The Butterfly Tapping Technique

The Butterfly Tapping Technique is the basic release tapping technique used for Mirrors of Relationship releases.

Use this basic two-step tapping process to help your body process and accept releases during your mirrors diagnostic. 

In most cases, awareness of the statement alone should release the energy; if not, this process should be enough of an extra boost.

You can comfortably use this with each statement - there is no danger of overusing it.

Step 1: Fix & Release This

  1. Take either one of your hands and raise your elbow up so it's in front of your nose.
  2. Now naturally let your hand fall onto the top of your head. The heel of your palm should lie approximately where your hairline is.
  3. Lightly tap on your head for a few seconds with your fingertips while saying softly: "Release this. Fix this."
  4. Don't worry about tapping in the right or wrong place - it only matters that you're tapping on your head.

Step 2: Thank You. Store This.

  1. Take either hand and place your fingertips lightly in the middle of your chest, on your sternum or chest bone.
  2. Move your hand slightly down so that it lies between your nipples.
  3. Tap lightly for a few seconds while saying softly: "Thank you. Store this."


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