amazement at how readily people will take the simplified teachings I offer, but then tell me I’m wrong the moment the teaching conflicts their internal model of what should be.

As A Course in Miracles says: free will does not mean you determine the content; it merely determines the time in which you choose to walk the path.

Past a point, the path is standard for all of us. It’s all recursions and patterns and you need certain info in order to understand other things - that’s why it follows a fixed path.

You are going to encounter shit you don’t like along the way - religion and the Gods was one of those aspects for me. But once I accepted it, what opened up was amazing.

And each time I go somewhere uncomfortable it surges me even more. So now I just blindly go forward.

It’s hard to ignore the comments and backlash I get at times - and my energy is uber sensitive. If you are annoyed at me, I know. I think about you as often as you do me. And because my speciality is miracles of revelation, I get info very quickly, so I often know who and why.

This will happen to you too.

It sucks to live with at times. Any judgement from people sucks… but that’s the job. It’s what we’re here to do.

How Changing the World Works

The job is not that we change individual souls one by one - the job is that we clear the morphic field.

The morphic field is the combined reality we all live in; the overlap of our thought realities that become dense enough to be experienced by all.

The rules for the world and society live in the morphic field. How much you can interact with that field depends on your level of enlightenment or where you are on the Human Consciousness Scale.

There’s a one-click login with social media to view the scale at

One each level of the scale, you have a more profound impact on the denseness of thought in the field.

So in a nutshell it works like this: one thought is just a dream, but two thoughts together make it real - this is why we need to tell someone to make something feel real. Until there are two layers of thought in agreement, it’s not real. This is why relationships can’t be one-sided.

The more layers of thought, the more dense it becomes. Strong souls like Ascended Masters and sages and magicians and alchemists have a stronger layer of thought - in some cases the equivalent of 70-million people thinking the same thing. This is why they can manifest things alone.

But that manifestation still takes application of the mental ability and focus, often with repeated layers of application to realize it.

So every soul we raise up higher on the scale, the more impact our little group has on the whole of reality, because each soul in the group impacts more people.

To learn more about critical mass and how it works watch this video which contains a bit on the Maharishi effect:

So in order to do this properly, all we need to do is clear our own stuff and that will automatically raise the baseline vibration of the morphic field.

For anyone who is a healer or who has been for healing, you know that the moment you connect with the healer your vibration is raised closer to their level. This is why it’s easier to understand stuff around them, and then you battle with cognitive dissonance when you walk away.

In the moment you were learning that info, you were wrapped in a blanket of the healer’s morphic field, which changed the resonance of the cognitive dissonance. So you didn’t experience an internal conflict when you heard the information.

What we’re doing in the morphic field right now - and by raising our levels of consciousness higher by working on our own stuff - is we’re creating a blanket resonance that will cover the whole world. This will then set the new baseline for cognitive dissonance.

Once that baseline of the cognitive dissonance has been raised, then we go out and start talking to people.

Two things will happen then - they will be able to understand even deeper levels around us, and the stuff they retain afterwards will be better and more - of higher vibration on the scale.

A Practical Look at How We Are Already Changing the World

If you don’t know the Human Consciousness Scale, you will need to reference it for this:

So right now the world is vibrating around the lower ends of the scale - between 0 and 200.

This is displayed in emotions like pride, demand, scorn, indifference, vengeance, anger, hate, aggression, denial, disappointment, desire, craving, enslavement, punishment, fear, anxiety, withdrawal, disdain, tragedy, grief, regret, despondency, condemnation, hopelessness, apathy, despair, guilt, blame, destruction and at the lowest levels misery, shame, humiliation and elimination.

That looks a bit like the world we know sadly.

At level 200 though, an amazing thing happens - people take responsibility for themselves and their journey.

You experienced this for yourself with your first big lesson of responsibility = power. The moment you got that everything changed for you.

Well we’re going to blanket the world in energetic change so that a level like 200 becomes the new baseline. That’s the aim anyway.

At 200 it starts looking like the world we want: permissive, feasible, courage, affirmation, empowerment, enabling, trust, release, inspired, hopeful, willing, optimistic, merciful, harmonious, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding.

At 500 the world of what we deem current spirituality exists - this is the all-loving and all benign section.

In order to raise souls above these lower levels, the souls at the top have to be pushing higher.

So within our lifetime many of you, like I have, will reach the 700-1000 mark. You will become Ascended Masters.

The plan is to have 144,000 Ascended Masters on the plane. So yes, there is space for you too LOL, and you get the benefit of the shortcuts the frontrunners found :) And there are some super shortcuts!

This 600+ mark is screwing us over a bit at the moment - because it flies in the face of what society would deem spiritual.

Society says: If I meet God, then God will automatically love me, I will like God, I will recognize God, I will feel comfortable in front of God. God will be humble and make me feel comfortable. God will be all-loving.

Past 600 you are going to discover a whole bunch of different stuff that flies in the face of that - and that cognitive dissonance to the field is going to nail you hard. Cognitive dissonance is your biggest delay on the journey.

So one of the things that will happen is that there will still be a gap between you and the humans, because you rose further up as they did. You will be exposed to even higher truths, and these will still be rejected by those below you who cannot reach that high level of resonance yet.

The changeover at 600 is EXTREME. I’m not mincing words here. This is your Dark Night of the Soul and it will FUCK YOU UP royally. Do not expect to walk out unscathed. You can only learn to roll with the punches.

The point of a dark night is to STRIP YOU BARE OF EVERYTHING - including all the beliefs and ideas you previously held. Once you have been stripped bare, you will be reborn completely anew.

This means challenging every idea that you already have. Coming ideas that are going to trip you up badly include:

  • Unconditional love does not exist and in fact, love does not exist.
  • There is no such thing as evil, and the only thing to fear is man and what lives inside his ego.
  • God does not know every soul and you have to make yourself known to God.
  • You serve God or God serves you is going to seriously screw with your manifestation - wait until Jesus tells you he’s not your servant. See how easy it is to ask for anything after that.
  • God exists, all the Gods and Goddesses exist, and all the stories and religions are valid. They’re actually an evolving timeline. We’re supposed to accept and merge all of them - including the ones you don’t like.
  • You are not destined for anything - the chosen are selected from the most eager volunteers.
  • You have to recommit at every step along the way.
  • There is no such thing as original thought - you can only think something because it already exists.
  • You were born able to do this - you’ve held yourself back with lack of faith in yourself. You are the only thing delaying your journey.
  • Emotion is a bad thing.
  • Twin Flames are not guaranteed to work out and you have way more than one.
  • Forgiveness is the ultimate expression of ego, and karma is a trap.

Side note: I’ve already said these will trip you up and be difficult to accept. If you disagree in the comments you’ll just be proving my point. Swallow your ego on that. Any comment you make about any of the above statements proves my point. Yes, you who wants to challenge me LOL. I will come back hard just for shits and giggles. Gauntlet thrown. LOL, clearly the fighting spirit is building today!

This list could go on another few thousand words. And believe me - these are still very low level.

I’m still editing as I write here to you - because often teaching you guys is the same experience for me as what talking to people is for you. I experience that same frustration and annoyance and wanting to punch people because I do know better and I know they can’t see it because of their paradigm blindness.

Brandi made the comment the other day that I don’t like taking advice from others. Bullshit - I’m brutal with my stuff. I just find other people too slow to be honest and I can’t be bothered waiting for the healer to catch up so I can finish shifting. If you had to spend two or three days with me and shift at the pace I do you would run screaming for the hills. And probably be sick for three weeks after as your system tried to catch up.

Where else do you think all these realizations come from? You’re getting stuff as I’m shifting it. So when I do eight posts in a day it’s because I’ve had those realizations - and that’s just the percentage I’m sharing with you. The notebook would be pages long. I STILL EDIT WHEN I SHARE. You see a small percentage - and I never take a day off from shifting. Even when I don’t post.

But like you with cognitive dissonance and paradigm blindness in others, most of the time someone is giving me advice or a lesson, it’s a lesson I had like five or six or seven years ago. I’ve since seen the layers it unfolds into - and I’ve crossed the 600 barrier.

Do not underestimate how that 600 barrier is going to mess you up. It will change everything - including what you think you already now. There will be nothing left.

And good grief lol… this is a way longer post than I originally anticipated. But I suppose it works to have the story in one thread.

What's Coming For You

What’s coming for you is nothing like what you expect beautiful souls.

I am controversial, out there and a total rule annihilator… and I spend at least part of every single day gobsmacked by what I uncover and learn. There is a loud groan synonymous with obvious realizations in my home lol :)

You are not prepared - not for the info that’s coming and not for the way that people react to how you change and grow. And eventually how they react to the fact that you change.

You’re not prepared for how totally isolated and lonely you are going to feel in contrast. You are not prepared for the backlash that this can have on your secular life.

You are not prepared for how strong the urge to teach and reach out will be. You are not prepared for finding the courage it takes to do expression on a level like I do it.

But you’re the second layers of breakthrough now - chances are good you will be called to much higher levels of expression like I have been. So when can we expect your first post lol?


People like me have been working behind the scenes for YEARS already - consciously downloading this information into the field so that you could start realizing it. As you realize the lessons, it anchors further into the field and the next layer of minds will realize them.

We just have to let it play out a little bit. It is already happening. Reading the posts I put out will shortcut you through layers, reducing the amount of time you need to spend in there. So read the posts.

How did I know that what I did in terms of energy work would trigger this? How did I know it would trigger deaths and suicides? How could I have predicted this and warned you to brace yourselves?

It’s all in the field - and you will be able to do this too if you push towards it. If you choose for it.

But along the way you will face tests like standing testimony for God, accepting God, accepting demons, being the bad guy, being rejected, ignored, judged and maligned….


Heroes don’t get awards for walking to the corner shop and buying milk. Slaying a dragon isn’t easy…. and the dragon we have to slay is the world of man. The world of ego and self importance and entitlement.

If you really want to be able to talk to people and show yourself and help them accept you, then you have to start with doing that for yourself.

Stop resisting the lessons because they don’t fit your model of the world. Stop resisting content because it doesn’t agree with what you believe God should be or is.

And definitely give up the idea others are committed to your journey or want to convince you. We don’t. Pick your own path. You’ll eventually get there.

I see no need - and I’m sure many teachers agree - to convince anyone of anything. I merely share what I know so that those who are ready can have an easier time of it and benefit from what I’ve learned. This is a consciously chosen journey of free will. It’s your commitment.

I’m already certain I’ll get there - whether or not you decide you want to go with me. I share to help you. I already know the stuff I share.

At the end of the day all the teachers bring the same lesson, just in the language and understanding of that age. It’s all the same content.

It’s lessons of ALL-THAT-IS - everything matters. And we’re here to show how it all ties together.

How Christianity and Buddhism and New Age and even Witchcraft and Satanism are exactly the same thing - just various expressions. Oh I can just see the comments for this sentence lol :)

You are NOT prepared for what is coming. I certainly wasn’t. Accept that fact.

I have honestly thought I’m going insane a number of times. There are still moments I do. And that’s the dance on the edge of insanity - to hold this information and stay lucid and not let your mind snap.

There is a real risk of mental breakdown doing this stuff at such an advanced level. It’s why we all battle mental illness, depression and suicide. These are entirely spiritual issues.

This is not about controlling anything - it’s about living in chaos and jumping at God’s command. Because often, They give you instructions last minute because They only know Themselves in that moment.

Also it’s more efficient than sending you meeting request and hoping you check your phone to do it at the right time exactly.

The miracle space is a space of chaos. You cannot control chaos - you can only dance with it and be its friend.

Yes there are dragons coming and you will face a lot of hardship and difficulty. Your life has prepared you to be able to to deal with that. That’s why you were sent all those practice rounds.

Mitigate your ego; embrace every lesson - especially the ones you don’t want. Run towards them. Everything has to go that you currently are.

You will not be reborn until the last dreg of your old self is gone. You will start completely anew.

Yes the process is painful and hellish - especially if you personalize it. But here’s the truth from me and Jelly, who have lived four years of this already:

We wouldn’t give this adventure up for the world! Thank God and the Goddess that this has happened for us.

We probably say this out loud fifteen times a day.

What a simple, beautiful, grateful life we lead - a life we would never have chosen for ourselves in the world of men we knew.

Everyday we have a million adventures in time and space. Everyday we laugh and share joy - and the simple pleasure of each others’ company is all we need.

We’ve lost our attachments, our possessions, our connections to the the world, our perceived security - and we are blissful.

Every day we look at people and shake our heads at how sad and empty and pathetic and meaningless their lives and pursuits are.

We laugh at how we get labelled the weird ones, the odd ones out…. and then people are mindfucked because we are clearly lucid and we clearly have some serious answers.

And we have so many of things that humans want for themselves - that they label as good and perfect: family, beauty, health, happiness, connection, love, friendship, peace, harmony, company, intelligence, spirituality, respect. Every day is an adventure… and even through the worst human stress we are as carefree as rich people on a glorious holiday.

That conflict drives people insane with us - and we giggle about it every day.

People aren’t gonna get you or what you’re about - not until we’re done raising the morphic field.


Celebrate this fact - and go out there and be as different and wild and crazy as you possibly can.

The louder your energy is, the bigger the impact it will have on the field. The more you show yourself and stand firm in your decision, the sooner all of this is over and humans accept the new level of reality.

So take the knocks and take the blows and stand tall.

I give permission to any lightworker soul who needs courage - and who wants to use mine - to do the following.

Do the prayer for dedicating relationships to holiness:

I desire a holy relationship for myself so that I may share it with my brother whom I love. It is not possible for me to have a Holy Instant without my brother, or for him to have one without me - yet it is wholly possible for us to share one now.

And so I choose this instant as the one to offer the Holy Spirit, that His blessing may descend on us both, and keep us in peace. Holy Spirit, please take care of all the details for me.

Holy Spirit, take this relationship and dedicate it to Holiness so that my brother and I may walk in the love of God, complete once again.


Now go to the space where you do energetic work, call me there and stand in front of me, holding my hands.

Now ask me if you can please model the energy of courage and bravery from my system. I will respond yes, but only where it is intended for the highest good and God’s plan for salvation.

Now see the energy like a point of light begin to circle through us both, in the circle or infinity loop created by us holding hands.

Once you feel it is done, then say thank you and let go. It’s done when the light stops moving or when it feels right for you.

This is important: check for any cords you might have attached to me and remove them.

I will be doing a cord clearing once a day to remove any cords and I just cut them all. It will be a shock to your system if you’ve left cords attached and I just suddenly cut them. It can trigger feeling lonely and bereft. So please cut cords.

Get out there and shine bright.

At a point you will realize that the only delay is us - so push. Now is the time to push hard. Through all your fears and doubts.

I love you fellow lightworker.

Let’s go create heaven on earth!

Love & light always
Chemory xo

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